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equator coffee | espresso blend 
october 2012 
While Equator Coffees & Teas (who are based in Marin County, California) has a tasty line of coffee and espresso roasts to choose from, we are really head over heals for their Equator Espresso blend. In this month's issue of SCG's Coffee Review, we find out how these purveyors of caffeinated perfection find their groove. 

Roaster's Notes

The goal with Equator Espresso was to create a familiar experience while tinkering with expectations. The profile is just a hair beyond a solid medium, certainly not dark, and the components tend to be low acidity, resulting in an espresso that might fit into the 'traditional' category. Properly prepared, obviously, Equator Espresso has roots in the classic espresso profile, but that's not the whole story, merely a starting point. The coffee should show a complexity that is typically drowned by traditional roast profiles, a sweetness that doesn't betray the dark chocolate base and a friendliness with milk that should inspire. -- Louie Poore 

SCG Crew Tasting Notes

Equator Espresso has quickly become a crew favorite here for its delicious taste and rich aroma that includes notes of chocolate, almond and apricot. The bean blend is from Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sumatra.  


We sampled it in a French press pot, which we use to deliver an apples-to-apples tasting comparison, even with espresso! It made a darn tasty cup o' java and Gail has used it in a variety of espresso machines. The results are always delicious!

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Equator Coffee Espresso Blend

Vertical Tasting Notes

A vertical tasting is the same coffee prepped in different ways, so you can compare it across equipment and styles.

It has nothing to do with the fact that we often discuss how much taller than Kat we are as we stand around sipping espresso. [Ed.note: Lies!]
  • AeroPress - Louie from Equator Coffees says 'the Aeropress is my go-to brewing technique. It's easy, repeatable, and delivers a nice cup.' We tried an Americano coffee this way and Equator Espresso loses some of the aroma and delicious coffee essence, but was fun to make.
  • Hario dripper - Consider this for a little one-cup afternoon pick-me-up. It's like caffeinated aromatherapy as you hover with the tea kettle. A satisfying cup!
  • Espresso - How well does it hold up in milk? For a foamy hazelnut latte whipped up on the Rocket Giotto, two thumbs up! Equator Espresso rocks in a latte -- you can taste the full espresso flavor through the milk without having to enter quad shot territory.
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