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January, 2013 
Smart RF Level Transmitter
Gas Detection Sample Draw System
Entech Sludge Level Monitor
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New Smart RF Level Transmitter


Ametek Drexelbrook pioneered RF admittance in the   industry and are second to none in the RF technology. They have recently released their Universal IV, which is the fourth generation RF admittance system. They've been serving the industry with level measurement for over 50 years.


The Universal IV is fully backward-compatible with all existing Drexelbrook systems. Existing systems can be upgraded by removing the old housings and mounting the new housing on the existing probe.


The UIV is a loop-powered (two-wire) HART smart 4-20 mA transmitter that can be integral or remote. All the UIV's features can be programmed via pushbuttons, free HRTWin software, or a HART handheld. Cote-Shield technology makes our device immune to coatings that build-up on the probe.


We offer two different models, the Universal IV Pro and the Universal IV Lite. The Lite is only used in less demanding, non-coating applications with conductive liquids on spans under 20 feet. The UIV has the widest range of probes available in the industry, with more than 125, plus customs. The unit can be used in temperatures from cryogenic to 1,000 deg F, and in pressures from vacuum to 10,000 psi.


click to download UIV datasheet

click to download HRTWin software

Gas Detection Sample Draw System from Sensidyne

In many applications throughout the process industry it is required to sample air from a remote location by pulling a sample to the gas transmitter. Sensidyne, located in Clearwater, FL has introduced a new sample draw system that is used in conjunction with their safety gas transmitters. One of the key features of the sample draw unit is that it is designed for placement in a Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) area to sample from a Class 1, Div 1 or 2 area. Having the approval for a Div 2 area eliminates the need for flame arrestors. Other features include:
  • FM Listed for NFPA 820 Compliance
  • Internal flow sensor with relay that fails safe
  • Compact wall-mount fiberglass enclosure
  • Internal rotameter for visual indication & flow rate adjustment
  • 24 Vdc power source to power field transmitters
  • Reduces maintenance caused by dirt and moisture
    Sensidyne sample draw  

Click here to download sample draw datasheet 


Entech Sludge Blanket Monitor  

Gilson Engineering is the new FL representative for Entech Design Inc. Entech's core  products are an interface analyzer used to measure sludge blanket levels in WWTP clarifiers, thickeners, etc. and media expansion measurement combined with turbidity to take the guesswork out of gravity filter backwashing. Try it before you buy it trial units are offered to first time users to prove the product works in YOUR plant before purchase.



EchoSmart Sludge Blanket Monitor


  • Real time measurement of sludge blanket levels.
  • Up to 16 sensors can be networked into a single controller.
  • Zigbee compliant RF 'Radio' commuications eliminates wiring costs.

Click to download sludge level monitor datasheet  


EchoSmart Gravity Filter Media Expansion Monitor combined with Turbidity:


    • Reduce filter backwash time by up to 35% 

    • Reduce media loss by monitoring turbidity.

    • By monitoring turbidity with the same sensor, this allows the backwash cycle to end as soon as the wash water is clean. 

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