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Mazatlan News

Ambulance Delivery Fills A Need 

''Broddle says, "The need is so great for this project. Over 13 years 66 vehicles (firetrucks, ambulances, schoolbuses) have been delivered to Mazatlan and area, most are used daily and are maintained with pride in top condition.'' Request for 40 school buses - working with Mexican government to amend the specs on buses to be delivered (max. age of bus and gas vs diesel). These buses are not only used by the schools, but for handicapped programs/community groups etc." 

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    300,000 Expected For Semana Santa


''Reservations for hotel rooms in Mazatl�n are at 100 percent for Semana Santa and Semana Pascua and it is expected that during the vacation period the city will host between 300,000 and 400,000 tourists, said the Sinaloa Secretary of Tourism. The estimated population of the entire Municipality of Mazatl�n is 420,000 people."



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Mexico News




One of the top names in U.S. business said Tuesday that Mexico can more than double its current projected GDP growth rate and become a global economic power.
"Mexico has the capacity to grow by six or eight percent," said Steve Forbes, chief executive officer of Forbes, Inc. and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine."

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But this is not all that is going in Mexico's favour. They also have in power a set of young people whose eagerness for policy reforms to boost the supply side potential of the economy makes what Margaret Thatcher do in the UK seem like the efforts of a pussy cat. Whether it be energy, education or overall governance, I was quite blown away with my meetings with the President and several of his key team members.

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......that the 
name Mazatl�n means Place of the Deer in the Nahuatl language, tongue of the Aztecs?However, because the Aztec empire never extended this far to the northwest, it is believed that a Nahuatl-speaking interpreter traveling with Guzman translated the name from the local language. 



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April 4, 2014
April has arrived with Semana Santa and Semana Moto, along with everything else! This city is BUSY during this time of year. Our advice; stock up on food, cash, and booze, then just sit back and enjoy the show! The mayor is trying out a new traffic pattern this weekend to hopefully keep things moving; if it works, it will be repeated during Semana Santa.
A few other notable headlines; bus fares are increasing, the founder of Costa del Oro passed at 104 years of age, and the annual vehicle registration discounts have been extended. Also take note, the time change is this Sunday morning!!

Hasta lluego!



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Featured listings from Maz4SaleAndRent!


For Sale 


Benito Juarez 2206 - Centro


2 bedroom / 2 1/2 bathroom

$125,000 USD - Recently Remodeled!

This house in the Centro area of Mazatlan is situated right between the Mercado and the Malecon! It is a fabulous location with many things a short walk away; the Mercado, cathedral, Plaza Machado, Plaza Zaragoza, beach, Malecon, Shrimp ladies, Plaza Machado, Olas Altas and more!


3 bedrooms / 3 bathroom

$525,000 USD - Spacious and luxurious!!

You have to see this place in person to appreciate the amount of living space and attention to detail that this 8th floor luxury condo offers - most penthouse units in Mazatlan can't even compare!    

 Las Mananitas 04


2 bedroom / 2 bathroom

$190,000 USD - REDUCED Turn-key Opportunity

Are you looking for a small, intimate, condominium complex on one of the best beaches in Mazatlan? Look no further! You can watch the sun set over Las Tres Islas (3 Islands) from your balcony, then take a short stroll for your dinner or entertainment options in the Sabalo Country Club and Golden Zone neighborhoods! 



2 bedroom /2 bathroom

$172,900 USD
Turn-key opportunity at beachfront resort Costa Bonita! Live in Mazatlan with full resort amenities without spending a fortune! Costa Bonita Beach Resort is defined by its exceptional maintenance, beautiful landscaping, lake with fountains, 3 pools (1 heated), lounging areas, BBQ areas, sauna, exercise room, tennis, onsite restaurant / lounge, concierge, admin, 24 hour security, private beach access, and so much more. Find out why it's remained a favorite for many over the years! 

Recently Sold


2 bedroom /2  bathroom

$135,000 USD
Condos have been selling in Costa Bonita, mainly because of the beachfront location, amenities the resort offers, and the great value of the condos. We still have ONE 2bed/2bath condo listed here which is the best deal in the resort, and have access to other listings. Costa Bonita will offer a buyer a lot of enjoyment and potentially have high room for appreciation value and vacation rental demand. 

Featured Long Term Rental


4 bedroom  / 5 bathroom

$25,000 MXP / month - Spacious, well appointed and well located!

This EXCLUSIVE unfurnished home is now available for rent!! Luxury and exclusivity are just some of the qualities that this new waterfront residence offers. Located in the heart of the marina - close to lots of amenities including schools, shopping, public transport, restaurants and more.     





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2 bedroom / 2 bathroom - Sleeps 6


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1 bedroom / 2 bathroom - Sleeps 4


$700 US / 2 weeks until November 30!

Beachfront Condo in Cerritos - great resort amenities! Includes:


- Rent and taxes

- Satellite (Shaw - Canadian)

- Wi-Fi internet

- Free long distance to US and Canada (Vonage)

- Cleaning fee and consumables

- Round-trip airport transfer


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