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 April 2014 Newsletter

Mission Statement:

The Obion County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing education and support to strengthen and

enhance economic success to its members, businesses and the region.




Crusaders Unlimited

411 Waddell St.

Union City, TN 38261


Representative: Michael Brinkley


Creative Catering

 623 Perkins Street

Union City, TN 38261

(731) 363-1585

Representative: Dawn Lampkins


Poplar Meadows Country Club

1445 Airport Rd

Union City, TN 38261

P: 731-885-3650

Representative: Phillip White 


Greenfield Products, LLC

3920 Greenfield Dr.

Union City, TN 38261

P: 731-886-1500 F: 731-886-1599 

Representative: Frank Calomino 



Parks Luxury Limousine

713 Perkins St.

Union City, TN 38261

P: 731-431-4573 F: 731-885-4573 

Representative: Barrett Betts 



Premier Primary Care

1208 Edwards St.

Union City, TN 38261

P: 731-885-8884 F: 731-599-9713 

Representative: Tommie Hamilton, MSN, APRN,NPC



Lowe's Home Improvement

800 W. Reelfoot Ave.

Union City, TN 38261

P: 731-886-4541 

Representative: Ginger Adams 


New York Life Insurance

2926 Green Leaf St.

Union City, TN 38261

P: 731-446-0445

Representative: Jake Lawrence  



Express Employment Professionals

345 Harrison St.

Union City, TN 38261

P: 731-286-5000 F: 731-286-1195

Representative: Kellie Joyner 


Board Member Name:

Jason Aldridge


Company Name:

Thunderbolt Broadcasting



 Station Manager


Work Phone:





Areas of Expertise:

Marketing and advertising


Other Interests:

Photography and sports


Why did you join the Chamber?

"I wanted to be a part of the creative panel that brings fresh new ideas and events for this community."


Why do you serve on the Board of Directors?

"First off, I was asked, and secondly there was enough intrigue for me to offer any input and assistance to help the community."


What is the Chamber's role in the business community?

"The chamber's role is to inform, to create a level of excitement and to aid in the growth of business awareness and camaraderie."

I'm Keisha Hooper, an accountant for JD Distributors, which is a family owned business incorporated in 1999 by a father Bill Flood and two sons David and Jimmy Flood. I am blessed to have been a part of this great company since July of 2000, a year after they opened.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in a great community and have learned so much working at JD Distributors and being a member of the Obion County Chamber.  I felt honored when Katie Keathley asked me to write a testimonial about how JD Distributors and I have both benefited from being a member.

When I was asked to be a chamber board member two years ago, I got so excited and could not wait to meet new people and get involved with the community, while growing JD Distributors as a board member!! As soon as I got on the board, I got confronted with we need organize a car cruise event that would bring visitors here to Obion County.  The goal was to get people to spend the night and bring money to Obion County.  I immediately got to work and came up with a great group to help get it started.

 Both JD Distributors and I get full value for our chamber membership.  We attend Business Matters to learn new ideas to grow our business, go to Business After-Hours to meet potential customers, use chamber email blasts if we have something special to share and also, more importantly, we get to grow our community and our business at the same time. Katie and Lindsey help in so many ways in doing so because when a new business comes to Obion County, as a chamber member we get the opportunity to be the first to know about the new business and offer our service from JD Distributors.

 I would like to give an example of just one business matters that JD Distributors benefited from recently. We attended Business Matters in January, and on the evaluation at the end of the session, you are asked what other topics you would like to hear about at a future Business Matters. David Flood and I both wrote down that we would like to know how to have better cash flow. The next Business Matters had Darlene Adkins from UTM to talk about Cash Flow Management. This is going to help JD Distributors so much because I have been in contact with her, and I am working on preparing a great cash flow statement for JD Distributors to help our business. Thanks to Obion County Chamber of Commerce!!!

I look forward to continue working with the Obion County Chamber.  Always remember that working together as a community always gets more done!! Be a Leader and take your first step - join the Obion County Chamber and take advantage of al the opportunities for your business!!!



Keisha Hooper

Obion County Adult Leadership 2013-2014

Legislative "Day on the Hill"        

As members of the Obion County Adult Leadership Class for 2013-2014, we recently had to the opportunity to take part in Legislative "Day on the Hill" in Nashville, TN. Activities included a tour of the capitol as well as a picture with Governor Bill Haslam. However, the outstanding highlight of the day was receiving one-on-one face time with our State Representative Bill Sanderson and Senator John Stevens. Through this opportunity we were educated on some of the challenges our state faces but also areas that we excel in. With a relaxed environment, we were able to speak openly about our opinions and concerns in hopes that we served as a "voice" in some of the important decision making processes that Sanderson and Stevens face on a regular basis.


Katie Keathley

Obion County Adult Leadership 2013-2014

Obion County Adult Leadership 2013-2014

Economic Development Day     

Since becoming a member of the Obion County Leadership Class of 2013-2014, I have been able to learn so much about various elements that make up Obion County. I was fortunate enough to get to take part in Economic Development Day with the class which included a meeting at the Obion County Chamber of Commerce with Economic Development Director, Lindsay Frilling and Everett-Stewart Regional Airport Manager, JoAnn Speer followed by a tour of Green Field Products. During this day the Leadership Class was informed of the many challenges local businesses are facing along with some highlights of how they have exceled and what their hopes and aspirations are for the future. Along with learning about the local businesses, Lindsay did a great job explaining how the Chamber operates to try and grow our County along with helping the existing businesses and industries succeed. The day was very informative and I would like to thank Lindsay Frilling, JoAnn Speer, and Mike Monroe for their time and attendance, and as always, Mrs. Phyllis Rauchle for letting us partake as a class in this great experience.


Dustin McBride

Obion County Adult Leadership 2013-2014 


April Small Business Spotlight


WLJT is your local PBS station serving more than 18 counties with More than 30,000 households tuning in weekly. We are known for our outstanding programming, interactive websites that are educational and entertaining for adults and children, video on demand, and engaging programming that is unique to our station. We're known for our high quality series that take viewers places they would never be able to go in person, to cultural events that are not affordable to the average individual, and back in history to experience life as it was at that particular point in time.


Masterpiece Classic's Downton Abbey is one of PBS' biggest success stories. It has become a world-wide sensation that appeals to almost everyone. Embraced by men and women alike, even teens and tweens find it mesmerizing.   Our newest children's program, Peg + Cat is also attracting a lot of attention. Peg + Cat is a fun new math program that has captured the hearts and imagination of children across West Tennessee. It is a favorite choice children's television viewing.  


WLJT is always engaged in several community projects. Right now we are in the middle of our PBS KIDS Writers Contest. The contest is for students in grades K - 3. Youngsters write and illustrate their own original stories and submit them to WLJT. The contest is aligned to State Common Core Standards, the first and second place winners from each grade win prizes, are invited to the WLJT studios where they are taped reading their stories for broadcast on WLJT, and then their stories are featured on the WLJT website for a full year. This year, in partnership with The Discovery Park of America in Union City, we've extended the contest to 4th & 5th graders. This is a local contest with both winners and their schools receiving prizes provided by Discovery Park. Entry forms and rules for both contests are available on the WLJT website.


We're also sponsoring a series of "Coffee Talks" to gather feedback from the public on WLJT services. Held in coffee shops and other venues across the West Tennessee area, people join us for a free cup of coffee and get a travel mug for stopping and chatting with us. We're taking their suggestions and incorporating them into our daily operations. After all, as a PBS Station, we're here to serve the public and "Coffee Talk" is a great way to reach our viewers on a one to one basis.


At WLJT we listen to our viewers and give them services other television stations can't. We're really in to great entertainment experiences for all ages and we feel it is our honor and privilege to give viewers the best of the best in television programming, outreach services, and special events.


Most people don't know that we are an individual PBS station part of a larger network of stations that form PBS. We are owned locally by our Board of Directors and not by PBS. Donations to WLJT help pay for station expenses and for PBS programming. Most people don't know WLJT pays PBS for the programs it broadcasts, not the other way around. Also, most people don't realize that we have an outreach department that works with schools, parents, childcare providers, and Head Starts. We distribute thousands of books each year to low-income children and provide workshops to help adults support children's learning by using fun and educational PBS resources.


As a nonprofit, money is always an issue. We are continually looking for new members who like what we do, believe in educational programming and websites for all ages, and are willing to become a member of our station. Our memberships start at $35 and there are many privileges that come with membership. So please join us and please watch us!


WLJT is a proud member of the Obion County Chamber of Commerce and the West Tennessee community. We serve everyone whether they are a member of the station or not. We offer educational programming that is the most used and respected programming in schools across the nation. Our series are extremely entertaining, serve a wide segment of the public, and are fun to watch. From cooking shows, to music, to how to remodel your house.... WLJT has it all. WLJT brings you amazing programming 24/7 on three distinctive channels and it reaches the vast majority of residents in the West Tennessee area. And, there are no commercials. If you would like to support the work that WLJT does in your community, we invite you to become a member by calling Mandy Hinson at 1-800-366-9558 or logging onto our website at and click on the support button.


(Left to Right) Sandra Holliman, Maxine Knoll, Bill Brundige, Katrina Cobb, Monica Cochran, Mandy Hinson, Sue Lasky

Not pictured: Kenny Robinson, Darrell Conner, David Sudberry, Ben Wolski, Kevin Elliott, Russ Barker, Keith Akin, JJ Phelps, Mike Ross, David Prueitt 

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Aury Kangelos with TN Dept. of Transportation was our guest speaker at March Business Matters. Topics included ensuring that transportation projects are evenly balanced across the State of Tennessee and focusing transportation projects in areas of the state that have the greatest needs. The event was sponsored by the City of Union City.

Business-After-Hours was held last month at the Poplar Meadows Country Club. The event had a great turnout with Darius Mir with MIA Seating in attendance. If you are interested in sponsoring and/or hosting a Business-After-Hours at your place of business contact the chamber today! 

Keathley Graduates from Tennessee Chamber Institute

Katie Keathley, Member Relations Coordinator with the Obion County Chamber of Commerce recently graduated from Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Executives Institute in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Chamber Institute is a two year program developed to strengthen chambers all across the state by offering various topics including budget/finances, communications/social media, membership development, volunteer/board development, government relations, economic development, and tourism. First year class opens with Chamber 101, which introduces students to all facets of chamber management in small, midsize, and metro chambers of commerce. Second year students finish the course with best practices from experience chamber executives. Class members are given the opportunity to meet people from other chambers, which allows the students to share experiences from his or her respective chambers. A highlight of the course is 45 ideas in 45 minutes. Students are asked to bring two successful "chamber ideas" to class and then offer quick details followed by a brief discussion. Completion of Tennessee Chamber Institute demonstrates Katie's dedication to her career and to the Obion County Chamber of Commerce. Hats off to Katie Keathley!

Align Chiropractic Welcomes Dr. Harris!


Matt Harris with Harris Chiropractic began seeing patients at Align Chiropractic with Dr. Ross Clark on March 11, 2014.  Dr. Harris plans on seeing patients at Align Chiropractic every Tuesday for the next couple of months before transitioning to Nashville where his family is. To make an appointment with Dr. Clark or Dr. Harris  contact Align Chiropractic at 731-885-0461. Office hours are 8am-6pm. The good Doctors are here to serve you! 

Boys & Girls Club of NWTN Receives Gold Award 


The Gateway to Impact Awards honor Club organizations with outstanding attendance - those that are making or maintaining important strides in ADA and capacity utilization. The Boys & Girls Club of Northwest Tennessee received a Gold Award and Tracy Boucher was there to accept the award. Congratulations to all the organizations in the Southeast Region that earned Gateway to Impact Awards!

Advanced Gastroenterology Celebrates 10 years in Business 


Dr. Kofi Nuako has been practicing for 15 years and is celebrating ten years as owner of Advanced Gastroenterology. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Laura Russell has been with the business for ten years.


At Advanced Gastroenterology, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and convenient setting.  Our experienced physicians and staff listen and can effectively diagnose and treat your needs while offering counseling on the best way to maintain and improve your health.  We believe that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well being.  Our goal is to keep our patients informed by offering an effective and convenient office experience in conjunction with an extensive website that contains a full array of topics associated with gastroenterology.


From gastro esophageal reflux to colonoscopy, Advanced Gastroenterology is equipped to handle all of your gastroenterology needs.  Some of our leading services include colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, polyps, upper endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, esophageal dilation, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, endoscopy, minor rectal bleeding, Barrett's esophagus, hep c, infrared coagulation, hemorrhoid banding, liver disease, and EGD.


To schedule an appointment with Advanced Gastroenterology contact them at 731-884-0600. Or visit them at 1109 E. Reelfoot Ave. in Union City. 

The Tennessee Career Center at Union City is offering Resume' Writing workshops on Tuesday afternoons at 1 PM. Job seekers interested in attending a workshop will need to complete a resume' worksheet prior to attending a session. Space is limited, so registration is required. Register by calling 731-884-3868 between 8-4:30 Monday - Friday.

Touching Hearts at Home of West Tennessee is taking on-line applications for Caregivers in Obion and Weakly Counties. Experience in caring for the elderly and a passion for serving are required. Contact Touching Hearts at Home for additional information on qualifications and instructions for applying, at 731-613-2526. Also, visit us on the web at

Health Insurance Notice


Do you know anyone that does not have health insurance?

Did you know in 2014- if you do not have health insurance you will pay a penalty?


The penalty is 1% of household income or $95.00, whichever is more.

Below are a few examples of premiums under the new Affordable Care Act:

  • Female age 60 nonsmoker- makes $15,000 a year, $0 deductible and the premium is $6.75 a month
  • Male, age 35 nonsmoker- makes $30,000 a year, $0 deductible and the premium was $42 a month

The rate is based on county you live in, age, and modified adjusted gross income


Stop by: White & Associates Insurance

707 S. 1st Street in Union City

 John Fry at 731-885-2599.

"Living Well with Chronic Conditions"


April 14, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30

1:30 pm

Location: Obion County Farm Bureau


A six-session program entitled "Living Well with Chronic Conditions" will be taught at the Obion County Farm Bureau by Benita Giffin UT Extension Agent and Barbara Berry Gibson County Extension Agent. Classes will be offered on April 14, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 at 1:30 p. m. To register: Call Benita Giffin at the UT/Obion County Extension Office at 885-3742. On April 14 Le Bonheur Health Care of Jackson will provide free health screenings on each participant. This screening includes, blood glucose, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. Each class will last approximately two hours and it is FREE to anyone interested. Living Well with Chronic Conditions is a fun, skill-building program designed for individuals and couples with chronic diseases. The program helps individuals take day to day responsibility for the care of their chronic conditions. Participants gain skills necessary to self-manage their health condition and work effectively with their health care professionals. At the last class each participant will receive the book "Living Well with Chronic Conditions".   If you register you are expected to attend all six sessions.


Benita Giffin, UT Extension Agent III

Family and Consumer Sciences

The University of Tennessee

302 South Third Street

Union City, TN 38261

phone: 731-885-3742

fax: 731-884-0868

email: [email protected] 


If you haven't used it, worn it, or played with it in the last year, it's time to give it to Goodwill.


DE cluttering doesn't have to be daunting. Get tips for combating clutter, and learn more about how your donations change lives, on our website.


12 Donation Sites Extending Hours


January 2014 turned out to be the coldest month in more than a decade. When the weather turns cold, donations tend to drop. That's why we're extending hours at more donation sites, giving more people an opportunity to donate. Find your nearest Donation Express Center.


Goodwill relies heavily on donations to fulfill its mission of providing employment and training opportunities to people who have trouble finding and keeping jobs. You can make an immediate impact by shopping in the stores, or by donating the following items: clothing, household goods, shoes and accessories.


Searching for good employees?


Let Goodwill Career Solutions help. We not only help employees go to work; we also help employers find qualified, ready to work job applicants. We are a free service for the community.


For employers, we can host a job fair for your company. We will handle all the work whether you use online or paper applications.


We can also keep your applications on file.  You can have all your job application traffic flow through our office.


We are available to help in a number of ways.  Please call to set up a time to meet with our Career Counselor, Sandy Hickey at 731-884-4324.


1430 S. First Street, Union City, TN 38261 731-884-4324

List Your Available Commercial Property With Us


Let us help you spread the word about your available commercial property by listing it at If you have commercial property you would like to list, please contact Lindsay Frilling, Economic Development Director.

[email protected]

South Fulton Community Alerts

For community alerts in the South Fulton area...text "SOUTHFULTON" to 888777 and enter your zip code when directed.  For more information visit

Interested in sponsoring Business Matters or Business After Hours?

Contact Lindsay Frilling at

 731-885-0211 or [email protected]  

Any time you want to "visit" or to know what's happening in Union City and the surrounding area, just pop into this site and catch up:










Other events:

*             March 8 - DSCC Zumbathon Charity Event. Proceeds to benefit Relay for Life. 10am - 12pm at the DSCC E.H. Lannom, Jr. Gymnasium on the Dyersburg Campus. Cost is $10. Contact 731-286-3260.

*             March 27 - 29, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. The DSCC Theatre Division presents "Bus Stop" at the DSCC First Citizen's National Bank Auditorium located in the Campus Activities Building on the Dyersburg Campus.