June 2015




A Message From the President 


With summertime fast approaching, our Annual Summer Meeting and Trade Show in Louisville is right around the corner.  This year the golf tournament, opening of the trade show, and banquet / annual meeting will be on July 28 and classes and trade show will be on July 29.  Mark your calendars now!                          


Last year I announced that we were going to have our 1st Annual KPMA Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 2015 Annual Summer Meeting and Trade Show Banquet.  The purpose is to present an award for people who have been instrumental in the pest control industry in the state of Kentucky.  The nominations can include people from pest control operators, manufacturer representatives, suppliers, university professors, government employees, and any professionals that have helped our industry.  They can include the living and deceased.  If you would like to nominate someone for this award please email me at shawn.rich@muggabug.com.  We will keep the nominations open until June 15th.  


I am excited to announce that our KPMA Board of Directors have been working hard with John Glascock at Sigma6 HR Benefits to provide special group health, dental, life, and disability plans through Anthem BCBS for our KPMA Members.  The main advantage to getting your benefits package through the KPMA is twofold.  The KPMA plan legally circumvents the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate of having to use the "community rating" instead of the "experience rating," which could save you money on premiums.  The KPMA plan is a large group plan that offers health, as well as dental, life, and disability plans to its members, which could save you money on premiums.  Also you could offer a better plan that can reduce out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles, co-pays and prescription drug costs.  Mr. Glascock will have a booth and be one of our speakers at our Annual Summer Meeting and Trade Show to explain this in more detail.  If you want a jump start on this valuable membership benefit you can contact him at 844-744-6260 or jglascock@sigma6hr.com.  


If you have any interesting news regarding your company for submission in the KPMA newsletter, please forward the information to me at shawn.rich@muggabug.com and I will forward the information to NPMA for inclusion in the next newsletter.



Shawn Rich

KPMA President

KPMA Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations Due June 15


The 1st Annual KPMA Lifetime Achievement Awards will be announced at the Annual Summer Meeting and Trade Show Banquet. The purpose of the award is to recognize individuals who have been extremely involved in the pest control industry in the state of Kentucky.


Nominations can consist of pest control operators, manufacturer representatives, suppliers, university professors, government employees and any professionals that have been instrumental in the success of the industry.


The last call for nominations is June 15. If you would like to nominate someone for this prestigious honor, please email the KPMA President, Shawn Rich, at shawn.rich@muggabug.com.  

Register Today for the KPMA 2015 Summer Meeting


Mark your calendar for the KPMA 2015 Annual Summer Meeting and Trade Show on July 28 - 29 at the Wildwood Country Club in Louisville, KY. CEU's have been applied for in the following states: KY, IN, MO, TN, WV, VA and OH.
The meeting will include a variety of technical and management topics including:
  •         Termite biology, behavior and control
  •         Building lawsuit resistant files
  •         Perimeter pests
  •         OSHA Compliance
  •         IPM spider control
  •         And MORE!

Interested in Exhibiting?
Click here to reserve your exhibit hall space. Please note that exhibitor space is limited, reserve your spot as soon as you can.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting and KPMA thanks you for your support.   
Contact us at kpma@pestworld.org or 800-678-6722.

New KPMA Member Benefit: Anthem BCBS Health Plan  

KPMA announced recently the creation of a member's only health plan through Anthem BCBS, the Commonwealth's largest health carrier. This health plan will allow member groups of at least two qualified employees an opportunity to provide a large group health plan to their employees. Large group health plans can significantly reduce premium costs as well as providing an opportunity for lower deductibles, co-pays and out-of pocket expenses.

One of the most significant features of an association-sponsored health plan, is that member groups can be underwritten using an experience rating as opposed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated "community" rating. This advantage over non-associations can also significantly reduce the cost of healthcare.

Included in the KPMA healthcare package are additional choice for dental, life and disability coverage.


The Association sponsored plan is part of the IMPACT Kentucky Retail Industry Health Subtrust. The KPMA has been working for more than a year with Sigma6HR Benefits and Administrative Services Group to offer these plans to our KPMA members.


If you are interested in getting more details on these Association plans, please contact John Glascock with Sigma6 HR Benefits at (502) 292-2980 or toll free at 1 (844) 744-6260 or jglascock@sigma6hr.com.

13-Year Cicadas Serenade Parts of Western Kentucky 

WKMS, May 26,2015

Cicadas emerge every 13 or 17 years according to University of Kentucky Entomologist Doug Johnson. There are 30 periodical groups of cicadas that emerge, depending on their own brood. The insects are above ground for 4 weeks, where they molt and reproduce. 

The insects can do a lot of damage to certain ornamental plants and young fruit trees, while having very little impact on wild trees.
QualityPro Manager Training Exclusively Available for Free to QualityPro Certified Companies 

Great managers make for a great company! QualityPro is excited to announce the first ever, supervisor training specific for pest management professionals. The interactive QualityPro Manager Training, an animated course with a completion certificate, is now part of the set of valuable resources exclusively available to certified companies at www.qualityprotools.org/manager-training.
Celebrate 20 Years of Academy
Mark your calendar for July 15-17 to join NPMA in celebrating the 20th anniversary of Academy - Vegas-style! Keynote speakers include Eric Chester, Rowena Crosbie, Deborah Rinner Godwin, and AmyK Hutchens, who will discuss a variety of management topics including effective communication, recruitment, retention, the secrets of brilliant leadership, and more! Click here for more details and registration. 
Mark Your Calendars for PestWorld 2015 

Mark your calendars now for PestWorld 2015, October 20-23 in Nashville, TN! With targeted information on the latest products, services, technologies, and business applications, PestWorld is the destination for networking, education, products, and research in the pest management industry. Make plans to join over 3,000 of your pest management peers and registertoday! Click here for more details and registration.


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