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September, 2014 

Wireless Ethernet Modem
Wireless Analytical Mesurements in WWTP
Cellular Alarm Module
Heavy Duty LED Lighting
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Wireless Ethernet Modem


The ELPRO 945U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem is a robust, license-free wireless transceiver capable of long range and high bandwidth communications. Operating at 900MHz and up to 630mW, the 802.11 standards-based ELPRO 945U-E is optimized for throughputs of up to 54Mbps which provides robust and secure two-way wireless communications in challenging outdoor environments typical of industrial monitoring and control applications.



Capable of operating in Access Point/Client configuration, functioning as a network Bridge/Router, or serving as a Serial Server (RS232/485), the ELPRO 945U-E offers node to node deterministic mesh network repeatability for further range and multiple channel spacing options to increase network scalability. Integrated Modbus server capability allows seamless I/O expansion through the use of ELPRO 115S Expansion modules.


Click to download 945U-E datasheet


For longer distances, Elpro offers the  450U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem.  The 450U-E is available as licensed and license-free wireless transceiver capable of ultra-long range communications. Operating at 360 to 512MHz, and up to 5.0W, the ELPRO 450U-E is optimized for throughputs of up to 19.2kbps.


Download 450U-E datasheet

The Elpro model 615M-1 is a cellular broadband router that delivers wireless data connectivity for up to two LAN connections, and one serial port through public cellular networks at 3G network speeds.


Download 615M-1 datasheet 


Wireless Analytical Measurements in WWTP

Insite Instrumentation Group has come out with a wireless solution for our customers monitoring several analytical values across their plant. The receiver can wirelessly communicate with up to 16 different sensors. Those sensors can be any combination of dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, ORP, or pH. In Xenia, OH, Gilson has installed two wireless networks at two different wastewater treatment plants. Take a look at this video to see our simple installation!


Insite Wireless Video Microsoft Edited
Insite Wireless Video Presentation


Download datasheet

OmniSite Smartelight sheds light on wireless alarming economically

Omnisite is a leading manufacturer of cell based pump station controllers and monitors that accept digital inputs (some models have analog inputs as well) sending the information to a website for report development, and immediate handling of alarms. For any given field unit, a call-out list can be created by the supervisor of up to 20 contacts, each designated to receive any one or combination of notifications that include a recorded message phone call, a text, or an e-mail. The callout list will progress to the next person on the list until the alarm is acknowledged.


The Smartelight looks as simple as a beacon, but under the colored beacon lens is a cell antenna. Power the unit with 120VAC (24VDC power also available) and wire in alarm contacts. You get two notification, alarm, as well as loss of primary power.


While the Smartelight has had significant success in the municipal market for pump stations, it is getting the attention of industrial users in a wide array of applications related to environmental, as well as process related upsets, and violations of a secure areas or cabinet. With a price of under $600, and cell/website service at $144/year, you have the peace of mind, without monthly bills, or costly RTU/SCADA installation and software.

 Click here to download Smartelight datasheet


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel LED Light

The Stainless Steel version of the WLC60 was designed for use in extremely harsh conditions. The corrosion resistant 316L housing can endure caustic solutions, acids, and detergents making this product ideal for corrosive areas. The housing is sealed with a nitrile o-ring and models are available with either polycarbonate or tempered borosilicate glass windows. With an IP69K rating this product can withstand high pressure and high temperature washdown.


This smart industrial lighting solution also features energy efficient eco-mode dimming states to tailor the lumen levels and power consumption to the application.


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Gilson Welcomes David Hildreth

Gilson is pleased to announce that David Hildreth has been named the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, OH area outside sales engineer following the recent retirement of Tom Hearing. David has over 22 years of technical and relationship management experience in the valve and process instrumentation market. David and his family reside in North Royalton, OH.

He can be reached at 440-570-7068 or via email at