March 2014
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A Message from KPMA President

Donnie Blake, OPC, Louisville, KY


Hopefully Spring has finally arrived! Everyone I speak with universally believes this has been a winter for the record books. I am personally tired of cold weather and snow. I have seen news stories that have reported that the cold weather kills all the "bugs". Let us hope these news stories are wrong and this will be a great termite season for the pest management industry.  


Scott Underwood, Eric Ham, Tim Leatherman and I represented Kentucky at NPMA's Legislative Day in Washington DC. The meeting was held on March 10-11. Our delegation visited the offices of Congressman Barr, Congressman Guthrie and Senator McConnell. Some of the issues discussed were potential legislation for protecting bees from pesticides, the passing of the Farm Bill which included a provision retaining the food uses for the Fumigant Sulfuryl Fluoride, and the limiting of USDA/WS competition with the pest management industry. The pest management industry's annual trips to the Hill were instrumental in these national legislative accomplishments this year. Thanks to our legislative officials and their staff for their hospitality.


Kentucky was highlighted when Senator Rand Paul spoke to a packed room at the Tuesday luncheon at the Capitol Hill Club. Senator Paul received a warm welcome and a standing ovation from the attendees. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Senator Paul and his staff for arranging and taking the time to speak to our industry at NPMA Legislative Day 2014.


The Pest Control Advisory Board continued their discussion of a revision to the IPM in Schools regulation at the March 6th regular meeting of the Board. Progress continues to be made in this process with a final draft hopefully being ready by the KPMA Summer meeting in July.    


Don't forget to mark your calendars for the KPMA Annual/Summer meeting scheduled for July 29-30 in Louisville at the Wildwood Country Club. The KPMA annual meeting and dinner will be held Tuesday evening, July 29, with the initial KPMA Lifetime Achievement Awards being presented during the meeting. Stay tuned for more information regarding this annual KPMA event.


If anyone has any interesting news regarding their company for submission in the KPMA newsletter, please forward the information to me at and I will forward the information to NPMA for inclusion in the next newsletter. 


Thanks again for allowing me to serve as President of KPMA.

News From National 
Avoid Bringing Work Hazards Home
National Poison Prevention Week, March 16 through 22, is a great time to remind your employees to be cognizant of how they wash and store their clothes, shoes and other items that may be exposed to pesticides or other substances during the workday. To review routes of exposure to work hazards and ways to avoid them, see more at Training Daily Advisor powered by BLR.
Key House Committee Approves Bill Eliminating Redundant Pesticide Permitting Requirement
The U.S. House Agriculture Committee recently approved legislation NPMA has long supported exempting lawful pesticide applications from Clean Water Act permitting requirements. The full House of Representatives approved the legislation last year as part of the lower chamber's version of the Farm Bill. The Senate Farm Bill, however, did not include such a provision and it was not part of the
Farm Bill that was signed into law in early February.
Happy Termite Awareness Week! Are You Spreading The Word?
The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the public outreach arm of NPMA, is celebrating Termite Awareness Week, March 16-22. This annual and national designation recognized by Chase's Calendar of Events, coincides with start of spring and the home buying, selling and maintenance season. Through a variety of means, PPMA aims to educate the public about the property threats posed by termites and how to help them best protect their biggest investments - their homes.

"While our industry is well aware of the cost and damage associated with termite infestations, the general American public is not," said Missy Henriksen, executive director of PPMA. "We invite our members and the industry as a whole to work together to help educate consumers about termite prevention, the importance of having an inspection and calling a pest professional to handle the treatment."

PPMA plans to reach consumers through traditional and social media channels and is asking pest control companies to join the cause. "We have developed a toolkit for our investors containing a customizable press release, suggested social media posts, photographs and other materials to help companies communicate with their customer base," said Henriksen.

All materials are available to PPMA Guardians and Contributors on, the group's exclusive marketing hub for investors. For more information about PPMA and its marketing programs, please visit


Creating The Right Team For Your Company's Success    


Presented by Jesse Rehm, Triangle Pest Control
Wednesday, March 26 | 1-2 p.m. ET

Do you struggle with hiring and retaining good people? This is one of the biggest challenges we face as business owners and managers. You may be surprised to learn that it's not the people you hire that are to blame, it's the people doing the hiring. If you don't have a clearly defined hiring process that is designed, specifically, to attract and identify the "right" people, then the problem lies with you.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to build a successful hiring system and how to identify the "right" people as well as weed out the people you don't want.


Seeking The Most Passionate Professional In The Pest Management Industry!  
Are you the proudest professional in the pest management industry? Does your excitement in and dedication to your career allow you to better serve your customers? Does your skill and fondness for protecting public health and property from unwanted pests go above and beyond the competition? If so, we have just the contest for you. NPMA is seeking the most passionate employee in our industry. We want to know why you like doing what you do, what your favorite parts of the job are and how you have risen to new heights because of opportunities available to your as a pest professional!

Submit a video showing us why this industry is a great place to work, why you love your job, and how you have benefitted from working in pest management and you'll be entered to win a trip to PestWorld 2014!

to enter today! 


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