December 15, 2015
 Campus Events:
Tuesday, Dec. 15


Wednesday, Dec. 16
UAS Senior Project Presentations | 9-11 a.m. | Aero Center 140

KSRE Cropland and Pasture Lease Workshop | 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | CCCR


Thursday, Dec. 17
UAS Faculty Candidate Presentation | 10 a.m. | Aero Center 140


Friday, Dec. 18
CIT Re-certification Exam | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. | Construction Lab

Last day of fall semester

Monday, Dec. 21
Winter Break begins
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Editor's Note: The Wildcat Weekly will be published on Dec.15 and will resume its regular schedule on Jan. 19, 2016.
Kansas State Polytechnic offers hobbyists UAS flight safety instruction
As the estimated number of unmanned aircraft systems owners is expected to dramatically grow this holiday season, the UAS program at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is offering a half-day course specifically for hobbyists to ensure proper use and safety.

Kansas State Polytechnic's inaugural UAS Multirotor Hobby course will be Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016, on campus. Content will focus on two areas: classroom education on the Federal Aviation Administration's rules and regulations for hobby applications of small UAS, and personal flight instruction with the program's aviation experts in the newly built flying pavilion. The entire course will run three hours and will equip participants with essential knowledge needed to fly judiciously and confidently as hobbyists in the national airspace system.

"We take safe flight operations very seriously and one of the cornerstones of safety is education," said Kurt Carraway, Kansas State Polytechnic's acting UAS program manager. "While it's exciting that interest in unmanned aircraft systems is flourishing, we feel it's important to help hobbyists understand the regulatory framework associated with UAS and to allow us to provide some safe operating tips. We're thrilled to be able to offer our experience and the campus's innovative technology to make a positive impact on hobby operations."

To continue reading, click here. 

Think B4U Click
This is a reminder to be cautious about opening email attachments.  Although always a threat, malicious email attachments show up in our Inboxes more frequently around the holidays and into the New Year, and right now, there are some particularly nasty ones making the rounds.  Simply clicking on an attachment may install malicious software on your computer, causing data loss.

Anytime you receive an email with an unexpected or suspicious attachment, contact the sender to verify that they sent it to you, even when it's somebody that you know.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Chestnut, information systems, at 

Gilman Scholarship winners head to Japan in spring semester

As the campus's first-ever winners of the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship, Jason Nowak (left) and Bradley Komarek will be travelling to Japan in the spring semester courtesy of the award.

Nowak and Komarek will leave from the United States in March and will study at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies until July. During their time in Asia, both students will be educated on the culture and history of the area. The Gilman Scholarship will cover most of their trip expenses.

The Gilman Scholarship is a nationally competitive scholarship sponsored by the U.S. Department of State in order to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad and the locations they go to.

Nowak and Komarek are both computer systems technology program majors.

If you are interested in learning more about studying abroad with the Gilman Scholarship, contact Brent Holliday at 785-532-5990 or
Zoom for telephone conference calling
Our basic campus phone system allows call conferencing for a maximum of three locations.  If you need more, you can use Zoom call conferencing for no additional costs or fees.

1.  Set up the meeting by signing in with your eID at, and select Zoom - Video Conf > Host Meeting > Schedule a Meeting

2.  Set date, time, etc.  Set Host and Participant Video to Off. Set Audio Options - Both.  Recommended Meeting Options - Use Personal Meeting ID xxx-xxx-xxxx.   Clicking "Schedule" saves and displays the Manage page.

3.  On the Manage page, select "Copy the invitation".  Copy-paste the invitation text to an email to send to those who will join the meeting.  The text includes date, time, the phone number to call and the Meeting ID number used to join the meeting.

4.  To join the meeting, go to a phone and call the phone number from step 3.  You'll then be asked for the meeting ID number.  You'll be notified if you're the first in the meeting, or if others are already present.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Chestnut, information systems, at 
Forty-seven graduates were celebrated Dec. 11 for Fall 2015 Commencement. Members of the graduating class included students from 10 different states and three different countries. President Kirk Schulz was in attendance to confer the degrees and chair of the Kansas Board of Regents, Shane Bangerter, was the keynote speaker. Elliot Rogers, SGA president, also gave his kind regards, advice and congratulations to the graduating class. 

Congratulations to the Fall 2015 graduates: 
Sarah Byarlay, Dayne Barr, Candace Dietrich, Adam Holloway, Jacob Koenig, Daniel Kraus, Charles Loadholt, Magatter Mbengue, Dylan McKee, Dwayne Barber Jr., Jesse Barnes, Ian Barnhart, Thomas Bartholomew, Scott Bell, Christian Casey, Bryce Coy, Mathew Elston, John Gandy, Joel Garcia, Christopher Guetersloh, Hikaru Katsuma, Luke Lindgren, Patrick McElligot, Gregory Monty, James Schwieger, Clayton Siemens, Tyler Thull, Mathew Walrath, Zachary Witkauskis, Christopher Wright, Thomas Benson, Timothy Bruner, Miguel Lopez, Samuel Sharp, Najib Sleiman, Jacob Barnes, 
Jonathan Korbe, Trevor Lang, Khaled Zuhair Abduljabbar, Tyler Stieb, Nick Ward, Charissa Chestnut, Aaron Evans, Jennifer Fox, Kristina Johnson and Jessica Geist.  
Stress Free Week recap
The week before finals begin, Kansas State Polytechnic helped students unwind and relax with several stress-free events.

Many departments around campus contributed to the success of the fun week which consisted of a variety of things: reduced meal prices at a local hangout; free donuts, a holiday potluck meal; and massages.

Thanks to all departments that helped out:
-Programming Board
-Recreational Services
-Student Governing Association 
-Residence Life
-Student Life
-Student Support Services

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Sellers, student services, at 
Career opportunities with Textron Day
Our friends at Textron Inc. and Textron Aviation visited our campus last week to speak with students about available career opportunities.

After watching a presentation, students broke up into small groups and connected individually with Textron representatives. Several of the students even went through initial interviews.

We're proud of how our students handled themselves in front of Textron and we're excited to hear if any jobs are a result of the opportunity.
SGA's holiday tree
To celebrate upcoming holiday festivities, the Student Governing Association placed a tree in the Tech Center Lobby to foster holiday spirit throughout campus. Paper and scissors were left out for students, faculty and staff to stop by and make a decoration for the tree. The numerous different decorations displayed on the tree are representative of the diverse interests among our campus family.

The tree is topped by a K-State Beechcraft Bonanza airplane model given by Dean Fitzsimmons, and there are 3-D printed ornaments made by engineering technology students to place on the tree. 

If you have any questions, please contact Elliot Rogers, SGA president, at 
Engineering technology student intern presentations
Three students in the engineering technology program presented on Monday their experiences interning over the past summer and fall semester. 

Nicholas Koch presented his experiences as a "WebTern" at Advisors Excel - a world-class insurance marketing organization.

Trevor Lang spoke about his experiences as a software developer at Cashco.

Deven Zimmerman spoke about his summer internship at Geoprobe and his learning experiences in the "Tools Group." 

Each presenter talked about how their work ties into their respective learning objectives for COT 495 and how it furthers personal career objectives. 

A high-five is one of the most recognizable ways two people can share excitement or celebrate a job well done. K-State Salina's CEO and Dean Verna Fitzsimmons awards her high-five each week to honor faculty, staff and students for their dedication to the university.
High-five to our students for completing the fall semester
I want to personally say congratulations to each and every student on our campus. You've completed the fall semester and I hope you find a little relaxation and rejuvenation over the holiday break. Thank you for your hard work in your classes, with your student jobs, and in the activities and organizations you've spent your time participating in. You should be very proud of all you've accomplished this semester... High-five!
Loan Repayment Option for Graduating Students

The state of Kansas is offering up to $15,000 in student loan repayment and up to a 5 year state tax waiver for graduates who establish residency in one of the 77 Kansas counties designated as a rural opportunity zone. For more information, visit the link below:

Employee Tuition Assistance and Spouse/ Dependent Grant
1.  Employee Tuition Assistance 

Award amount is for tuition only in a K-State course for up to 3 credit hours per term. 

The maximum award amount will not exceed the value of 3 hours at the in-state Manhattan/Salina tuition rate (ie. Campus fees, other institutional fees, etc. are the responsibility of the employee). 

2. Spouse/Dependent Grants (Available in fall and spring semesters only. Not available in the summer.)

For dependents with a primary career of undergraduate (full time requirement), the amount of the Dependent/Spouse Tuition Grant award for that semester will equal 7 credit hours at the applicable tuition rate. 

For dependents with a primary career of graduate or veterinary medicine, the amount of the Dependent/Spouse Tuition Grant award for the semester will be equal to 1, 2, or 3 credit hours at the applicable tuition rate. The maximum of 3 credit hours of tuition rate will be awarded to students enrolled in a total of 3 or more credit hours for the semester.

For spouses with a primary career of undergraduate, graduate, or veterinary medicine, the amount of the Dependent/Spouse Tuition Grant award for the semester will be equal to 1, 2, or 3 credit hours at the applicable tuition rate. The maximum of 3 credit hours of tuition rate will be awarded to students enrolled in a total of 3 or more credit hours for the semester.
Study Abroad Scholarships
1.  STUDY ABROAD -(Summer/Fall 2016 semester) - Two K-State Polytechnic students were awarded this particular scholarship for the Spring 2016 semester and will be studying in Japan. The application is open again for students who want to study abroad in Summer or Fall 2016.

What is the Gilman Scholarship?
The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship offers financial assistance to U.S. Pell Grant recipients who plan to study abroad during their undergraduate degree programs. The aim of the award is to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad and the countries they go to. The Gilman Scholarship offers substantial aid to students who would otherwise be unable to study abroad due to financial constraints or are from under-represented backgrounds.
You are highly encouraged to apply if you are a first-generation college student, studying an under-represented study abroad field such as Science and Engineering, studying in a non-traditional destination, a student with a diverse ethnic background, a non-traditional student, a student with a disability, or if you have high financial need.
K-State students can receive award amounts of up to $5,000 (a select few students can receive an additional $3,000 for study of a critical needs language, like Chinese, Arabic, or Japanese).
The final deadline to apply online is March 1, 2016 for summer or fall programs abroad.  Questions? Email to learn more about this prestigious scholarship and how to get started.

Aviation Scholarships
1. The Ninety-Nines Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (AEMSF) is a $6 million trust fund dedicated to providing scholarship assistance to women pilots, student pilots and women interested in aviation.

2. Fly Now Scholarships are awarded semiannually to women who want to learn to fly. For more information, visit:

3. The International Council of Air Shows Foundation is offering a variety of scholarship to students majoring in aviation. DEADLINE: December 31.

4. National Air Transportation is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a sophomore or junior aviation major with a 3.0 or better gpa. DEADLINE: December 25. 

5.  AVIATION MAINTENANCE students - Northrop Rice Foundation is offering a variety of scholarships to aviation maintenance students. DEADLINE: January 31st
Engineering Technology Scholarships
1.  FEMALE ENGINEERING STUDENTS - The Society of Women Engineers scholarship is open to female engineering students who are of sophomore status or greater. DEADLINE: February 15.

All jobs, both part-time and full-time as well as internship opportunities, are listed on the Kansas State University CES account. Access your CES account by logging into:


For more information about this resource or additional employment resources, or for CES search assistance, please contact Erica Riffel Chapel by email at, by phone at (785) 826-2674, or in person on the second floor of the College Center.


To post a position on the CES system, please send your job descriptions and employer contact information by email to Erica Riffel Chapel at for immediate posting.