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May 2013
ASQ-LA May Issue Contains:
May 8th Member Meeting
Message from the Chair
ASQ-LA Dodger Night
ASQ-LA New Members
CSUDH Classes
Certification Exam Dates
ASQLA Leadership Team Listing


Welcome to the May of the ASQ-LA Newsletter.

Looking forward to see you at our May 8th Member Meeting which will be at Phenomenex 2341 West
205th Street Torrance, CA 90501. If you plan to attend the meeting, YOU MUST RSVP to Chen Low 310-334-7044, pager 310-353-8293 or e-mail [email protected], no-later-than Noon on Monday, May 6th, so he can get the list of attendees.
Do not go to the Phenomenex main entrance on 411 Madrid. The Meeting will be on the 2nd floor of 2341 West 205th Street. Near Crenshaw and 190th.
Looking forward to your attendance at this month's program.
Harold Martinez
Newsletter Chair


"Software Quality Assurance - What is it & Why should I care"

Please join the ASQLA est 0700 for its monthly member meeting on Wednesday, May 8th. The meeting will be at Phenomenex, 2341 West 205th Street in Torrance.   Our speaker this month is Kathy Laing will be speaking on "Software Quality Assurance - What is it & Why should I care."  This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality professionals and to learn about current techniques & technologies. 


The speaker's topic will be "Software Quality Assurance - What is it & Why should I care". Software is everywhere. Can you name an area where there is no software impact? This presentation will provide some insight on just what software quality assurance is as well as the processes, tools, and techniques for helping to ensure software quality in your organization. It may also answer the question as to why we should care about the quality of software incorporated into our daily lives. It will also provide some practical tips on how you can help improve the quality of the software used to help produce products in your organization. Successful software quality assurance does not happen by chance, but requires the right combination of process strategy, structure, and support from all levels of the organization.


Kathy Laing has over 39 years of both hardware and software Quality experience. She has an extensive background in government and commercial software/hardware development environments with experience in designing and implementing Quality Assurance Management Programs for small business within the manufacturing, aerospace and electronics industries. Kathy is an SEI-trained assessor and has also been certified as an ISO internal auditor. Kathy also holds ASQ certifications for CQA, CQE & CSQE, in addition to a SCRUM Master certification from the International SCRUM Institute. She has a certification from Thunderbird University in Executive Global Leadership and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management. Kathy is currently employed as a System and Software Quality Assurance Engineer with a major aerospace corporation.


The program will be held at 2nd Floor Main Conference Room at Phenomenex 2341 West 205th Street Torrance, CA 90501. This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality Professionals, learn about quality related topics and earn 0.3 Recertification Units. Registration and networking starts at 5:30 PM. The meeting runs from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Crackers, Cookies, Coffee & Water will be provided at no charge.

You MUST RSVP to Chen Low 310-334-7044, pager 310-353-8293 or e-mail [email protected], no-later-than Noon on Monday, May 6th, so he can get the list of attendees.






Message from the Chair - Lane Parrott



ASQ Certifications Mean More Salary

According to the Quality Progress 2012 Salary Survey, "Any ASQ certification is associated with a higher salary, but salaries are even higher for those who hold more than one certification." That is fantastic. Get a second certification earn more money.

Depending on your job title, some certifications bring even higher benefits: 

  • Auditor with CSSBB obtain salary premium of $24,708
  • Supplier Quality Engineer with CQE obtain salary premium of $14,434
  • Supervisor with CQA obtain salary premium of $13,004
  • Quality Engineer with CMQ/OE obtain salary premium of $11,661
  • Manager with CMQ/OE obtain salary premium of $8,943
  • Auditors with CQA obtain salary premium of $8,116
Someone recently asked me why the section was not offering a Certified Reliability Engineer course. The CRE is a very difficult certification and not very popular. As a section we try to support the most members possible. Here are the six most popular certifications:
  • 22.9% Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)
  • 20.4% Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)
  • 12.6% Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE)
  • 8% Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)
  • 6.3% Certified Quality Technician (CQT)
  • 6.1% Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) 
BE ACKNOWLEDGED FOR YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS - If you have three (3) or more current ASQ Certifications and you attend our November Meeting, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, an ASQLA coffee mug and a gift card.
MEET NEW PEOPLE - Join the section's Leadership Team. We are looking for enthusiastic and dependable members who can help us provide a great experience for your members. If you are interested, please send me an Email at [email protected].

Attend 8 or more ASQLA Meetings during 2013 and receive an ASQ coffee mug at our January 15, 2014.


ASQLA Website Advertising



 For information on placing an ad through ASQLA, contact Advertising Chair at (310)383-2393, [email protected].



















$28 tickets for $20 as long as supplies last



Tickets can be purchased at Member meetings, or

reserved through Jim Morrison at 310 541-1417,

via e-mail at [email protected]


ASQ-Los Angeles
Section 0700
New Members





NAME                                    COMPANY



Kevin T. SegawaAloca Fastening Systems
Khoi N. NguyenObagi Medical Products Inc
Aditya Lakshmanan
Maricar TiltonAaron Industries Inc.
Martha GaonaWindsor Foods
Raymond Lopez
Edward Parent
Jean L Carnegie
Wei P. Lim
Bernardo SantillanPermaswage
Mina S FakhouriOneudraulics


CSU Dominguez Hills


Internet Program Schedule - Subject to Occasional Changes



                                    First Day                    Last Day                     Last Day

                                                of Class                       to Register                  of Class                      

                                                May 7                         May 3                          Aug. 6

Course            Title                                                                Instructor


QAS 200.41          Fundamentals of Quality                                 Dennis Leonard

QAS 325.41          Technical Communications (4 units)            Keith Fulton ([email protected])

QAS 350.41          Physical Metrology (3 units)                           Emil Hazarian ([email protected])

QAS 445.41          System Failure Analysis (3 units)                   Craig Carpenter ([email protected])

QAS 450.41          Value Based Quality (3 units)                         Kim Niles ([email protected])


QAS 511.41          Quality Function Management & TQM      William Trappen ([email protected])

QAS 513.41          Statistical Quality Control & Sampling       Dan Dunahay ([email protected])

QAS 514.41          Adv. Experimental Design                               Dan Dunahay ([email protected])

QAS 515.41          Human Factors in Quality Assurance          Jim Clauson ([email protected])

QAS 515.42          Human Factors in Quality Assurance          David Vu ([email protected])

QAS 518.41          Quality Project Management                         William Trappen ([email protected]    

QAS 527.41          Quality Measurement (3 units)                       Denis Bourcier ([email protected])

QAS 534.41          Change Management                                       Robert Spencer ([email protected])                      

QAS 536.41          Six Sigma (3 Units)                                             Pam Dunahay([email protected])

QAS 537.41          Quality Function Deployment:                       Robert Spencer ([email protected])

                                Understanding Customer                


QAS 541.41          Biomedical Quality Control                           Kim Niles ([email protected])

QAS 598.41          Directed Research (3 units)                              Milton Krivokuca ([email protected])


To reach the Extended Education Registration office please call (310) 243-3741, fax (310) 516-3971, or by email at [email protected].




NBQA - Internet Program Schedule - Subject to Occasional Changes

First Day                    Last Day                     Last Day

                                                of Class                       To Register                of Class


                                                                Jun 25                          Jun 21                          Aug. 20


Course            Title                                                                Instructor


NBQA 706.41      Certified Quality Six Sigma Green Belt                  Milt Krivokuca ([email protected])


ASQ Certification Exams


Application Deadline

October 18, 2013


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

October 23, 2013


Exam Date

December 7, 2013




Quality Engineer(CQE)

Quality Auditor(CQA)

Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)

Software Quality Eng. (CSQE)

Quality Improvement Assoc (CQIA)

Calibration Technician(CCT)

Quality Process Analyst (CQPA)


Application Deadline

August 16, 2013


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

August 21, 2013


Exam Date

October 5, 2013  




Six Sigma Black Belt(SSBB)

Mgr of Qual/Org Excel (CMQ/OE)

Quality Inspector(CQI)

Quality Technician(CQT)

Biomedical Auditor(CBD)

Reliability Engineer(CRE)

HACCP Auditor(CHA)





for more information.


Cal State Dominguez Hills BSQA & MSQA Programs

sponsor certification preparation courses, See certification

page on


Is it time for recertification?

Send your package to Joe DeSimone,

Recertification Chair at

P.O. Box 1291, San Pedro, CA90731.




Time: 5:30 - 6:00 Networking & Dinner

6:00 - 8:00 Meeting


CSUDH Extended Education Bldg

1000 Victoria St., Carson, CA 90745

Contact: Lane Parrott, Chair

(310) 489-9018

[email protected],

Dates: 1st Wednesday of the Month




Officers & Committee Chairs of ASQ Los Angeles Section 700


CHAIR: Lane Parrott - (310) 489-9018 [email protected]


SECRETARY: Catherine Martin - 310-616-0936 [email protected]

TREASURER: Jim Morrison -(310) 541-1417 - [email protected]

PAST CHAIR/Executive Advisory: Chen Low - (310) 334-7044 - [email protected]
Arrangements:  Chen Low - (310) 334-7044 - [email protected]

 Job Listing: Armen Yeghoian- 818-912-9272 - [email protected]

Website Chair: Alan Wang - (310)383-2393 - [email protected]

Membership: Lisa Uhrig - - 310-283-1197 [email protected]

 Education: Bill Trappen - (760)723-7718 -[email protected]

CSUDH Liaison: Milt Krivokuca - (949) 892-7994 - [email protected]

Certification: Joe DeSimone - (424) 772-6371 -[email protected]

Re-certification: Joe DeSimone - (424) 772-6371 - [email protected]

Newsletter: Harold Martinez - (310) 214-1606 -[email protected]

Awards and Recognition: Imre Fischer -(949)493-3914 - [email protected]

Quality Management Process (QMP): Lane Parrott - (310) 489-9018 - [email protected]

Financial Audit: Michael Schaffer - (310)895-0802  [email protected]

Simon Collier Quality Award:  Imre Fischer - (949) 493-3914 [email protected]

    Programs: Open

Publicity & Advertising Chair: : Alan Wang - (310)383-2393 - [email protected] 

Voice of the Customer: Kathleen Laing - (310) 813-7646 [email protected]