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Thank you for your kind attention to this critical update and your prompt participation. 
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AZ Game and Fish Commission Meeting
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Mexican wolves on the AZ Game & Fish Commission Meeting Agenda this Friday, December 7th!

Photo: Mexican gray wolves at California Wolf Center

The Arizona Game & Fish Commission will be receiving a Department briefing on the current state of the Mexican wolf reintroduction program by the Assistant Director for Wildlife Management on Friday December 7. The Commission may vote to reaffirm existing policy guidance and/or to provide new or additional policy guidance to the Department on any or all aspects of Mexican wolf conservation, including reintroduction and range-wide recovery.


At past meetings the Commission has voted to support removing endangered species status protection from gray wolves, to encourage the removal of wolves from the wild, and to limit new releases.


We encourage you to attend the meeting at any of the regional Department offices to speak to the Commission on behalf of Mexican gray wolves. If you cannot attend in person, we encourage you to send a quick note of support for your wolves to the Commission here: Email Contacts. Please be respectful, concise, and let them know you support Mexican gray wolf recovery.


The commission briefing is currently item number 15 on the agenda, which will be presented after 2:00 PM, Arizona time. If you choose to attend the meeting from any Department regional office, and you wish to speak, ask for and complete a 'blue slip' when you arrive. Please review the Agenda , as well. 


Given the limited yearly opportunities to speak to the Commission on behalf of Mexican wolves, and the short time limit imposed for comments, it is important to convey to the Commission your message of support in a concise manner. To help you achieve that, you can review talking points.  If you cannot attend in person please send a quick email in support of wolves to the Commission.



Date: Friday December 7th

Time: After 2:00 PM Arizona time

Location: Arizona Game and Fish Department: Regional Offices  

Talking points courtesy of Lobos of the Southwest: Talking Points  

Commission Email AddressEmail Contacts 

More Information: Lobos of the Southwest , Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project  


And if you are out of state, or cannot attend in person you may watch the proceeding via  Live Streaming Commission Cam.



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