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August 22, 2014
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Seller Tip

     Home Sellers: Tips To Make Small Rooms Appear Larger

''Buyers want spacious homes. That's why as a home seller, it's important to make sure you show off every square foot of your home so that potential home buyers can visualize enough room for all of their belongings.  So if you are selling a home that is "spaciously challenged" there are things you can do to accent positives and make every space look bigger so that you can sell your home faster."



Buyer Tip

     Should You Rent Or Buy A Home In Retirement?

''As you most likely know, if you buy a home, your property taxes will generally be tax-deductible, as will your mortgage interest payments if you finance the purchase. 
If you rent, you'll be out of luck, tax-wise, although you may be able to write off a portion of the rental as a home office if you run, say, a consulting business from there. 
Keep in mind, though, that tax deductions won't be as valuable to you if your income and tax rate drop after you retire, which is pretty likely.

Rental Tip

          Funding retirement with rental income

"Real estate can be a wonderful asset to have in retirement, because when you have tenants, you have money coming in every month and, if you don't have pensions, that's important," says Barbara Pietrowski, a Certified Financial Planner in Roanoke, Va., who specializes in rental real estate. According to author and landlord Andrew McLean, you may not need to produce a profit right away to make the purchase of an income-producing property worthwhile, especially if you are secure financially and have the right time horizon to retirement.'' 


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Hola amigos! 

Hopefully this newsletter finds you well! We are catching our breath after a very busy summer in the city. School is back in session, so we bid goodbye to our summer visitors! We will soon find out if the weekends continue to be bustling or not.

There are two events regarding tourism worth noting this week. The Playa Espiritu project is moving forward, with a new hotel opening in December. And in November, a Canadian is attempting a record setting bungee jump off of the Baluarte Bridge. Good luck, Greg Nelson!

The city is not resting during this time period! The status of the port is in the news again and Holcones now has an emergency generator so water supply disruptions should no longer be an issue during storms. Citizens of Cerro de la Niveria were able to talk with the mayor regarding the potential new tower this week, as well.

This is the newsletter where the agents get to pick properties that are their personal favorites. Four properties were singled out for you to look over this time. Read the agent notes; each property has its own unique advantages and charms! Any questions? Contact us!

Have a fabulous weekend!

      Your Solutions Mazatlan team :)

Agent Picks of the Month!

Horizon Sky #902

2 bedroom / 2 bathroom


$285,000 USD - City and ocean views for miles!


Agent Comments:

This is a brand new condo centrally located along the famous "Malecon'' in Mazatlan. Having never been occupied, it is in pristine condition! There is also a bank trust in place - foreigners may easily transfer this property to themselves and can save thousands of dollars in closing costs compared to other condo bank trust transfers. Ask us for more information!  



  vue Centro Historico #602

2 bedroom  / 2 bathroom


$299,000 USD - Views, views, views!!


Agent Comments:

This beautifully, and uniquely furnished condo boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, Las Tres Islas, Mazatlan's entire coastline, along with city and mountain views. The wrap around balcony emcompasses the entire condo giving it spectacular views from every angle. This is a ''turn-key'' unit and ready for you!



Benito Juarez #2206

2 bedroom / 2 1/2 bathroom


$119,000 USD - Fantastic price!


Agent Comments:

Great opportunity to own a house in Centro that is located between the Mercado and the Malecon at a VERY inexpensive price. Do you like to entertain? BBQ for your friends on the rooftop terraza while overlooking the city and the bay. It's the perfect urban beach house where you can enjoy both worlds!



Torre Latina 201A

3 bedroom / 3 bathroom


$210,000 USD - Lots of upgrades!


Agent Comments:

Is a fun round of golf followed by a relaxing dip in the pool the lifestyle that you dream about? This first class condo in El Cid is a golfer's delight and a BIG VALUE for the square footage that you receive. Jump on this recently upgraded condo quickly before it sells!


''With lower costs for medical treatment and its location, Mexico could be the operating room for Americans requiring medical treatment. The Mexican Employers Association (Coparmex) says that by betting on medical tourism, the country could capture as much as US $1.7 billion annually by treating 120,000 patients from the United States."

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Texas Senator Hinojosa: U.S., Canada and Mexico to be "bigger than OPEC"  

"Just last week, Mexico cleared its final legislative hurdle ending 76 years of state monopoly and approved rules outlining the framework under which foreign companies will invest and drill for oil and natural gas in Mexico. 
The recent expansion of oil and gas production in Northern Mexico is expected to top $1 trillion in investment over 10 years and create over 2.5 million new jobs by 2025 creating a new energy paradigm for North America. By combining the United States, Canada, and Mexico, oil and gas production in North America will be bigger than OPEC.



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4 Auto Companies Benefiting From Mexico's Free Trade Agreements  

Mexico continues to dominate foreign investment in Latin America, as Mexican firms continue to see opportunities for growth in the region. In the past four years, Mexico has been the principal source of direct foreign investment by successful firms such as Bimbo, Am�rica M�vil, Femsa and Cemex. The investments during that period total more than US $63 billion. " 



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Sunsets of Mazatlan - Solutions Mazatlan

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