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Difficult Behavior
by Shelly Slaczka
Illness and disability affect everyone differently.  As a caregiver it is challenging dealing with your loved one as they become anxious, resistant, or demanding.  You can't always control the other person's behavior but you can control your response to it.   
Avoid blaming the bad behavior on personality or condemning the person.  You may be unintentionally escalating a situation.  Do not take the behavior personally and do not down play any feelings.  Try to find something to agree about.   Offer reassurance and give privacy and personal space.

Do your best to examine the behavior objectively.  If you can recognize the reasons a person is being difficult, you can then learn methods for coping with the difficult behavior. To recognize why a person is being difficult, look for patterns to the behavior.  Something specific may have triggered the behavior.  Once you find the pattern to the behavior try to break the pattern and choose your battles.

A caregiver cannot change a person but you can use strategies to modify or better accommodate any issue at hand.  The environment you create and the way you communicate will make a significant difference.  Validate your loved one's feelings and let them know you understand they are upset and you want to help.  Be accepting and look for opportunities to agree.  Remember that these behaviors do not define the person.

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Upcoming Dementia Training at Transitions GuidingLights


"Do You Know Who I Am?" is an Alzheimer's Disease training program for both family and professional caregivers. It is a participatory, interactive, innovative approach to learning how to work with individuals with dementia, especially Alzheimer's.
Interactive training prepares participants to be able to:
  • Understand the dementia disease process
  • Identify and experience common dementia behaviors
  • Apply effective communication and approach techniques
  • Implement failure-free Activities of Daily Living (ADL) techniquies

Upon completion of this training, participants will have gained the necessary tools to create a successful day for themselves and for the special people for whom they provide care.

Tuesday, January 12
Friday, February 5
Friday, March 4
Friday, April 1
Friday, May 6

The Transitions GuidingLights Caregiver Training Institute
Now enrolling students for our NA1 Program

We offer a robust 146-hour curriculum which exceeds the basic standards of the North Carolina State DHSR model. Our curriculum is innovative, 
NA1 students who graduated October 2015.
participatory and interactive, making the experience more thorough and more enjoyable for our students.  We also offer a career fair at the end of each course giving our students an opportunity to be placed in the caregiving field with one of our vetted vendor organizations.

*Clinical rotation is held at The Oaks of Mayview with additional experiential opportunity at SarahCare Adult DayCare and the Transitions LifeCare's William M. Dunlap Center for Caring (Hospice Home)* 

Do you have an amazing employee who would make a wonderful NA1?  If the answer to that question is "yes," consider sending them through our program as an investment in your organization.
Radio Shows that Focus on Caregiving Concerns
Did you know there are 2 radio shows that can help you?

Caring Connections with your host Nicole Bruno on
97.9 WCHL.  Reaches mainly the Chapel Hill, Durham and Chatham County markets.  Listen in at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays.  Or you may find the pod casts of past shows by clicking here.

Eye on Health  
"Care For You and Your Parents"
with co-hosts Scott Fitzgerald, Haley Gray and Nicole Bruno.  Airs Saturday mornings live from 7:00 am - 8:00 am on 680 WPTF. You may find the podcasts by clicking here.

If you have a caregiving question that you would love to have answered on air or if you have a topic you think we should cover please email: nicole@guidinglightsnc.org.

2016 Exhibitor and Sponsor Registration is now OPEN!

Tuesday, June 21 McKimmon Conference Center Raleigh
Tuesday, June 28 Durham Convention Center

Do You Know Who I Am?
7.0 CEU Dementia Training

"Do You Know Who I Am?" is an Alzheimer's Disease training program for both family and professional caregivers. It is a participatory, interactive, and innovative approach to learning how to more effectively work with individuals with dementia, especially Alzheimer's. Learn more.
Transitions GuidingLights Caregiver Training Institute

The Transitions GuidingLights Caregiver Training Institute now offers the DHSR approved Nursing Assistant 1 (NA1) program.  We also have scholarships available to Raleigh residents who qualify.  For more information about this robust and interactive program, please click here.

Information & Referral


Transitions GuidingLights is pleased to offer information and referrals to caregivers seeking resources for a loved one. Caregivers may drop in or call during regular business hours to receive personally tailored referrals to meet their specific care needs. Transitions GuidingLights provides referral services FREE of charge to family caregivers. Call (919) 371-2062 for help TODAY or Click Here To Contact Us


Caring Matters

Transitions GuidingLights offers CPR, AED, and First Aid training.  This is a two year American Heart Association certification. Contact us if you would like to be certified.  

Interest In CPR

Awakening Program

The Awakening Program is a comprehensive life management program designed for individuals afflicted with dementia, especially Alzheimer's and their caregivers.

Caring Matters

Caring Matters is a 14 video series designed to educate you about the various aspects of caregiving.  Click Here For Videos



Caring Connections

Caring Connections is a weekly radio show for caregivers about caregiving.  This show has entered its third year of production and can be heard locally on WCHL.  All shows are also available via podcast by clicking 

Eye on Health

A weekly live radio show that airs on 680 WPTF addressing baby boomers and their aging parents. Join Scott Fitzgerald, your host, Haley Gray, Sponsor, and Nicole Bruno Caregiver Correspondent as we discuss caregiving issues. Every Saturday from 7-8am.

Lending Library

The Transitions GuidingLights lending library houses hundreds of books to aid caregivers in their journey as well as books that will help you to prepare to care.  For your convenience we also have a complete listing of our titles online which can be found here.

Skills Lab

Transitions GuidingLights has a skills lab available. Are you unsure of how to provide assistance with activities of daily living for a loved one? If so, contact us and we would be glad to set up an appointment with one of our nurses who will work with you to practice the skills you need to become a more confident caregiver. Contact us by clicking here.

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