End of Winter HOT deals!                March 13, 2015


The following content may contain mature subject matter which may provoke the burning itch to invest into a special piece of paradise under the conditions of an amazing buyer's market in an emerging city of economic and social growth on one of the best coasts in the Pacific in all of North America. Viewer discretion is advised.

With the cost of the US Dollar on the rise and the winter season winding down, the market is hot with opportunities and motivated sellers - Mazatlan is a buyer's paradise!!!

Factor in the benefits of major infrastructure development including natural gas, highways, water supply, port expansion and so on, and a savvy buyer will begin to crave the opportunity!!!

Got US Dollars? Use them. If you don't, no worries!

Price reductions have been happening on many properties, and for anyone buying with US Dollars, the right property priced in Mexican Pesos or Canadian Dollars should be extremely attractive with today's currency rates. As a result, many motivated US Dollar sellers are lowering their prices significantly to compensate and remain competitive.

Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso buyers are finding the same opportunities.

With reductions of 10-20% of the asking price because of currency fluctuations and seller motivation, we would like to suggest you take a moment to check out some of these HOT DEALS.

Want a full look at the hottest deals on the entire Mazatlan marketplace or don't see the property you are looking for here or on our website? Let us know what you are looking for and if it's out there, we'll find it for you!

Need financing?

Some sellers are willing to consider providing a qualified buyer direct financing under the right circumstances. This can be done easily and legally to protect both parties equally. Contact us to discuss what opportunities might be of interest to you.

Want to Sell?

There are a lot of properties on the market in Mazatlan right now, and unfortunately, not enough buyers for all of them, even if they are already reduced significantly! It is a buyers market, and if you work with your agent to find the right strategy to get a sale done in today's marketplace, it will come sooner than later.

If you have a property to sell and are interested in learning about we might be able to do to help you sell, Contact us - we might already be working with your future buyer or can work together with you to sharpen up that strategy and get that sale!

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"On March 25, radio station La Mejor 102.7 FM of the RSM Group will host the first Kissing Marathon in Mazatl�n at Plaza Sendero. Though this is a first for the city, kissing contests have been held in other cities such as Guadalajara and Monterrey where records show the contest lasting up to 25 hours."

"Another example is a 13-day cruise on the Miracle round trip from Long Beach that will call at Cabos, La Paz, Mazatlan, Ixtapa, Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. The longer cruise allows us to add new port content."

"Gilberto Jim�nez Morales, President of the service organization, said this is the 17th consecutive year of the program and is a result of collaboration with diverse Lions Clubs in the United States who bring new and used eyeglasses to Mazatl�n from the United States."

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Area: Cerritos
Sales Price: 

$2,800,000 MXD 

Bedrooms: #3
Sq.ft: #1636



$180,790 USD or $231,115 CAD per XE.com rate on 3/13/15 


Area: Malecon
Sales Price: $310,000 USD - Make an offer!
Bedrooms: #3
Baths: #3
Sq.ft: #2271



Area: El Cid Marina
Sales Price: $5,950,000 MXD
Bedrooms: #4
Baths: #6
Sq.ft: #3770




$384,165 USD or $491,115 CAD per XE.com rate on 3/13/15 



Area: El Cid Marina
Sales Price: $10,800,000 MXD
Bedrooms: #6
Baths: #7
Sq.ft: #7000

Waterfront Luxury Home

$697,305 USD or $891,435 CAD per XE.com rate on 3/13/15 



Area: Centro Hisrorico
Sales Price: $249,000 USD
Bedrooms: #2
Baths: #2
Sq.ft: #1376



Area: Centro Historico
Sales Price: $325,000 CAD
Bedrooms: #3
Baths: #2
Sq.ft: #1769


$254,225 USD or $3,937,475 MXD per XE.com rate on 3/13/15 




Area: Cerritos
Sales Price: $230,000
Bedrooms: #4
Baths: #4
Sq.ft: #1756

Rare 4 bedroom beachfront condo at Amazing price!


Horizon Sky Residences


Area: Malecon
Sales Price: Starting at $320,000 Canadian Dollars!

2 and 3 bedroom luxury condos - 3 to pick from!!!!

Sales Price: $330,000 CAD

$258,136 USD or $3,999,000 MXD per XE.com rate on 3/13/15 

Bedrooms: #3
Baths: #2
Sq.ft: #1949


Sales Price: $290,000 USD
Bedrooms: #3
Baths: #2
Sq.ft: #1949

Sales Price: $320,000 CAD

$250,313 USD or $3,877,000 MXD per XE.com rate on 3/13/15 

Bedrooms: #2
Baths: #2
Sq.ft: #1636