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January 2013
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Welcome to the January Issue of the ASQ-LA Newsletter. Happy New Year!

I look forward to seeing you at our January 9th Member Meeting which will be at Mattel in El Segundo. If you plan to attend the meeting, YOU MUST RSVP to  Chen Low 310-334-7044, pager 310-353-8293 or e-mail [email protected], no-later-than Noon on Monday, January 7th, so he can get the list of attendees to Mattel Security. 
Looking forward to your attendance at this month's program.
Harold Martinez
Newsletter Chair


ASQLA MEMBER MEETING - January 9, 2013
David Lam    

David Lam 


"Computer Security" 

Please join the ASQLA Section 0700 for its monthly member meeting on Wednesday, January 9th. The meeting will be at Mattel in El Segundo. This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality professionals and to learn about current techniques & technologies.   Our speaker this month is Mr. David Lam speaking on "Computer Security."


David Lam will be speaking on ISO standards 27001 and 27002 really form the de facto international information security standard. Why is this relevant to quality professionals? Because Joe says it is? In reality, information security is another means to ensure that the expected outcomes, whether confidentiality, integrity or availability, are maintained within acceptable levels. Join David Lam, CISSP, CPP and a Certified Six Sigma black belt by ASQ as we take a look at ISO 27001 as the standard to which information systems are very often held and how we as quality professionals can help information technology professionals and management understand why these are critical steps to take in allowing businesses to perform at their most optimal.


David Lam, CISSP, CPP (Certified Protection Professional from ASIS), Six Sigma Black Belt from ASQ has been involved in the management of information systems security since 1991. As a Chief Information and Security Officer, David brings a converged view of Information Technology, Information Security and Physical Security to his day-to-day work. With 24 years of experience in Information Technology disciplines, David is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from ASQ and has also achieved ITIL Foundations, CNE, MCSE, CCNA, CCDA and Network+ certifications. With experience in both nonprofit and corporate arenas, David works to build the information security community through the Los Angeles ISSA, where he is currently vice president, and through the ASIS Information Technology Security Council (ITSC), where he chairs the Certification subcommittee. David has also been published multiple times in the ISSA Journal and has presented at numerous conferences on technology. He has just finished working with a colleague on producing the Information Security chapters for the ASIS Protection of Assets Manual and is now working on a Leadership Book called Innovative Questions.




The program will be held at 2nd Floor Main Conference Room at Mattel 333 Continental Boulevard El Segundo, CA 90245-5012. This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality Professionals, learn about quality related topics and earn 0.3 Recertification Units. Registration and networking starts at 5:30 PM. The meeting runs from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Crackers, Cookies, Coffee & Water will be provided at no charge.
You MUST RSVP to Chen Low 310-334-7044, pager 310-353-8293 or e-mail [email protected], no-later-than Noon on Monday, January 7th, so he can get the list of attendees to Mattel Security.  







Message from the Chair - Lane Parrott


A couple of days ago I was in a meeting with my boss and an associate. He asked her what did she think most people would remember about Lane from the recent Awards Event. She made several guesses. Then he explained, no one will remember Lane received the Communications Award or that she presented several awards. They will not remember what school she went to or what companies she worked at. All they will remember is the emcee's introduction...that she is a certified this, a certified that and a Six Sigma Black Belt and when she walked on the stage she made a few karate chops. 


He then brought the conversation back to her. If you want the company to invest in your career you need to invest in your own improvement. She replied that she was thinking of getting her MBA. He then asked, "What is the most important department in Operations?" She looked puzzled. To our surprise, he said QA was the most important department in Operations. Then he said, adding ASQ Certifications the QA department are much more important to Phenomenex than getting a MBA.
Instead of making a New Years Resolution to lose weight or get in shape, resolve to improve yourself and your career by getting an ASQ Certification. During 2013 the Los Angeles Section will provide several ASQ Certification preparation courses. More information will be available at the Section's Monthly Meeting.

I look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts at the January Meeting.


Lane Parrott

Section 0700 Chair
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For information on placing an ad through ASQLA, contact Advertising Chair at (310)383-2393, [email protected].




Membership Chair Report

By Lisa Uhrig




William H. Nally Metric Precision Machine & Engineering
Vache Marcarian
Miguel ZaldanaKIK Pool Additives
Kristi Keith
Markus CerniauskasGasket Manufacturing Company
Glenn Gillaspie
Soo Huay Chia
Brittany OwensSecond Sight
Michael Magallon
Diana DardenDispensing Dynamics International
David Flores
Alex OlmosQAI Laboratories
Chris AbrenicaNorman, Fox & Co.
Alejandro Velasco
Jeff MartinAware Products
Angela P. McMillian
Stephanie Boethin
Ruben KreimerSiemens
Desiree CohenKaiser Permanente-Woodland Hills Medical Center
Hazel FabilaPressed Juicery
Andrea CollazosCKE Restaurant
Nancy Tomasheski
Yannina LiveSechrist
Reggie Hunter
Lanny Canady

California State University, Dominguez Hills


 Spring 2013

BSQA - Internet Program Schedule - Subject to Occasional Changes

                                                First Day                              Last Day                               Last Day

                                                of Class                             To Register                             of Class

                                                Jan. 8                                     Jan. 4                                     Apr. 9

 Course                        Title                                                                   Instructor

QAS 200.41          Fundamentals of Quality (3 units)                 David Vu ([email protected])

QAS 220.41          Fundamentals of Measurement (3 units)      Emil Hazarian ([email protected])

QAS 312.41          Interpretation of Technical Documentation   Craig Carpenter ([email protected])

QAS 332.41          Electrical Metrology (3 units)                         Emil Hazarian ([email protected])

QAS 340.41          Measurement Uncertainty (3 units)               Emil Hazarian ([email protected])

QAS 355.41          Safety and Reliability (3 units)                       Dan Dunahay ([email protected])

QAS 360.41          Lean Manufacturing (3 units)                        Gerald VerDuft ([email protected])

QAS 498.41          Directed Research (3 units)                         Robert Spencer ([email protected])


To reach the Extended Education Registration office please call (310) 243-3741, fax (310) 516-3971, or by email at [email protected].


QAS course fees for Spring 2013 are $256.00 per unit or $768.00 per three unit course.


MSQA - Internet Program Schedule - Subject to Occasional Changes

                                              First Day                    Last Day                     Last Day

                                              of Class                    to Register                   of Class                      

                                                Jan. 8                         Jan. 4                           Apr. 9

Course                       Title                                                               Instructor

QAS 495.41          Mathematics for Quality Assurance             John Miller ([email protected])

QAS 510.41          Advance Probability/Statistic (3 units)          John Miller ([email protected])

QAS 511.41          Quality Function Management & TQM         William Trappen ([email protected])

QAS 512.41          Reliability                                                       Dan Dunahay ([email protected])

QAS 515.41          Human Factors in Quality Assurance          Jim Clauson ([email protected])

QAS 516.41          Measurement and Testing Techniques        Emil Hazarian ([email protected])

QAS 518.41          Quality Project Management                        William Trappen (btra[email protected])        

QAS 526.41          Supplier Quality Assurance                          Robert Spencer ([email protected])

QAS 532.41          QA for the Service Delivery Process           Keith Fulton ([email protected])

QAS 535.41          Lean Thinking                                               Gerald VerDuft ([email protected])

QAS 539.41          Good Manufacturing Practices                     Kim Niles ([email protected])

QAS 540.41          Food and Drug Law                                      Minoo Hosseini ([email protected])

QAS 542.41          Risk Management                                        Barrett (Barry) Craner ([email protected]) 

QAS 598.41          Directed Research (3 units)                        Milton Krivokuca ([email protected])


QAS course fees for Spring 2013 are $290.00 per unit or $870.00 per three unit course.


To reach the Extended Education Registration office please call (310) 243-3741, fax (310) 516-3971, or by email at [email protected]. .


NBQA - Internet Program Schedule - Subject to Occasional Changes


                                                First Day                    Last Day                     Last Day

                                                of Class                    to Register                   of Class

                                                Jan. 3                           Jan. 3                        Feb. 28

Course                          Title                                                                Instructor

 NBQA 701.41      Certified Quality Management/Organizational        Milton Krivokuca ([email protected])

                                Excellence Exam Prep. (Non-Credit)

NBQA 704.41      Certified Reliability Engineer Exam Prep.              Michael Falk ([email protected])

CN: 22091            (Non-Credit)


                                                First Day                    Last Day                     Last Day

                                                of Class                    To Register                  of Class

                                                 Mar. 20                       Mar. 16*                      May 8

Course                          Title                                                                Instructor

NBQA 702.41      Certified Quality Engineer Exam Prep.      Catherine French ([email protected])

CN: 22089            (Non-Credit)                                                         ([email protected])

NBQA 703.41      Certified Quality Auditor Exam Prep.         Milton Krivokuca ([email protected])

CN: 22090            (Non-Credit)


NBQA 701, 702, 703, 704, and 705 course fees are $350.00 per course.


                                                First Day                    Last Day                     Last Day

                                                of Class                   To Register                  of Class

                                                 Mar. 15                        Mar. 11                      May 10

Course                          Title                                                                Instructor

NBQA 709.41      Certified Calibration Technician                  Milt Krivokuca ([email protected])

                                Engineer Exam Prep.

                                                First Day                    Last Day                     Last Day

                                                of Class                   To Register                   of Class

                                                 Mar. 20                        Mar. 16                      Jun 26

Course                           Title                                                                Instructor

NBQA 710.41      Pharmaceutical GMP                       Bhavan (Bob) Mehta ([email protected])

                            Certified Exam Prep.


NBQA 709/710 course fee is $475.00 per course.


To enroll contact the Extended Education Registration office, please call (310) 243-3741, fax (310) 516-3971, or by email at [email protected].

ASQ Certification Exams


Application Deadline


January 11, 2013


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

January 16, 2013


Exam Date

March 2, 2013



Six Sigma Black Belt(SSBB)

Mgr of Qual/Org Excel (CMQ/OE)

Quality Inspector(CQI)

Quality Technician(CQT)

Biomedical Auditor(CBD)

Reliability Engineer(CRE)

HACCP Auditor(CHA)


Application Deadline 

April 12, 2013


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

April 17, 2013


Exam Date

June 1, 2013




Quality Engineer(CQE)

Quality Auditor(CQA)

Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)

Software Quality Eng. (CSQE)

Quality Improvement Assoc (CQIA)

Calibration Technician(CCT)

Quality Process Analyst (CQPA)






for more information.


Cal State Dominguez Hills BSQA & MSQA Programs

sponsor certification preparation courses, See certification

page on


Is it time for recertification?

Send your package to Joe DeSimone,

Recertification Chair at

P.O. Box 1291, San Pedro, CA 90731.



(310) 813-7646  



Time: 5:30 - 6:00 Networking & Dinner

6:00 - 8:00 Meeting


CSUDH Extended Education Bldg

1000 Victoria St., Carson, CA 90745

Contact: Lane Parrott, Chair

(310) 489-9018

[email protected],

Dates: 1st Wednesday of the Month




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