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News from National 
New NPMA User Interface Coming Soon!


NPMA is proud to announce that within the next month we will be launching a new and improved website which will be easier to navigate, more user friendly, and will greatly enhance the overall member experience. Once the new website is live NPMA members will be able to use a new single sign-on feature to log in and view and update their membership information, register for events, participate in group discussions, and much more! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.
ACE International Unveiled
The Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) program is now available to members across the globe!  The ACE International program, offered by the Entomological Society of America and championed by NPMA, was launched at PestWorld 2014 and is a great way for pest management professionals to distinguish themselves by demonstrating their knowledge and commitment to entomology and pest management as a whole.  The ACE program has been a major success in the United States and NPMA envisions the same holding true around the world.
Why should you consider becoming an ACE?  There are several reasons including:
  • Increase your professional visibility
  • Find more job opportunities
  • Attain industry-leading credentials
  • Set yourself apart from the competition

Look for new information about the ACE-I program in each newsletter including benefits, resources, and the latest updates. 


To find out more about the ACE-I program, visit the official website.  

Register Today for PestWorld 2015 
Register today for PestWorld 2015, October 20-23 in Nashville, TN! With targeted information on the latest products, services, technologies, and business applications, PestWorld is the destination for networking, education, products, and research in the pest management industry. Make plans to join over 3,000 of your pest management peers and register today! Click here for more details and registration.

Call for Nominations: Young Entrepreneur Award 

Deadline for Submission: August 29, 2015 


NPMA is currently accepting nominations for the annual Young Entrepreneur Award, presented by Rentokil Pest Control, recognizing young entrepreneurs (40 years of age or less) working in the professional pest management industry who have helped create or develop an industry business and/or those who have stewarded a meaningful industry concept to fruition. Click here for more details on requirements and to submit a nomination. 

Submit a Nomination for the Women of Excellence Award
Deadline for Submission: August 29, 2015 
The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is now accepting nominations for the annual Women of Excellence Award, designed to recognize women who advance the pest management industry every day, in every way.

The international honor is open to women across the pest management industry - PMP's, manufacturers, research organizations, etc. - who demonstrate outstanding leadership and have made notable contributions to the development and growth of the profession, their business, and other women in the industry.

Award nominations are due by August 29, 2015 and the recipient will be recognized at PestWorld 2015, October 20-23 in Nashville. Click here to view requirements and to submit your nomination.

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News from Asia 
China Orders Inquiry Into Deaths of Children Who Swallowed Pesticide
The Guardian, June 12, 2015 (China) 

The prime minister of China has ordered a search into the deaths of four children who swallowed pesticide after being left behind in their homes. The siblings were found in a village in Guizhou, which is one of China's poorest provinces. Read more...  

Thailand Receives FAO Edouard Saouma Award
Scoop Independent News, June 10, 2015 (Thailand) 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has awarded the Edouard Saouma Award to Thailand's Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) fir their implementation of an FAO funded program which effectively corrects the damages done by the pink mealybug. Read more... 

News from Canada 
Should Calgary Increase Pesticide Use to Control Dandelions, Weeds? 
GlobalNews, June 11, 2015 (Calgary)


The invasion of dandelions is an annual problem and many city officials are debating on using a different way to deal with them. Many believe that pesticide use is the right way to control weeds but the controversy starts with its connection to the public. Read more...

Climate Change is Helping One Weird Pest Destroy More Crops  
Takepart, June 11, 2015 (Canada)


Potato leafhoppers are an insect which has recently been studied and professionals say that climate change can impact their arrival. Specifically for Canada, the rising temperatures could mean more pests for the country. Read more...

News from the Mideast & Africa 
Deadly Papaya Pest Detected in Tanzania, June, 11 2015 (Tanzania

A pest has been discovered in Tanzania that attacks papaya plants and other crops, and has shifted from the Western to Eastern African coast. Many professionals believe that the warm and humid temperatures favor the pest, and could  put food security at risk. 


Entomologists from Tanzania see these pests spreading into other parts of the East African region. Read more...

Agronomists Ask EU for Phytosanitary Controls on Imported Citrus
 Fresh Plaza, June 4, 2015 (Africa) 

The African psyllid (Tryozaeritreae) has caused citrus greening in large parts of East Africa and has been present in the region for decades. The pest has also been detected in other parts of Europe such as Portugal and Italy, and seems to be under control according to professionals. Read more... 

News from the UK/Europe 
Curried Crickets, Scorpion Lollipops and Oven-Roasted Locusts on Offer at a Didsbury 'Pestaurant'
Manchester Evening News, June 14, 2015 (UK) 
During the Didsbury Open Gardens, Rentokil Pest Control served edible insects at their 'pestaurant'. The menu included salt and vinegar crickets, Mexican spice mealworms, and chocolate covered bugs. Read more...
Nuclear-Neutered Flies Head to Balkans 
Times of Israel, June 8, 2015 (Europe) 
Millions of sterile flies are expected to "go into battle" against the Mediterranean fruit fly, and will push away the harmful flies, and helping European farmers complete the season. Read more...

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