September 22, 2015

  • Check the foundation for cracks
  • Clean the gutters
  • Inspect home exterior and siding for peeling paint
  • Check roof for loose or missing shingles
  • Caulk around places where heat can escape (doors, windows, pipes and wires entering the house)
  • Clean out and repair cracks in sidewalks and driveway
  • Inspect stairs or railings on porches and decks
  • Weather strip windows and doors
  • Weather strip the garage door
  • Check insulation on water pipes
  • Clean the fireplace and chimney 
  • Clean or change the furnace filter
  • Rake leaves and clean debris from the yard
  • Trim trees and shrubs near the house or power lines
  • Prepare and store lawn equipment (clean and drain gas)
  • Clean and store garden tools
  • Clean and store the grill
  • Clean and cover or store outdoor furniture
  • Inspect and organize snow equipment (shovels, blower, roof rakes)
  • Drain and store hose
  • Shut off outdoor water
If you're like the majority of Americans over the age of 45, you want to continue living in a familiar environment throughout your maturing years. According to the AARP, older home owners overwhelmingly prefer to age in place, which means living in your home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level.
Cindy Dufour, CKD, CAPS, has been the manager of the S.W. Collins Co. Design Center since 2004 and has achieved designation as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) through the National Association of Home Builders. She is also the only Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) north of Bangor.

"I have been designing kitchens and baths for 27 years and previously worked as a RN for 20 years," said Dufour. "Earning the CAPS designation further enhances my abilities to help people in our community stay in their homes longer and increase their quality of life.  It is very rewarding to see the final results of my designs and how they make a difference in the lives of our customers."

If you're looking for help with aging-in-place options for your home or have a kitchen or bath project in mind, contact the S.W. Collins Co. Home Design Center at 207-496-0103 or visit their website at
Saturday, September 26, 2015 
This year, the Collins family is being honored. The Collins family has played a large part in Caribou's wonderful history as well as having shaped Caribou into what it is today.  Four sons of William and Sarah Collins: Samuel, James, Harvey and David came to the area in the 1840s and 1850s. To commemorate the original Collins homestead, there will be a sign dedication ceremony held at 712 Main St. at 3 p.m.


  • 10 am-2 pm: Antique Car Show at the Downtown Mall with vendors & music 
  • 3:00 pm: Sign dedication ceremony at 712 Main Street
  • 6:00 pm: Caribou Heritage Day Festival at the High School with vendors & music 
  • 8:30 pm: Fireworks at the High School