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March 2013
ASQ-LA March Issue Contains:
March 13th Member Meeting
Message from the Chair
CSUDH Class Listing
ASQ-LA New Members
Regional Director Message
Certification Exam Dates
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Welcome to the March Issue of the ASQ-LA Newsletter.

Looking forward to see you at our March 13th Member Meeting @ Phenomenex 2341 West 205th Street  Torrance, CA 90501. If you plan to attend the meeting, YOU MUST RSVP to Chen Low 310-334-7044, pager 310-353-8293 or e-mail [email protected], no-later-than Noon on Monday, March 11th, so he can get the list of attendees.

Do not go to the Phenomenex main entrance on 411 Madrid. The Meeting will be on the 2nd floor of 2341 West 205th Street. Near Crenshaw and 190th. 

Looking forward to your attendance at this month's program.
Harold Martinez
Newsletter Chair




Peter Laing
"Using Quality Processes to Implement Education Reform Initiatives" 

Please join the ASQLA Section 0700 for its monthly member meeting on Wednesday, March 13th. The meeting will be at Phenomenex, 2341 West 205th Street in Torrance.  This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality professionals and to learn about current techniques & technologies. Our guest speaker this month is Peter Laing speaking on "Using Quality Processes to Implement Education Reform Initiatives." 


How are quality concepts and performance management tools used to support the implementation of education reform initiatives? Peter Laing will engage you in a conversation regarding how quality processes are used in the education sector. Using Arizona initiatives as case studies, join us as we take a look across the lifecycle of large-scale education initiative implementation, including the design phase with an outcome focus, to include SMART goal and objectives setting; building frameworks and feedback loops to support implementation throughout a challenging multi-level delivery chain; the use of processes, tools and documentation to support strategic planning and tactically guide multiple, complex work streams; and, the use of key progress and performance metrics throughout to inform decision making and critically evaluate success.


Peter Laing currently serves as a Senior Director with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE), providing leadership as the state lead for Arizona's Race to the Top grant and education reform initiatives - which include the implementation of Arizona's Common Core Standards in English and Mathematics, improving the state's education data systems, supporting the creation and implementation of Regional Service Centers in collaboration with Arizona's 15 County School Superintendents, supporting Arizona's Educator Effectiveness initiatives and coordinating with the Governor's Office of Education Innovation. Additionally, Peter leads the ADE's Advanced Placement and Gifted Education programs. Peter also represents the Western United States Region on the Board of Directors for the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted (CSDPG), and has served as Special Populations Network Chair and member of the Board of Director's Legislative Advocacy Committee for the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), and was the founding Co-Chair for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development's (ASCD) Gifted & Advanced Learners Network. He has also provided direct leadership and services in support of the ADE's grant development efforts, resulting in over $125M in successful competitive federal grants over the past nine years to support Arizona education initiatives.


The program will be held at 2nd Floor Main Conference Room at Phenomenex 2341 West 205th Street Torrance, CA 90501. This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality Professionals, learn about quality related topics and earn 0.3 Recertification Units. Registration and networking starts at 5:30 PM. The meeting runs from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Crackers, Cookies, Coffee & Water will be provided at no charge.   


You MUST RSVP to Chen Low 310-334-7044, pager 310-353-8293 or e-mail [email protected], no-later-than Noon on Monday, March11th, so he can get the list of attendees.



Message from the Chair - Lane Parrott


I was reading Quality Progress Magazine and the following Quick Poll Results caught my eye: "How has becoming certified affected your career?"


I don't hold any certifications  39.3%


Hasn't made an impact           31.4% 


Helped me get a job                23.5%                                                 


Helped me get a raise           5.6%               


Somehow the numbers were not very satisfying. What do they mean? On a macro level, 61% of those polled had an ASQ certification and 39% did not have a certification. Interesting! But still "In the box " thinking. Shouldn't we focus on the benefits of certification? Isn't that what really matters? So I got out my trusty calculator and removed the 39% who did not have a certification. Now we had interesting statistics:


10% of people with an ASQ Certification said it helped them get a raise


39% of people with an ASQ Certification said it helped them get a job


51% of people with an ASQ Certification said it hasn't made an impact.


If you do not like the cards you were dealt, change the game!


MEET NEW PEOPLE - Join the section's Leadership Team. We are looking for enthusiastic and dependable members who can help us provide a great experience for your members. If you are interested, please send me an Email at [email protected].


BE ACKNOWLEDGED FOR YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS - If you have three (3) or more current ASQ Certifications and you attend our November Meeting, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, an ASQLA coffee mug and a gift card.


Attend 8 or more ASQLA Meetings during 2013 and receive an ASQ coffee mug at our January 15, 2014.


ASQLA Website Advertising


 For information on placing an ad through ASQLA, contact Advertising Chair at (310)383-2393, [email protected].
California State University, Dominguez Hills



Spring 2013

First Day                       Last Day                                   Last Day

                                                  of Class                      To Register                                of Class

                                                   Mar. 20                         Mar. 16*                                      May 8


Course                                 Title                                                            Instructor

NBQA 702.41       Certified Quality Engineer Exam Prep.    Catherine French ([email protected])

CN: 22089(Non-Credit)

NBQA 703.41       Certified Quality Auditor Exam Prep.      Milton Krivokuca ([email protected])

CN: 22090(Non-Credit)

NBQA 701, 702, 703, 704, and 705 course fees are $350.00 per course.


                                               First Day                        Last Day                                Last Day

                                               of Class                        To Register                            of Class

                                                Mar. 15                          Mar. 11                                    May 10


Course                                 Title                                                             Instructor

NBQA 709.41        Certified Calibration Technician               Milt Krivokuca ([email protected])

                                Engineer Exam Prep.


                                           First Day                           Last Day                               Last Day

                                            of Class                          To Register                             of Class

                                             Mar. 20                            Mar. 16                                 Jun 26

Course Title Instructor

NBQA 710.41         Pharmaceutical GMP                          Bhavan (Bob) Mehta ([email protected])

                                 Certified Exam Prep.


NBQA 709/710 course fee is $475.00 per course.

To enroll contact the Extended Education Registration office, please call (310) 243-3741, fax (310) 516-3971, or by email at [email protected].
ASQ-Los Angeles
Section 0700
New Members




NAME                                                                   COMPANY

Yvonne Fernandez                                          Karl Storz Endoscopy-America

Tamara Christen                                              Networks Electronic Corp

Edgar R. Monterroso                                      Alcoa Fas tening Systems

Cherng-Shii Yeh                                              M.C. Gill Corporation

Edward Snider                                                 SQA Services, Inc.

Jeffrey Goforth                                                Structural Composites Ind.

Robert F. Figarotta                                          Merck and Co., Inc.

Alex Mathews                                                   AutoGenomics

Dwayne Elkins                                                  Barksdale Controls

Steve R. Polk                                                   Advanced Photonix Inc.

Jamie Marks                                                     California Cryobank

Gloria J. Banfield                                             Renolit

Orlando Mejorada-Castro                               Glenair, Inc.

Todd A. Ratke                                                 Honeywell

Camelia Davis                                                 Los Angeles County Metro Transit Authority

Kenneth Lee     

Anita Pawlak     

Renee Anderson             

Emilio Gomez   

Vincent Ybarra                                                Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation

Jingchao Bian    

Santiago Hanssel                                           Alcoa

Chen Fung         

Sumesh Mani K. Thiyagarajan                      Symantec Corporation

Michelle Alexander        

Gomathi Chinnayan                                        M.E. Weaver and Associates

Clay Callander   

Scott E. Heatwole           

Senthil Esakki    

Hermine J. Warren                                         Facialogy Medical, Inc.

Fozan Ahmed                                                 Hydroform USA

Vivian I Mora                                                   Hydroform USA

Godavari D. Phatale       

Manuel Aceves                                              JDSU

Jesus Nunez Sandoval  



 March 2013 Message from Regional Director


Region 7 Sections







February 15,1946





May 19, 1960




November 1954




January 1952




July 1,1957




May 1968




May 1962


0707  TUCSON


March 23, 1955




May 1971




May 1963





Aug 1975 / Feb 2000





May 17, 1994




November 26,1996




May 18, 2002




November 9, 2006





HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to those sections celebrating their anniversary this year!!! I am happy to mention that March will mark a milestone for me as well. I have not missed an ASQ-0707 Tucson Old Pueblo(TOPS) monthly technical meeting since March 13, 2006. Why have I continuously attended these meetings? The section leadership team strives to continuously improve such member topics and services as: professional development, community service, leadership opportunities, physiological/social needs, unfamiliarity with topics, learning/skill development, networking, unpublished job postings, and food selection - to name a few. I asked member leaders across the region why they attend meetings and this is what they told me:

  • 0700(JM): Networking
  • 0700(LP): I attend the meetings out of obligation.
  • 0701(BS): Although I'm Arrangements Chair now and have to be at the monthly meetings, I originally started attending for the networking opportunities. As a young quality professional, I have found the networking to be invaluable. I now have a wide range of contacts that will certainly help me continue on in my career. I also got my current job through LinkedIn, and I wouldn't have the connections in LinkedIn without attending the monthly meetings. I hope this helps encourage members. I would definitely like to see more young members at monthly meetings.
  • 0701(EM): They provide an opportunity to increase my knowledge through the clinic topics and dinner meeting topics
  • 0702(SS): I like to attend the section meetings for 2 reasons: 1) It helps me keep myself updated with the latest in "Quality" - an edge over my peers, and 2) I like to network and know people which can be helpful in moving forward in my career and newer opportunities.
  • 0702(JF): I attend for multiple reasons: to continue learning new ideas, to support my section, to earn RU's, and to socialize.
  • 0704(JV): I attend Section Meetings so I can learn something new, network, visit with friends and get RU's for my recertification. I also share some of the Section's financial news each month as the Section Chair encourages Member Leaders to share committee news with those in attendance.
  • 0705(MB): To set a good example so members see their leadership engaged in the section.
  • 0706(PB): My primary reason for attending meetings is to stay current with what is happening in the quality field, and hopefully learn something that I didn't know before. My secondary reason is to network with my fellow section members and see what is new with them, and my last reason is to accumulate recertification units so that I can maintain my ASQ certifications.
  • 0708(TJ): I generally provide the technical clinic. Mostly attend meetings for Recertification Units (RUs), as well as information.
  • 0711(JC): What I do like is keeping current with what is going on to provide my members with the value from the Region 7 meetings.

For me, as a young quality practitioner, the meetings served several purposes: an introduction to quality concepts that were mostly "new" to me; the confidence to applying learned quality concepts at work; advice from mentors on my current professional/personal quandary; and, once a month, a dinner not from a fast food chain. To celebrate my attendance record I am going to take my wife out to a nice dinner and miss my first technical meeting in six years. What is your value proposition for attending? I hope you find value in your local section's monthly topic and decide to join us.




El�as Monr�al

ASQ Board of Director

ASQ Region 7 Director

R7 Website:




ASQ Certification Exams


Application Deadline

April 12, 2013


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

April 17, 2013


Exam Date

June 1, 2013




Quality Engineer(CQE)

Quality Auditor(CQA)

Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)

Software Quality Eng. (CSQE)

Quality Improvement Assoc (CQIA)

Calibration Technician(CCT)

Quality Process Analyst (CQPA)


Application Deadline

August 16, 2013


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

August 21, 2013


Exam Date

October 5, 2013  




Six Sigma Black Belt(SSBB)

Mgr of Qual/Org Excel (CMQ/OE)

Quality Inspector(CQI)

Quality Technician(CQT)

Biomedical Auditor(CBD)

Reliability Engineer(CRE)

HACCP Auditor(CHA)





for more information.


Cal State Dominguez Hills BSQA & MSQA Programs

sponsor certification preparation courses, See certification

page on


Is it time for recertification?

Send your package to Joe DeSimone,

Recertification Chair at

P.O. Box 1291, San Pedro, CA90731.




Time: 5:30 - 6:00 Networking & Dinner

6:00 - 8:00 Meeting


CSUDH Extended Education Bldg

1000 Victoria St., Carson, CA 90745

Contact: Lane Parrott, Chair

(310) 489-9018

[email protected],

Dates: 1st Wednesday of the Month




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