Auto-Grip Locking Pliers:
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  "Beltway Supply proves you can network - even at church.

   The woman-owned Springfield retailer has started selling an automatic locking pliers called the Auto-Grip, which owner Christine Heiby contends is the first improvement to the tool in 56 years.  

   The Auto-Grips are manufactured in China and Taiwan by C.F. Cooper Tools, which is owned by a member of the same church - Old Presbyterian Meeting House in Alexandria - that Heiby attends along with her husband and co-owner, David, 55.  MORE


About Auto-Grip Tools

C.F. Cooper is an innovative manufacturer of hand tools for do-it-yourselfers and repair and construction professionals in hundreds of trades.   

Its main brands are AUTO-GRIP™, CFCOOPER™, and CFC TOOLS™.  Its main product is the AUTO-GRIP™ pliers, the very first self-adjusting, completely automatic, one-handed locking pliers that anyone can use regardless of hand size or strength. 


All DIYers and tradesmen have locking pliers in their toolboxes, but this is the first improvement on this tool since 1958.  It makes any building or repair task quicker.  


The pliers - made in three sizes (all under $25) - are professional grade, guaranteed for life and strong enough to be used as a hammer! 


The company also makes a similarly innovative and self-adjusting, one-handed groove joint pliers.  


AUTO-GRIP™ pliers are distributed by Beltway Supply, a Springfield, VA-based, woman-owned business. For more info visit or call David or Christine at 800-888-5793.


Organize All of the Tools in Your Home
                               by David Heiby
Like socks that vanish in the dryer, tools seem to relocate mysteriously when you do projects over the years. We can't explain it.  


If you're a home handyman or handywoman (or even a professional contractor), you likely have toolboxes all over the house, each with odd assortments of tools.  All the big screwdrivers might be in the basement toolbox and the hammers in the toolbox in the garage.  




But here's what we suggest to solve the problem. Gather all of the toolboxes in your home, spread newspaper on the floor and empty the toolboxes onto the paper.  Now, put just the right combination of tools into each box - screwdrivers, a hammer, socket wrenches, Auto-Grip locking pliers (of course), regular pliers, flashlight and a little bag of nails and screws.  

You should not have to do this again for at least 10 years. By the way, if you really are a beginner and don't have a toolbox, Auto-Grip sells a very nice kit for $60.


Winter is a Great Time to Tackle Indoor Fixes
If you live in a cold-weather climate like we do, now is the perfect time to tackle those indoor repairs that have been have been on your to-do list.   Customers tell us that our brand new automatic, self-adjusting locking pliers, the Auto-Grip, is the perfect tool for this. 

Here are a few suggestions: tighten hoses under sinks to stop faucet leaks, snug up all of the bolts under your cottage.jpg tables and chair legs, tighten interior garage door hinges before they break and remove old staples and nails from walls. Customers tell us the Auto-Grip is also great for removing broken light bulbs, pulling broken corkscrews from corks and - we tried this and it works! -- even removing salmon fish bones before cooking! 



For men and women DIYers and professional tradesmen alike, Auto-Grip
Watch Video of Auto-Grip in Action!
Tools announces the very first self-
adjusting, completely automatic, one-handed locking pliers that anyone can use regardless of their hand size or

 hand strength.  

   These locking pliers have a patented locking mechanism that allows them to quickly self-adjust and clamp on to thick or thin objects without the need to turn a knob or find the right groove.


To order one or a thousand, contact us or call 800-888-5793.