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December, 2012 
Open Channel Flow meter and Level Controller
Quick Disconnects for Hazardous Areas
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Open Channel Flow Meter and Level Controller 

The Siemens SITRANS LUT400 series controllers are compact, single point, long-  range ultrasonic controllers for continuous level, or volume measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids, and high accuracy monitoring of open channel flow.


The SITRANS LUT400 comes in three different models, depending on the application, level of performance and functionality required: LUT400-2


  • SITRANS LUT420 Level Controller: Level or volume measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids, as well as basic pump control functions, and basic data logging capability
  • SITRANS LUT430 Level, volume, Pump and Flow Controller: Includes all features of the LUT420 plus a full suite of advanced pump control and alarm functionality, open channel flow monitoring, and basic flow data logging capability
  •  SITRANS LUT440 High Accuracy OCM: Our most featured, highest accuracy model. Includes all features of the LUT430, plus the industry's best accuracy ( 1 mm within 3 m), full suite of advanced control functionality, and enhanced flow logging capability

Key applications: wet wells, reservoirs, flumes/weirs, chemical storage, liquid storage, hoppers, crusher bins, dry solids storage.  

View video presentation of LUt400
Click to view video presentation of LUT400



Quick Disconnects for Hazardous Areas 
old way
Old way

Turck offers a quick and inexpensive solution for FM Approved Class 1 Division 2   wiring applications. A " or " male receptacle threads into the transmitters conduit port and the leads of the potted receptacle are then wired to the instruments terminal block. The connection has in ingress protection rating of IP67 which completely eliminates condensation or water ever entering the transmitter housing.


New way
New way

The other end of the cordset is then plugged into a Turck Conduit Adapter that mates directly to the standard conduit adapters provided by electrical supply houses (i.e. Crouse Hinds etc.) Then an explosion proof feed through is installed with a Lokfast ™ locking device which clips around the receptacle and cordset nuts preventing someone from accidentally unscrewing and breaking the electrical connection. A screwdriver can be used to pry open the Lokfast ™ connector for authorized disconnect.  





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Click above to view video presentation



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