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Thank you so much for your participation in our mission. We hope this update about our upcoming adventures continues to inspire your faithful interest and support.  Thank you.
National Wolfwatcher Coalition
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Project Yellowstone
Junior Wolfwatchers Visit Mission: Wolf
About Us
Wolfwatcher's Annual Gathering:
"Project Yellowstone"

When President Theodore Roosevelt visited Yellowstone National Park in 1903, he proclaimed it "absolutely unique in the world." Embracing the idea of natural beauty as a national asset, he championed the idea of national parks, building a priceless legacy for generations to follow. What better way to explore America's public lands than to experience the thrill that comes with observing wildlife, smelling the sage, looking up at the big sky and immersing oneself in wild country?


Yellowstone National Park is home to the largest concentration of large and small mammals in the lower 48 states.  The National Wolfwatcher Coalition will be traveling to Yellowstone National Park from Oct. 23rd-Oct. 28th along with our advisers, supporters and friends to participate in a week of wolf watching throughout the park's northern range and learning about the critical role it plays in nature from some experts. 



"Project Yellowstone" involves teaming with National Park Service rangers, Park biologists and fellow wolfwatchers as we hike in the Yellowstone back-country to observe, photograph and educate others about wild wolves and other wildlife in their natural habitat. These activities reinforce our core values of sharing our passion for the outdoors by promoting responsible stewardship of our wild lands and wildlife via sustainable recreation practices.


In addition to active wolf watching in the field and trail-side talks that excite, engage, and educate participants about the importance of wolf conservation, some evenings have been reserved for presentations by  guest speakers who will engage us in animated and exciting discussion about wolves and the present challenges that affect their continued recovery in the wild.    


Mr. John Morgan and Alyssa Grayson 

Thanks to a rather generous donation from Mr. John Morgan, owner of RIPAC and life-long humanitarian, Wolfwatcher's first Junior Adviser, Alyssa Grayson, and her mom, Cheri, will be traveling with us for their first trip to Yellowstone to see wild wolves!       


The activities promoted in this project will provide healthy and vigorous outdoor experiences that attract participants and motivate appreciation for our national parks, wild lands and wildlife. Thus it is our expectation that this pioneering event will become an annual project to help to help provide participants with outdoor skills that they will enjoy for a lifetime and inspire their interest in the outdoors in a manner that motivates their support for America's public lands, wolves and other wildlife as well as Wolfwatcher's growing community.   

Yellowstone's "Butter" of the Lamar Canyon Pack 


We will sharing regular updates about our experiences throughout our "Project Yellowstone" with the hope that you will consider joining us next year!   Howls....




Stay tuned... 




Alyssa Grayson, Junior Adviser
Visits Mission: Wolf
Kent Weber, Co-founder and
Executive Director


Mission: Wolf  


 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational wolf sanctuary in the remote Colorado mountains. Its community of volunteers from around the world invite us to visit them any day of the year or to see their traveling ambassador wolf outreach program nationwide.

On October 16th, Wolfwatcher's Junior Advisers, Alyssa Grayson, Chloe Ponte, Abigail Hirsch, and Mia Speciale and Nikki Speciale  attended a special visit with Mission: Wolf - at the Maritime Museum in Fall River, MA.
Before getting to meet the wolves, participants were given a lesson on animal behavior from Kent Weber, Mission: Wolf's co-founder and Executive Director. They were taught about how best to react if approached by the wolves and why the wolves would respond in certain ways if those instructions weren't followed.

"I can tell you wolves don't act like dogs, wolves don't act like people, but you won't really know it until you look them in the eye," Weber said. "You will find very quickly they are not doggies."




Kent Weber's lesson also included a discussion on the dangers of attempting to keep a wolf in captivity and how he and his wife, Tracy Brooks, care for 37 wolves at their Colorado home. After the lesson, Weber and Brooks brought the three wolves out to greet the audience. Sitting in a circle, the wolves were taken one-by-one, while on a leash, around the circle where visitors got the opportunity to touch the wolves. To read Alyssa's firsthand account of this wonderful educational experience, visit Alyssa's Den 
Kent Weber said Mission: Wolf is currently on a five-state tour with three wolves, Abraham, Magpie and Zeab, in a bus. He said the tour will expose 20,000 people in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Kansas to the small wolf pack. To track down Mission: Wolf's next presentation, you can visit:  
We appreciate your support!


National Wolfwatcher Coalition is a 501(c)(3)  

nonprofit, all volunteer organization  

on behalf of  

wolf education, conservation and advocacy.  


We seek to preserve the legacy of the wolf by educating the public, advocating for science-based decision making at every level of government and participating in activities that promote the wolf conservation.  All donations, no matter the amount, will help us to educate, advocate and participate via:

  • educational programs, materials and events
  • participation in conferences, seminars, and consultation with other professionals in the field of wolf biology, research, conservation and environmental law.
  • Wolfwatcher Legal Fund to address costs related to our potential engagement in litigation that challenges local, state and/or federal policies that affect wolf conservation.

To donate online, please click on the Donate button at the top. To donate by check or money order,  please send your donation to: National Wolfwatcher Coalition, PO Box 84, East Greenwich, RI 02818.  If your place of employment has a program for matching  charitable contributions, please consider us as a beneficiary and contact us at for the required information to set it up.


When you join our pack by shopping at our  Wolfwatcher Store you are actually helping us further our mission by raising awareness about wolves and our work on behalf of wolf conservation.  We hope you will check it out.  


"Educate, Advocate, Participate...Preserve Their Legacy."