May 2015




A Message From the President 


As our association member companies are already well into their busy time, so is KPMA. The KPMA volunteers have been focused on developing membership benefits to ensure you are getting the most out of your membership dues. Last month the KPMA Board of Directors negotiated a member's only health plan through Anthem BCBS, the Commonwealth's largest health carrier. Any member company with at least two qualified employees is eligible to take advantage of this valuable benefit. More information can be found in the newsletter below.


Our events committee has been hard at work securing a great lineup of speakers for the KPMA 2015 Summer Meeting on July 28-29 in Louisville. Registration is now open and I encourage you to register and pay for your team ahead of time to receive the best member rate available for the event.


Lastly, you should have received your 2015-2016 membership renewal invoice by now. It is only through the support of our members every year that we are able to continue to produce the high quality events and offer the top-notch benefits. If you have not already, please return the renewal invoice with your annual dues today so we can remain a strong unit.


I look forward to seeing all of our members in July at the upcoming KPMA 2015 Summer Meeting.


Thank you,  

Shawn Rich

KPMA President 

Register Today for the KPMA 2015 Summer Meeting


Mark your calendar for the KPMA 2015 Annual Summer Meeting and Trade Show on July 28 - 29 at the Wildwood Country Club in Louisville, KY. CEU's have been applied for in the following states: KY, IN, MO, TN, WV, VA and OH.
The meeting will include a variety of technical and management topics including:

    *    Termite biology, behavior and control
    *    Building lawsuit resistant files
    *    Perimeter pests
    *    OSHA Compliance
    *    IPM spider control
    *    And MORE!

Contact us at or 800-678-6722.

New KPMA Member Benefit: Anthem BCBS Health Plan  

KPMA announced recently the creation of a member's only health plan through Anthem BCBS, the Commonwealth's largest health carrier. This health plan will allow member groups of at least two qualified employees an opportunity to provide a large group health plan to their employees. Large group health plans can significantly reduce premium costs as well as providing an opportunity for lower deductibles, co-pays and out-of pocket expenses.

One of the most significant features of an association-sponsored health plan, is that member groups can be underwritten using an experience rating as opposed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated "community" rating. This advantage over non-associations can also significantly reduce the cost of healthcare.

Included in the KPMA healthcare package are additional choice for dental, life and disability coverage.


The Association sponsored plan is part of the IMPACT Kentucky Retail Industry Health Subtrust. The KPMA has been working for more than a year with Sigma6HR Benefits and Administrative Services Group to offer these plans to our KPMA members.


If you are interested in getting more details on these Association plans, please contact John Glascock with Sigma6 HR Benefits at (502) 292-2980 or toll free at 1 (844) 744-6260 or

White House Pollinator Plan - Five Things You Need to Know About the Announcement  


For the last few years NPMA has been deeply involved in the issue of protecting honey bees and other pollinators. From public policy to public relations, NPMA staff, in coordination with the association's board of directors and committees, have worked tirelessly to craft messaging, educate lawmakers and regulators and provide leadership to defend the tools used by professionals of the structural pest management industry. After many months of anticipation, the White House Pollinator Task Force released their 58-page plan this morning and accompanying appendices and resources.


In a nutshell, the National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey bees and Other Pollinators revealed no big surprises. In fact, with regard to protecting pollinators from exposure to pesticides, the EPA highlighted the importance of pesticides for the protection of food supplies and human health and underscored the importance of balancing the benefits with risks by keeping beneficial pollinators and pesticides separated in both time and space.


The complete strategy can be accessed by clicking here. In the meantime, click here for the five things that you need to know.

QualityPro Releases Comprehensive Update 

The new QualityPro Certification Handbook includes updated standards that define professionalism in pest management. Resources available to applied and certified companies have also been updated to ensure compliance with recent hiring regulations. For the first time, companies that have been in business for less than two years can gain access to these valuable resources. Read more... 
New Online ACE Exam Prep Track Unveiled
For many pest management professionals, self-study doesn't come as easy as it did back in school. With that in mind, NPMA has developed an ACE Exam Prep Track to help you prepare for the rigorous ACE exam offered by the Entomological Society of America. This course provides you with a variety of on-demand resources that you will aid in your preparatory efforts.

This training is available on NPMA's Online Learning Center and includes:
  • An overview of the new ACE exam
  • A comprehensive resource and study guide
  • Currently over 8 hours of training, with new content added as it's developed
  • A weekly directed study schedule to keep you on track
  • A full-length practice exam
To begin, log-on to the NPMA Online Learning Center and register for the ACE Exam Prep Track. This training is $99.95 for members.
Celebrate 20 Years of Academy
Mark your calendar for July 15-17 to join NPMA in celebrating the 20th anniversary of Academy - Vegas-style! Keynote speakers include Eric Chester, Rowena Crosbie, Deborah Rinner Godwin, and AmyK Hutchens, who will discuss a variety of management topics including effective communication, recruitment, retention, the secrets of brilliant leadership, and more! Click here for more details and registration. 


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