Real threat. Easy solution.

Universal Accounting Software V. 14.0 features the highest degree of security available... with no extra fees.
Credit card security has never been more critical than it is now, particularly in light of the recent data theft that exposed credit and debit card information of as many as 40 million Target customers.  Just read Sunday's article in USA Today.
Small to medium-sized businesses can be at greater risk of a data breach because cyber criminals expect larger businesses to have defensive systems in place and smaller retailers to be more vulnerable.
For months, UAS has been working on the best possible solution to help our clients protect their customers and themselves from the increasing threat of cybercrime.
We're happy to announce that Universal Accounting Software Version 14.0 is ready for immediate release.


 UAS Version 14.0 provides an option for a full color, integrated signature capture/card swipe device that will enable you to accept credit as well as PIN-based debit cards and EMV  (computer chip) cards.   Voltage™ encryption is designed to protect credit and debit card data from the moment of card swipe or key entry. By scrambling cardholder data so it cannot be read, Voltage™ encryption protects credit and debit card data from the moment of card swipe and through the processor's network - not just a certain points of the transaction flow - rendering it useless in the event of a compromise.



Greater card data security. This is of utmost importance in light of the increase of cybercrime and data theft.

Clear up counter clutter. One integrated device for signature capture / swipe and PIN-pad.

Eliminate middleware costs.  No need for PC-Charge or other middleware, the PC-Charge yearly support fees, and the frustration when trying to contact PC-Charge support services. 

Improve your bottom line by accepting Pin-Based Debit Cards. Now you can reduce fees while increasing security by customer entering PIN-number in place of signature.
Easy to implement. Plug in the new Ingenico ISC 250 Signature Capture/ Magnetic Stripe Reader/PIN-pad integrated with UAS V. 14.0 and you're ready to go. * EMV (Chip Card acceptance).  Visa & MasterCard have already announced preparations to begin phasing out magnetic stripe cards in 2015.
Next morning funding. Regardless of where you bank, settle your transactions by 8 pm (ET) and receive your Visa, MC, Discover, Amex **, and PIN-based debit funds the next morning.
Interchange Optimization. UAS Version 14.0 has the ability to qualify credit & debit card transactions to secure the lowest wholesale Visa, MC, and Discover rates.

*  Requires Heartland Payment Systems
 ** Amex next-morning funding available only to qualifying businesses.


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