Kislev 5772-December 2012

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YTC 46th Annual Dinner
 Torah and Togetherness for Friends and Family of YTC


Veingrad Dinner
Bachurim Dovid Grossberg, Moshe Palatnik, and Shlomo Spar with keynote speaker Shlomo Veingrad
Following an evening of entertainment and inspiration, Yeshiva Toras Chaim is already looking forward to celebrating its forty-seventh annual dinner in 2013.

"Every year we learn something new, we're discovering new community needs and how to fill them," says Rabbi Ahron Wasserman.  "A big focus of this year's dinner for us was providing the community with an uplifting night out.  Baruch Hashem, the response was extremely positive.  The feedback we've received so far will certainly influence future Yeshiva events."

Rabbi Ahron Wasserman conducted an engaging audio-visual presentation, calculating the....Click here 

12th Graders Featured in Election Forum
 Shaya Fisgus and Shlomo Spar Challenge the Experts at BMH-BJ
Election Forum
l to r Maxwell Rotbart,
Mark Henderson, Shlomo Spar,
Shaya Fisgus, Dean Rotbart.
Photo by Avital Rotbart

On the eve of last week's Presidential Election, YTC twelfth graders Shaya Fisgus and Shlomo Spar participated in a pre-election forum featuring a panel of local experts.  The forum was comprised of a select group of local Jewish high school students and was held at BMH-BJ Congregation.

Participating students were chosen by their schools based on individual knowledge and interest in politics and current events.  The students represented Denver Academy of Torah, Denver Jewish Day School, Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Bnei Akiva youth group, and area-public schools...Click here 

Alumni Mesiba Kick-Off in Chicago
Reunion Circuit Begins for Alumni, Family & Friends  
Alumni Dinner 2012
Rabbi Yitzchok Wasserman with alumni Rabbi Menachem Feldheim (l) and Mr. Moshe Schwartz (r)


Director of alumni affairs Rabbi Aaron Baruch Kagan is excited to announce the start of this year's alumni mesibos, which will commence this month with a reunion in Chicago.  "The Yeshiva's relationship with its talmidim, past and present, is at the forefront of our minds, and I always look forward to these mesibos as a chance to reconnect with alumni," says Rabbi Kagan.

The Chicago mesiba will be held, iy"H, on Thursday, November 29 at the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi Haskell.  The Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yitzchok Wasserman will be attending...Click here

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