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Thank you for reading these important updates. We appreciate your support as we educate, advocate and participate on behalf of wolves.
In This Issue
Midwest Wolf Stewards Conference
Michigan Natural Resources Commission Meeting - April 11
Wisconsin Spring Conservaton Congress
Wisconsinites Unite Against Hunting Wolves with Dogs
Thank you Mark Perry of Galloimages
About Us
Reminder: Midwest Wolf Steward's Conference
An upcoming opportunity to educate, advocate and participate  

The Midwest Wolf Stewards Conference is an annual gathering of wolf professionals, academics and enthusiasts from the Great Lakes Region and beyond. From year to year, it continues to offer an impressive opportunity to gain knowledge, to network and to  collaborate with others who may share mutual objectives.

This year, the event returns to Michigan from April 17 & 18, 2013 (Wednesday - Thursday) for two days of sessions and discussions on several of the most hotly debated wolf issues of today. There is a great line-up of presentations that includes Carter Niemeyer, who will be the keynote speaker, and George Pauley, Wildlife Management Chief for Montana's Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, who will be speaking about his state's experiences with wolf hunting and the agency's work with estimating wolf abundance with occupancy modeling.

Wolfwatcher's Great Lakes Regional Director, Nancy Warren, Great Lakes Adviser, Jackie Winkowski, and Education Director Diane Bentivegna will be attending. We welcome your participation as we learn more about wolves in the Western Great Lakes and the challenges to their conservation in the region.  
Reminder: Michigan NRC Meeting - April 11th
An upcoming opportunity to participate is urgently requested.

Lone wolf wading in Northern Michigan lake
 by Phillp Langford

The Michigan DNR has issued proposed regulations for a wolf hunting season  and will be presenting their proposal at an upcoming Natural Resource Commission on April 11th.


DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS - Tuesday, April 9th
Send to - 


The DNR's recommended Wolf Regulations include:

  • Wolf Season from 11/1-12/31
  • DNR is proposing 1200 licenses with a quota of 47 wolves among 3 zones
  • Hunting with dogs, snares, cable restraints will be prohibited
  • Trapping and baiting will be allowed
  • Non-residents would be restricted to 2% of available licenses
  • Applicants under age 14 may hunt wolf with a firearm only on privately owned land and be accompanied by an adult at least 18 yrs old

We appreciate your consideration in sending in your  

comments in opposition to these proposals as soon as possible.


Talking Points for comments to these proposals include:

  • The Wolf Management Plan states that hunting may be used as a tool to reduce conflicts when prior lethal and non-lethal measures were ineffective or are not likely to be effective. It also states that lethal control will not be used as a preventative measure where attacks have not yet occurred and this proposal conflict with the Plan.
  • DNR has not provided any data to support the need for a hunting season.The three zones proposed by DNR include large areas of public lands including Black River Falls area, Sturgeon Gorge Wilderness and portions of Porcupine State Park
  • Wolf Packs not responsible for depredation are being targeted in this hunting season.
  • DNR has failed to establish that a hunting season will reduce conflicts.  
Wisconsin Spring Conservation Congress  
 An important update from
 Wolfwatcher's Great Lakes Director,  Nancy Warren 

Wisconsin Spring Conservation Congress hearings and public comment period begins in April.   On Monday, April 8th, there will be 72 public hearings, one in each county starting at 7:00 p.m. where individuals interested on proposed hunting and fishing rule changes and advisory questions have a chance to participate in the process via public comment and/or a response to a questionnaire.

We have prepared a statement on Question #68 of the Questionnaire which addresses  the critical and controversial issue of hunting wolves with dogs.
Please consider attending a meeting near you and sharing our statement as a  Wolfwatcher supporter.

If you choose not to speak, we encourage you to still attend the meeting and complete/submit the questionnaire.

For more information about
the hearings, details about the questionnaire and helpful hints, please visit our website at Wisconsin Spring Conservation Congress Hearings/Public Comments.

Wisconsinites Unite
Against Hunting Wolves with Dogs 


Now it is up to the citizens of Wisconsin who oppose the use of dogs for wolf hunting to urge their legislators to support State Senate bill SB93 and its companion bill in the State Assembly AB 94.   These are identical bills that propose to ban the use of dogs to hunt wolves and both bills are pending in their respective state Committees.

Details regarding submitting a quick positive comment to your legislator and talking points can be be found via our website update, Wisconsinites Unite Against Hunting Wolves with Dogs 

Thank you to friend and fellow wolf advocate
Mark Perry of GalloImages . com

Photo by Mark Perry,

Mark Perry, famed photographer at has announced a "Help the Wolves" promotion to benefit the wolves of Yellowstone.

For 25 weeks, from Feb. 25-July 25, 2013, a 25% discount (use discount code on checkout: helpthewolves25) will be applied on ALL sales from ALL galleries on Mark's website.

Mark has graciously pledged at least 10% of all sales to Wolfwatcher to help in our efforts to 'educate, advocate and particpate' on behalf of Yellowstone wolves!  This includes prints as well as image-personalized items like mugs, T-shirts, sweat shirts, aprons, bookmarks and much more area available!

Whether its Mother's Day, Father's Day, a special birthday or just because you love Mark's beautiful images and want to treat yourself to his beautiful images, we urge you to visit his website and consider a purchase that will not only bring you much pleasure, but will also help Wolfwatcher to continue its work on behalf of Yellowstone wolves and all wild wolves in the region.

Educate, Advocate, Participate

National Wolfwatcher Coalition is a 501(c)(3)  

nonprofit, all volunteer organization  

on behalf of  

wolf education, conservation and advocacy.




We advocate for the long term recovery of wolves by informing the public about the challenges to their conservation, supporting measures that promote the acceptance of wolves on the landscape, and educating the public about ways it can participate as an effective voice for scientific decision making in their behalf.  All donations, no matter the amount, will help us to educate, advocate and participate via:

  • educational programs, materials and events
  • participation in conferences, seminars, and consultation with other professionals in the field of wolf biology, research, conservation and environmental law.
  • Wolfwatcher Legal Fund to address costs related to our potential engagement in litigation that challenges local, state and/or federal policies that affect wolf conservation.

To donate online, please click on the Donate button at the top. To donate by check or money order,  please send your donation to our business office at: National Wolfwatcher Coalition, PO Box 84, East Greenwich, RI 02818 


We appreciate your kind support.