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April 19, 2014
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Seller Tip

    Things You Should Always Remember

''It is essential to decide on the asking price after reviewing the comparable sold prices in your neighborhood with your agent. Since pricing is a critical aspect of selling your home, he should understand it very well. The decided price should be such that it attracts potential buyers, offers you profit and also reflect the current market conditions as well as the overall condition of the house. However this doesn't mean one should paint a false rather honesty should the best policy.''  


Buyer Tip

   Buying New Construction: 9 Questions to Ask the Developer

''When considering buying real estate from a developer in Mexico, it is important to understand the differences between how you might be accustomed to buying new construction in your country of origin, and what is common and legal in Mexico. Specifically, there are financial and title transfer considerations that you should take into account when buying new construction here in Mexico.''

Rental Tip

      How Much Rental Income can I Expect from my House or Condo?

''First of all, like in any other real estate investment, location is perhaps the most important factor that will determine the demand for rentals. If you have a beach-front property that is in a brand new building that also happens to be within a short distance of amenities such as restaurants, shops and entertainment, the demand to rent your property will be high.'


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Happy Easter Weekend!

Semana Santa is in full swing here in Mazatlan! There is music, traffic, and of course, lots of beer! Restaurant sales are up and this is being reported as the busiest week Mazatlan has ever seen! The lifeguards are so busy that there are even surfers out to assist them!

In other local news, fisherman are donating fish to some colonias, the mayor has made changes to his cabinet and the president of Mexico is coming for a visit.

In tourism news, we have more cruise ships scheduled for next season and did you know that there are now digital tours of Mazatlan?! How fun is that?

This is the week the agents get to pick their favorite properties. From Centro to the Malecon to Lomas, we have selected a nice variety for you! 

Have a great Easter and we will see you soon! 

      Your Solutions Mazatlan team :)

Agent Picks of the Month!

Lomas Mazatlan - Cerro de la Cilla 124

3 bedroom / 3 1/2 bathroom 

$250,000 USD - Immaculate property in Lomas


Agent Comments:

Come take a look at this beautiful house in Lomas Mazatlan. The attention to detail in this house has to be seen. Located on a quiet street in the popular Lomas area of Mazatlan, there are high ceilings throughout, a sunken marble bar, and an outdoor fountain.  




2 bedroom / 2 1/2 bathroom


$125,000 USD - Great location in Centro


Agent Comments:

Take a look at this recently remodeled house in Centro. It comes fully furnished, and only a couple blocks from Plaza Machado and the Central Market. And with a terrace view of the entire city of Mazatlan!




Paradise Bay Grand 805

3 bedroom  / 3 bathroom


$490,000 USD - Check this place out!!


Agent Comments:

A unique property in a great project. This fully furnished unit offers huge balconies with views of the entire city and coastline. And take a look at the spacious kitchen, which is great for entertaining. Amenities include a heated pool, full service gym and outdoor barbecue areas. 


''The country is prospective for 54.6 billion barrels of oil  equivalent in conventional resources, and 60.2 billion in unconventional, according to PEMEX figures. And don't forget NAFTA.  Although Mexico's energy industry had been excluded under Chapter 6 of NAFTA, that exclusion may no longer apply given the reforms, said Dallas Parker, a partner with Mayer Brown, during a presentation at Mergermarket's 6th Annual Energy Forum last week in Houston."

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Birthplace of the domesticated chili pepper identified in Mexico 

""Identifying the origin of the chili pepper is not just an academic exercise," said UC Davis plant scientist Paul Gepts, the study's senior author. "By tracing back the ancestry of any domesticated plant, we can better understand the genetic evolution of that species and the origin of agriculture - a major step in human evolution in different regions of the world," he said."


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Association helps young female golfers from Mexico 

''Ochoa's success shone a spotlight on a problem for aspiring female golfers from Mexico who wished to follow her footsteps. With no professional tour in Mexico for females, their only option was to pursue a career in the United States or Europe, and that costs a lot of money. That problem prompted Rosalba Papacostas and Marina Villasana to try to do something about it. Both hail from Monterrey, Mexico, and in 2008, they formed a non-profit called Impulsando al Golf Professional Mexicano (IGPM), which is aimed at helping aspiring female golfers get established in the professional ranks." 


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