Nissan 5773 - March2013

With Pesach just around the corner, we invite you to update yourself on the latest happenings in and around Yeshiva.
It's Official!  New Home for Alumni Association

The Riviera Executive Center in Lakewood


The YTC Alumni Association is happy to announce that in order to deal with the recent uptick in alumni involvement, it has become necessary for the Association to open an East Coast office.  Until now, Rabbi Chesky Schonfeld has been operating the East Coast branch of the Alumni Association from his home.  Baruch Hashem, the volume of alumni involvement has grown to the point where a more official venue is needed.

"We have taken up office space in the Riviera Executive Center in Lakewood," says Chesky.  "Having our own location with office space and conference room facilities will allow us to be a lot more efficient."

"Having a home base in Lakewood will allow us to initiate many more alumni programs.  Now we will be able to serve our alumni with many of our newer initiatives, including the Alumni Mentor and Ambassador Programs, among others." says Rabbi Aaron Baruch Kagan.

The office space will be used primarily for event management, program direction and fundraising initiatives.

"We always love meeting with alumni," says Chesky.  "Everyone is welcome to drop by (please call first 732-330-6893).  We're at 216 River Avenue, Suite 204.
Alumni Mesibos Across the Country

Learning and Laughter at Annual Mesibos

Alumni Dinner
Menachem Feldheim and Moshe Schwartz with Rav Wasserman at the Alumni Dinner


Following a successful alumni mesiba kick-off in Chicago at the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi Haskell, YTC talmidim gathered for mesibos in Lakewood, Monsey and Detroit, reuniting with each other and reconnecting with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yitzchok Wasserman, shlit"a.

The mesiba in Lakewood, hosted by Rabbi and Mrs. Rami Haber was attended by a sizeable crowd.  The convivial environment was enhanced by delicious homemade delicacies provided by Mrs. Haber.  The Rosh Yeshiva addressed the olam with divrei Torah, after which the alumni reconnected with friends and classmates.

The Monsey mesiba, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Schwartz, was attended by a substantial crowd of alumni, including several alumni from the late '90s and early '00s.

In Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Zeiler opened their lovely home for a well-attended mesiba.  Mrs. Zeiler provided a delightful hors devours and dessert spread which was greatly enjoyed by the alumni.  The mesibah was attended by both Rav Yisroel Meir Kagan and Rav Yitzchok Wasserman, who enjoyed meeting with alumni and their families.

"It was a special kavod for me to host the alumni mesiba in my home and to have both of my roshei yeshiva in my house," says Moshe Zeiler.  "Watching the roshei yeshiva bentch my kids was a very special experience for myself and my wife."

Alumnus Interview: Dovid Zussman


Dovid Zussman
Mr. Dovid Zussman

Dovid Zussman (Class of '95) was one of the first members of YTC's second generation talmidim, his father Elly having graduated from Yeshiva in 1972.

Growing up in Denver, Dovid has seen firsthand how the Yeshiva's affect on the greater Jewish community has evolved over time.

"Living in town with the Yeshiva and the Roshei Yeshiva, you come to recognize the impact the Yeshiva and specifically the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Kagan has on the community," says Dovid.  "The Yeshiva used to be the only place in Denver with a beis medrash.  Now its model has promoted the creation of several batei midrash throughout the city."

"The Yeshiva serves a prominent role in the community.  They've increased the awareness and the caliber of Torah learning that goes on in this city.  It became apparent to me after graduating just how much the roshei yeshiva are moser nefesh for the Yeshiva.  They've been doing this with grace for many, many years."

On a personal level, Dovid's own life has been impacted by relationships formed during his time at Yeshiva.

"Rabbi Feldheim had a phenomenal impact on me.  His ability to build up each of his Talmidim is incredible-he was truly instrumental in my life.  He's relatable; he's someone who inspired us as young adolescents and infused us with motivation and hadracha."

Dovid currently lives in Denver with his wife and their five daughters.  In addition to working in managing operations in the Zussman family business, he currently serves as the president of Hillel Academy.

"The Yeshiva and Hillel are similar in the sense that they are both longstanding institutions in Denver, and they both serve crucial roles in the education of our children.  It is gratifying to know that our graduates have the option to continue their Torah education right here in Denver."


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From the Archives Kislev
Selecting arba minim, c. 1980
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