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Cool Comfort Financing
Survey Results are In!

The Energy Network conducted a contractor survey in June asking Participating Contractors for feedback on Cool Comfort Financing. The survey was intended to give insight on the contractor's experience with the program and included questions on customer methods of payment for HVAC systems, helpful features of the program that help contractors sell more projects, and sales tactics on how to advise homeowners on their financing options.

Based on the survey results, low interest rates and monthly payment amounts were among the most attractive details for homeowners interested in financing their HVAC projects. Cool Comfort Financing has interest rates as low as 4.99% and previously offered rates as low as 2%; lower than many private loan options. With summer on the horizon, this is the perfect time for homeowners to start thinking about upgrading their air conditioner into an energy efficient model.

The Energy Network will use the survey results to improve future financing programs and services that are offered to contractors.
Clear winner: Low-interest rates topped the list of financing program features to help contractors boost HVAC sales.  

From contractor to consumer: The Energy Network and Build It Green hosted a contractor-oriented Home Performance Sales Training (a $350 value) on 5/26 and 6/23 to cover topics such as the foundations of successful HVAC sales and how to communicate building science to homeowners. For more information on trainings, visit http://tenres.com/calendar.

Orange County Data Center - Innovation Across Decades

Project Spotlight: Orange County Data Center

   Orange County Data Center


Established in 1992, the Orange County Data Center (OCDC) was constructed as a state-of-the-art computing and telecommunications facility providing services to federal, state, county and local governments as well as to commercial customers. At 66,000 square feet, the OCDC is the County's largest information technology facility and hosts 2,000 servers for approximately 30 public agencies/departments and multinational companies.


The Energy Network began working with the County of Orange in September 2013 to help identify and implement energy efficiency projects. An opportunity was recognized at the OCDC and a comprehensive whole building audit was completed in March 2014. On behalf of the County, The Energy Network prepared an incentive application for $7,375 in rebates and $51,208 in On-bill financing (OBF) - bringing the total combined SCE authorized project amount to $58,583.  


After receiving the approvals from SCE, the County accessed The Energy Network's pool of competitively-bid contractors. As a result, the County was able to expedite the bid process and leverage the fixed-price catalog through NJPA. The County selected ABM Electrical & Lighting Solutions to complete the project and worked with The Energy Network to ensure the project cost remained within budget. The combined interior and exterior lighting project has an estimated payback of just over three years. The project will start construction this month and is scheduled for completion in the next six to eight weeks. Projections show an annual savings of 115,000 kWh resulting in an estimated cost savings of approximately $12,000 each year off their energy bill.

To learn more about the OCDC project, NJPA Turnkey Project Delivery or The Energy Network, email info@theenergynetwork.com.
kW Puts the K in Knockout!

Technical Services Spotlight: kW Engineering

The results are in! The Energy Network technical services firms are some of the best in the business. The Energy Network recently conducted a review of its engineering firms and their contributions to program success. Agencies can be fully confident in the level of engineering expertise provided by these consultants as they truly are leaders in energy efficiency. One firm in particular elevates industry standards: kW Engineering.


kW Engineering has supported over 50 projects via The Energy Network. To date, the firm has successfully guided three lighting projects from start to finish, including two for the City of Santa Monica and one for the City of Culver City. Since kW's participation in the program, they have helped save over 9 million kWh and identified another 3 million kWh for the pipeline. The firm is currently working with five agencies including County of Los Angeles and County of Orange. Over 70% of their projects have submitted incentive applications and are working to secure council approval, with many ranked as key projects critical to The Energy Network's goals.  



Everyone at kW loves working with The Energy Network. Working side-by-side to see projects come to fruition is rewarding not only for us, but also for the agencies we are serving." 


Antonio Huizar, Principal, kW Engineering


High ratings are common across all firms working on The Energy Network, and kW Engineering is certainly no exception. kW is very successful in supporting projects through council approval and overall, the firm simply exceeds The Energy Network program standards on a stellar level. kW Engineering is just one example of the excellence and quality that is guaranteed with The Energy Network. 


About The  
Energy Network 

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) authorized The Energy Network to serve public agencies and their constituencies throughout Southern California.

  The Energy Network's mission is to harness the collective action of public agencies and their constituents and to help them save energy by providing needed resources and technical expertise. The pilot phase is funded through the end of 2015.


This Program is administered by the County of Los Angeles and funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.