September 15, 2015
 Campus Events:
Tuesday, Sept. 15
Student Governing Association Meeting | 8:30 - 10 p.m. | CCCR

Wednesday, Sept. 16
Leadership and Engagement in Multi - Generational Workplaces | 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. | CCCR

Clearly you crystals | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. | Tech Center Lobby

Thursday, Sept. 17
No events

Friday, Sept. 18
Donut Friday | in the morning- College Center 208

Saturday, Sept. 19
K-State Football vs. Louisiana Tech | 2 p.m. | Bill Snyder Family Stadium
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2015 fall shred day
An annual Fall Shred Day is sponsored on the K-State Salina campus to properly dispose of university paper records.  The 2015 Fall Shred Day collection will be 8:30-11 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 06, in the service and delivery area behind the Technology Center building.  Departments can place paper documents with personal identity information - Social Security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers, etc. - in bags or boxes and deliver to the collection area.  Please do not leave the materials to be shredded unattended.

Documents for shredding include: Scantron forms; greenbar grade sheets; rosters printed from K-State Online, kSIS, SIS, etc.; papers with personal identity information; data with credit card information; personnel files; and more. Papers can be left in ring binders, file folders and hanging file folders for shredding. All paper must be dry. For a quick look at retention of documents:
* Personnel records should be retained for the entire time the employee is active and then five years after termination.
* Appointment records: Classified, unclassified, hourly and graduate student appointment and termination records (PER-38, PER-39, PER 40, PER-41, PER-42); conditional appointment agreement; I-9 employment eligibility form 5AT/D.
* Time and leave records: Classified, unclassified, student, and hourly time-worked and leave-used records 5/D.

To determine which records can be included, please refer to the university's records retention policy and schedule, PPM Chapter 3090. If you have any questions about the retention length of records, please contact university archivist Cliff Hight at or 785-532-3420.

What happens to the paper once it leaves campus? All paper is shred to one-half inch particulate size, then mixed and tumbled and eventually compressed under 70,000 pounds of pressure into paper bales. The bales are transported to a paper mill and recycled into other paper goods. For more information about this event, contact:
* Salina campus:  Information Systems, 785-826-2666

Shred day is made possible with the help from the Information Technology Assistance Center on the Manhattan Campus.
Important voter registration information
The United States government requires that universities provide voter registration information to all U.S. citizens who are enrolled students. Voter registration is optional, and you are NOT required to register or to vote. However, you are encouraged to consider becoming a registered voter so that your voice may be heard by casting your ballot for various local, state and federal elections and referenda.

To register to vote in Kansas you must: 
  • Be a citizen of the United States; a resident of Kansas and 18 by the next election;
  • Have received final discharge from imprisonment, parole, or conditional release if convicted of a felony;
  • Not claim the right to vote in any other location or under any other name;
  • Not be excluded from voting for mental incompetence by a court of competent jurisdiction;
  • Be registered to vote at least 21 days prior to the election in which you wish to vote.

If you wish to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a Kansas voter, go to the Kansas Secretary of State website at, or if you to wish vote in Kansas, go to to obtain a "Kansas 
Voter Registration Application and Instructions". 

If you wish to register to vote in any other state or the District of Columbia, please go to for voter registration instructions specific to each state or download the "National Mail Voter Registration Form" PDF file which may be easily completed and mailed to the applicable state office whose address is provided. Please note that each state has registration deadlines that must be met in order to be eligible to vote. Most states require voters be registered (completed voter registration form received by the appropriate state office) by no later than 15 days prior to the election in which the voter wishes to participate. 

The "Kansas Voter Registration Application" is also available at the Library on the Salina campus and at the Office of Student Activities and Services at the Union on the Manhattan campus. If you have questions or concerns regarding the voter registration process, please contact the Kansas Secretary of State's Office at or by calling 1-800-262-VOTE (8683) V/TTY. You may also call the Office of Student Life at 785-532-6432 in Manhattan or at 785-826-2610 in Salina. Olathe students may contact Dana Reinert, Project Coordinator for Graduate Programs and Academic Services, at (913)307-7340.
Salina Smoky Hill Museum parade
All students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in the Smoky Hill Museum street parade on Saturday, Sep. 26 from 9 - 11 a.m.. This is a well attended event by the Salina community, where last year 4,000 people came out to enjoy the festivities. 

K-State Salina will be pulling Baja club and UAS trailers in the parade. If you are interested in walking with the group during the parade, please contact one the following:
  • Dustin Keiswetter,
  • Trevor Witt,
  • Raju Dandu,

Campus Writing Center is now open
The K-State Salina Writing Center is open for business in Tech Center 102! 

Tutoring hours:
*Monday 8:30-12:00
*Tuesday 8:30-3:00
*Wednesday 8:00-3:00
*Thursday 8:30-3:00
*Friday 8:30-12:00

Please sign up for tutoring appointments at
Additional writing center services and helpful links are available at our website:

An online tutorial is also available at our website, showing how to register for  appointments on MyWCOnline and how to use Writer's Workbench, writing analysis software available on all K-State Salina computers.

If you have any questions, please contact Kaleen Knopp, writing center director, at 
Leadership and Engagement in Muli-Generational Workplaces

As employee diversity in workplaces increases, there is greater need to find commonalities in order to foster effective communication and maintain productivity. Discover through a unique blend of storytelling, improvisation, and action methods how you can increase your engagement with your team or employees and improve your leadership skills. This workshop is excellent for faculty looking for new ways to engage students. Learn different methods on how you can increase your your interaction within the classroom to create a more engaging and exciting atmosphere. 

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, September 16th  from 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. in the College Center Conference Room. 

Register now by clicking here.

 If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten Zoller, events coordinator, at 

Wine Walk 2015

This last week, K-State Salina celebrated the end of its 50th year celebration festivities with the Art of the Science Wine Walk. This year, the event was held in the Aviation Center, highlighting the aviation programs on campus. Over 60 guests attended and enjoyed numerous aviation displays including flight simulators, aircraft maintenance projects and a variety of aircraft on the ramp, including the new G36 Bonanza the university recently took delivery of. While touring the aviation facilities, guests were treated with a variety of gourmet hors d'oeuvres with complimenting wine pairings. Aside from the displays, a string quartet provided entertainment in the hangar and Willie the Wildcat made an appearance for photo ops.  

This is the second annual Art of the Science Wine Walk and it focuses on highlighting different program's labs on campus each year.

If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten Zoller, events coordinator, at  

A high-five is one of the most recognizable ways two people can share excitement or celebrate a job well done. K-State Salina's CEO and Dean Verna Fitzsimmons awards her high-five each week to honor faculty, staff and students for their dedication to the university.
High-five Marlene Walker!
Congratulations to Marlene Walker in human resources who was honored last week in Topeka by Governor Brownback for her 40 years of service to the State!
High- five to everyone involved in the recent 50th anniversary events!  
A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in the events last week to top off our 50th Anniversary.  These events were truly outstanding because of your careful planning and excellent execution.
Sept 9: The Faculty and Professional Staff event was a wonderful gathering of colleagues to learn more about what research and creative activities have been going on all over nice refreshments and appetizers.  This will be an annual event so be prepared to submit your work or nominate a colleague next year.
Sept 10: Governor John Carlin provided our Civic Lecture and talked about education in Kansas the past 50 years and looking into the future.  Next month we will return to the Civic Luncheon Lecture, so watch for the upcoming announcement.
Sept 11: The Art of the Science Wine Walk highlighting our aviation programs this year and featuring some great wines and food pairing as well as some photographs taken by our aviation students and faculty.  President Schulz attended and really enjoyed getting up experience the simulators and check out our airplanes and other teaching equipment.  As a surprise, Willy showed up for fun photo opportunities and the AVM hanger was alive with beautiful live string music.  This is quickly becoming a tradition and I am looking forward to hearing all about next year's event!
So Cheers to 50 years!  Past and future.

Loan Repayment Option for Graduating Students

The state of Kansas is offering up to $15,000 in student loan repayment and up to a 5 year state tax waiver for graduates who establish residency in one of the 77 Kansas counties designated as a rural opportunity zone. For more information, visit the link below:
1. The Non-Traditional and Veterans Office in Manhattan is offering a $1000 scholarship to full-time, undergraduate students who are military veterans. DEADLINE: October 15, 2015.
Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology
1. The Xerox Minority scholarship awards out $1,000-$10,000 in scholarships to minority students enrolled in a technical or engineering discipline (must have 3.0 GPA). DEADLINE: September 30th.

Aviation Scholarships
1.  National Aircraft Resale Association is offering scholarships up to $5,000 to students interested in aviation management, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, aviation safety. Must have a 3.0 GPA.
DEADLINE: October 31. Applications can be picked up on Room 105 Welcome Center.

2.  National Business Aviation Association is offering a number of different scholarships to students majoring in aviation related fields. There are scholarship for students majoring in any aviation field and some scholarship specifically for students in airport management and AVM.

3. The Ninety-Nines Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (AEMSF) is a $6 million trust fund dedicated to providing scholarship assistance to women pilots, student pilots and women interested in aviation.

4. Fly Now Scholarships are awarded semiannually to women who want to learn to fly. For more information, visit:

Applications for the 2015 Fly Now fall scholarships will be available in August 2015. Applicants will need to join the 99s as an Associate (student) member to submit an application.

5. The AEMSF also offers fully paid scholarships to complete an additional pilot certificate, rating or pilot training course, including instrument, multi-engine, commercial, ATP, flight instructor, emergency maneuver training and all kinds of type ratings. What is unique about these scholarships is that they cover the full cost of the training. Most of the scholarships in this group require prior membership in the 99s. Additional information about these scholarships can be found at:

The fund also offers scholarships for college students majoring in aviation-related fields.

All jobs, both part-time and full-time as well as internship opportunities, are listed on the Kansas State University CES account. Access your CES account by logging into:


For more information about this resource or additional employment resources, or for CES search assistance, please contact Erica Riffel Chapel by email at, by phone at (785) 826-2674, or in person on the second floor of the College Center.


To post a position on the CES system, please send your job descriptions and employer contact information by email to Erica Riffel Chapel at for immediate posting.