July 2014



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Propoxur Re-evaluation Decision May Have Big Impacts on PMP Industry


Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently completed the re-evaluation of propoxur. Here CPMA provides a quick summary of the major changes; excerpted from PMRA's webpage for Re-Evaluation Decision RVD2014-01, Propoxur.  


Propoxur Uses to be Maintained

Under new risk-reduction measures the following uses will be maintained: 1) indoor crack and crevice applications of Commercial class products in commercial areas, 2) outdoor uses of Domestic and Commercial class products and 3) bait trays.


Propoxur Uses to be Phased Out

Other uses of propoxur will be phased out because either registrants do not support continued registration or a human health risk of concern has been identified. These are: 1) use to control biting flies including mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, sandflies and punkies, 2) use in pet collars, 3) all indoor uses of Domestic class products except bait trays, and 4) indoor uses of Commercial class products in residential areas.


Indoor Uses
Commercial Areas: Application to indoor non-residential areas will be limited to only crack and crevice application using Commercial class products.


Residential Areas: Besides for use in residential bait trays, PMRA states, "...propoxur must not be applied to indoor residential use sites, including homes, hospitals, schools, public buildings, day-care facilities, motels, hotels, passenger areas of trains, buses or airplanes, or other indoor locations where children may be exposed."


Outdoor Uses

For all areas, the product label will be revised to prohibit using mechanically-pressurized handgun equipment.


Commercial Areas: Outdoor applications must be limited to crack and crevice, structural and stinging insect nest treatments and must not be applied to vegetation, plants, grass and/or any area accessible to children.


Residential Areas:

Outdoor residential crack and crevice, structural and stinging insect nest treatments must be limited to areas not frequented by, or inaccessible to, children and the potential for post-application exposure is minimal.* To minimize potential exposures for outdoor treatments propoxur will be limited to crack and crevice, structural and stinging insect nest treatments and must not be applied to vegetation, plants, grass and/or any area accessible to children.  


Additional Key Risk-Reduction Measures

  1. To protect commercial mixers, loaders, and applicators: mechanically-pressurized equipment must not be used.
  2. To protect workers entering treated sites: indoor applications to commercial locations will be limited to perimeter application using manually-pressurized handwand, and crack and crevice applications.
  3. To protect residents and residential applicators: all indoor domestic-class products (except bait trays) will be phased out and commercial-class products must not be applied to indoor residential use sites listed above. Specific directions for outdoor domestic-class and commercial-class products are also required.
  4. To protect homeowners/pet owners: all pet collar products will be phased out.

The phase in period for new labels will be approximately two years, but differs for each product.   

*There is some confusion about this statement. CPMA will seek clarification from PMRA as to the intended meaning.


Save the Date for Pest Management Canada 2015


Pest Management Canada 2015 will be held March 19-21 at the Westin Calgary in Alberta. To make your hotel reservations, call 800-228-3000 by February 16 to receive the discounted rate of $199. Stay tuned for more details and registration! 


Insect Pests Tracked as P.E.I. Ramps Up Monitoring 
CBC News, July 8, 2014 (Prince Edward Island) 

Prince Edward Island is stepping up efforts to monitor forest insect pests this summer and so far, officials say, they haven't noticed many tent caterpillars. Crews from the provincial forestry division are now setting up dozens of monitoring stations across the Island, mostly on public forest land. Read more...


Protect Pets From Life-threatening Heartworm 
Winnipeg Free Press, July 8, 2014 (Winnipeg) 


It's a fact of life in Manitoba -- nothing can suck the joy out of summer more than a bumper crop of mosquitoes. And while the bloodthirsty bugs can drive humans away from patios and backyards, they also pose a potentially lethal problem for our pets. Read more...


Rocky Raccoon Relations Getting Worse 
Herald News, July 4, 2014 (Bridgewater) 

There's no denying raccoons can be endearing with their shiny eyes and furry little faces, but Sharon Miller says dozens of the critters are digging up her lawn and eating her plants month after month. Read more...  


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NPMA recently launched a new members-only community and tool kit, My.NPMAPestWorld.org, where you can connect and engage with other NPMA members in real time. Recent hot discussion topics include service vehicles, uniform shoes, fleet management tools, and much more. Log in today to join the conversation! 

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Join Us For PestWorld 2014 

PestWorld, the premier event in the professional pest management industry, will be held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Florida, Oct. 21-24, 2014.  


At PestWorld you will:

  • Network with more than 3,000 other pest management professionals, researchers and vendors from around the world.
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PWIPM Accepting Nominations for the Professional Empowerment Grant  
PWIPM is currently accepting nominations for their annual professional empowerment grant. This grant will be awarded to one female who is interested in advancing or securing a career in pest management. Click here to view submission guidelines. 


NPMA Women of Excellence Award: Call For Nominations 
NPMA's Women of Excellence Award recognizes women who advance the pest management industry every day, in every way. The international honor is open to women across the pest management industry - PMP's, manufacturers, research organizations, etc. - who demonstrate outstanding leadership and have made notable contributions to the development and growth of the profession, their business, and other women in the industry.

An independent judges' panel will select one award recipient who will be recognized at PestWorld 2014, October 21-24 in Orlando, Fla.

Click here to nominate a candidate today! 


NPMA Now Accepting Nominations for Young Entrepreneur Award  
NPMA is currently accepting nominations for the Young Entrepreneur Award, sponsored by Rentokil.

This is the third year NPMA will recognize young entrepreneurs 40 years or younger working in the professional pest management industry. Applicants will have demonstrated an ability to create or develop an industry innovation or brought a meaningful industry concept to fruition.  Nominations may be submitted online. Self-nominations will be accepted as well. All nominations must be received by 5 p.m. ET on Aug. 15, 2014.

Applicants will be evaluated by an independent panel of industry experts on:
  • Notable contributions made to his or her company in a management level capacity
  • Contributions to the pest management industry
  • Personal leadership and community involvement
The panel of judges will select one award recipient who will be announced during PestWorld 2014 Oct. 21-24 in Orlando.  
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