March 2013

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A Message from KPMA President

Donnie Blake, OPC, Louisville, KY


Last month I said that spring was right around the corner. A month has passed and we are still waiting for warmer weather. As I write this letter the snow is coming down strong in the Louisville area. Hopefully April will be better and this will still be an outstanding termite swarm season.


Chris Christensen, Kevin Pass and I attended the NPMA Legislative Day conference in Washington DC. The meeting was outstanding with one of the largest attendance in the history of Legislative Day. The speakers at the meeting featured Laura Ingraham, Former U. S. Senator Byron Dorgan, Tax Reformist Grover Norquist and our own former Congressman Bob Dold. Congressman Paul Ryan took time from his busy schedule to address our group on Tuesday which was amazing since he was in the midst of presenting the House of Representatives budget. Unfortunately, it was difficult to actually get into the Senate building due to the sequestration closing nearly all the entrances into the Senate buildings. Chris Christensen and Eric Ham waited nearly an hour to get into the Senate Office building to meet with Senator McConnell's staff. Scott Underwood and I had better luck in getting into the House of Representative's office building to meeting with Congressman Guthrie. As always, Congressman Guthrie was extremely gracious and actually left a committee meeting to meet with us.


Legislative Day issues included the Pest Elimination Services Transparency and Terminology Act ("PESTT") and Federal Electronic Pesticide Use Records Legislation. In regards to PESTT, this legislation would assist in preventing the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services ("WS") from competing with the Structural Pest Management industry with such services as wildlife management. Some of the "wildlife" that WS has competed against the pest management industry includes, rats, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, voles, woodchucks, moles, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, pigeons, starlings and sparrows. This legislation would better define the role of WS and assist in preventing unfair completion from WS with the pest management industry. Congressman Guthrie has again demonstrated his support for the pest management industry by agreeing to Co-Sponsor this needed legislation. The Federal Electronic Pesticide Use Records Legislation would permit, but not mandate, pest management professionals to retain and convey pesticide use records and related information electronically. As we enter the "paperless" age this legislation would provide the needed latitude for pest management companies to utilize the latest technology in complying with customer notifications and record keeping requirements.


There is not much to report on regulatory issues at the State level. As we move out of the Legislative session, your KPMA Board and the Pest Control Advisory Board will begin discussions with KDA on any needed regulatory changes. If anyone has any suggestions, questions or concerns regarding any regulatory issue please feel free to contact any KPMA Board member.   


In last month's newsletter I listed the wrong dates for the KPMA Annual Summer Meeting at Wildwood Country Club in Louisville. The correct dates are Tuesday, July 30th and Wednesday, July 31st. So please remove those notes you placed on your calendars last month and replace them with the correct dates. The committee is working on an outstanding program including the golf tournament on Tuesday, the Annual meeting and dinner on Tuesday night and the training meeting on Wednesday. Stay tuned for information on our special guests and entertainment for Tuesday evening. I cannot thank Ray Hardebeck, Chris Christensen and Scott Underwood enough for their hard work and dedication in their planning of the KPMA Annual Summer meeting and other training meetings.


Thanks again for allowing me to serve as President of KPMA.



Donnie Blake

KPMA President

KPMA May Training Meeting 

Thursday, May 30, 2013
7:30am - 5:15pm
Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
965 Lodge Rd., Greenup, KY 41144
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Examination for Kentucky certification in categories 8 (public health and private applicators) and 7-a (general pest and termite) and 7-b (integrated pest management) are available. Driver's license or other government issued photo ID must be presented to exam proctor. Exam fees are $25 (category 8 and 7-a) and $10 (for 7-b). Sorry, no cash accepted. An exam check or money order for the appropriate amount is to be made out to Kentucky State Treasurer. Checks that included the program fee and the exam fee will not be accepted and exam will not be administered.  
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News From National 
March 25-29 is Termite Awareness Week


It's Termite Awareness Week! Check out for a host of information on this pest that causes $5 million in property damage each year.  The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) will be Tweeting all week using #TermiteWeek and posting regularly to our consumer FaceBook page as well.  Join us in educating the public about the damage these pests cause!  
Peek Inside PestWorld Magazine 
PestWorld, NPMA's bi-monthly magazine, offers an in-depth look at industry trends. Regular columns include a look at innovative business practices in the industry, regulatory updates, and sales and marketing opportunities. Take a look at what's inside the March/April 2013 issue:
  • Back to Business: How to Get Your Company Back on Track After a Disaster 
  • Rip Through the Post-Disaster Red Tape
  • Fleet Safety for the Pest Control Industry  
  • And more!  

Click here to view the magazine. To submit an article or find out more about this publication, contact Janay Rickwalder.

News & Views
Rampaging Raccoon Wreaks Havoc
Lex 18, March 26, 2013

Police had to deal with a masked intruder inside a Lexington home early one morning, but it wasn't the typical case for officers.


A raccoon made its way into a family's living room and caused quite a ruckus.


Police went to a home along Halifax Court around 2 a.m. Crystal Schmidt said she locked herself and her son in a back bedroom as their lab chased the critter around the living room. Read more... 

Bedbugs Raise Genetic Defense Against Pesticides
Science News, March 14, 2013

To escape the sting of insecticides, bedbugs boost activity of certain genes in their shells, a new study shows. Bedbugs are notorious for escaping unharmed by pesticides; understanding how the insects escape death could lead to better ways to fight the pests.


Researchers led by Subba Palli of the University of Kentucky in Lexington collected 21 groups of common bedbugs, Cimex lectularius, from four Midwestern cities. The researchers examined the activity of genes that slough off the effects of pyrethroid pesticides, a category of insecticide in some of the most common household bug sprays. Read more... 



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