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"Meating Demand" Bull Sale
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Many Gardiner Angus Ranch customers share our common philosophy regarding beef production. These customers are professional cow-calf producers allied with the GAR philosophy and committed to the discipline required to produce seedstock with added value throughout the food chain.

As the beef industry makes scientific progress through the development of molecular breeding values and marker assisted EPDs, Gardiner Angus Ranch and its allied producers will aggressively use the data to develop new and better programs, offer more services and continue producing superior Angus genetics.

Allied Producer
Upcoming Sale Dates

Visit these allied producer websites for more information.

Lexington, GA

Saturday, May 7, 2016
Arnoldsville, GA

Saturday, May 21, 2016
Greeley, KS


Hereford, TX

Monday, October 17, 2016
Nevada, MO

Oakdale, CA 


Hillsboro, OH

Friday, September 18, 2016
Sabinal, TX

Hereford, TX

Watch for more information on these upcoming sales featuring high accuracy GAR-influenced genetics.

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GAR customers now have their choice of visual tags, EID buttons or nested pairs.

Calves which are 50% Gardiner genetics may qualify to participate in the Guaranteed Gardiner Genetics age- and source-verification program. The program was designed to add value to Gardiner-influenced commercial cattle and help GAR customers receive a potential premium for their investment in Gardiner genetics.

All cattle must complete the enrollment process and be tagged at the point of origin to be eligible.

Those wishing to participate or
need a current packet may contact
Mark Gardiner (620) 635-5095 or
Julie Tucker (785) 408-1214.

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"Meating Demand" Bull Sale Offers Bulls
to Fit YOUR Management Strategy
Monday, May 9, 10:00 AM
at the Henry & Nan Gardiner Marketing Center

The decision to add a third sale to our marketing plan is the result of many conversations with customers in the past several years. The 165 bulls in the sale fit the GAR "pounds in the right package" philosophy with an emphasis on reproductive efficiency, calving ease, docility, post-weaning growth, feedlot performance and carcass value. These bulls qualify for the same customer service opportunities as our spring and fall offerings--free delivery, the Gardiner Guarantee, 5% repeat buyer discount, revenue sharing on semen interest, $100 off if you haul and access to USPB delivery rights. If this late-spring sale fits your management strategy, give us a call or study the catalog.

The Bulls That Sell

Pictured is Lot 4, GAR Momentum AT55 (+18250932)

The top sire groups represented in the "Meating Demand" sale offering are: GAR Prophet (24 head); GAR Momentum (22 head); GAR Anticipation (14 head); AAR Ten X (22 head); GAR Sunrise (13 head). The offering ranks in the top 30% of the breed for CED, top 15% for WW, top 9% for YW, top 20% for docility, top 18% for CW, top 3% for Marb, top 8% for REA, top 5% for $Beef. Average Method Genetics predictions: MPI top 16%; QPI top 17% and ROI top 14%. View videos of the bulls selling at

Real Time, Single-Step Genomics
Method Genetics single-step, real time genomic tools provide the most relevant and modern methodology available in the beef industry today.
This technology enables GAR and our commercial customers a powerful benchmarking tool to make future decisions based on today's data. 

USPB Premiums to GAR
Customers Top $6.61 Million

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Since 1998, Gardiner Angus Ranch has offered USPB delivery rights to their customers. Our customers have earned more than $6.61 million in premiums and dividends. USPB's 2015 fiscal year summary reports all cattle marketed through USPB earned $49.42/head in premiums. However, the top 25% of all cattle marketing through USPB earned $87/head. The top 25% posted average 64.62% yield, a whopping 91% USDA Prime and Choice, 27.17% met certifications for CAB and more than 74% were YG 2's & 3's. Pounds in the right package matter! 
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Gardiner Angus Ranch is a family-owned Angus ranching operation located near Ashland, Kansas. Gardiner Angus is dedicated to the production of quality beef from gate to plate. The Gardiners use their experience in beef cattle breeding, with state-of-the-art technology and data management to produce Angus cattle that make documented contributions to the beef industry. The Gardiner operation records, measures and documents genetic merit on more than 5,000 Angus cattle per year and encompasses more than 40,000 acres in southwest Kansas. The ranch is a founding member of U.S. Premium Beef, LLC.


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