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Hiring Exceptional
CNAs and CHHAs

If you know of a special CNA or CHHA who may be interested in joining Visiting Angels, ask them to call us at 609-883-8188 or complete our online job application at

We offer:
· Great Salaries
· 4-Hour Minimum Shifts
· Live-In Assignments
· Caring and Supportive Office Staff

Senior Humor
Dinner Out     

An elderly couple had dinner at another couple's house, and after eating, the wives left the table and went into the kitchen.  


The two gentlemen were talking, and one said, "Last night we went out to a new restaurant and it was really great. I would recommend it very highly."  


The other man said, "What is the name of the restaurant?" The first man thought and thought and finally said, "What is the name of that flower you give to someone you love? You know...The one that's red and has thorns?"  


"Do you mean a rose?"


"Yes, that's the one," replied the man.  


He then turned towards the kitchen and yelled, "Rose, what's the name of that restaurant we went to last night?"

* * * 


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Angel Recipes
kitchenLayered Lettuce Salad

Lettuce, peas, cheese, and other delicious ingredients makes this salad a summer favorite!

Visiting Angels'  
Office Mascot, Max

Max enjoying spring

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NJ Senior Care page
We frequently post new information on our company website, NJSeniorCare.com, Facebook and Twitter! We are excited about connecting with clients, employees, referral sources, internet searchers, and our fan base. We do our best to help make our website/blog your "Go To" resource for NJ senior care and Home Care NJ. Check it out today by clicking www.njseniorcare.com!  

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May 2015

Happy May, everyone!

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." --Edwin Way Teale

May dates to note:
  • Sunday, May 10: Mother's Day
  • Monday, May 25: Memorial Day
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fraudIf You Could Choose Only One: A Day to Celebrate Mom...or Dad?

If Mother's Day fell on the same day as Father's Day, which person would you celebrate? Mom or Dad? Visiting Angels asked these questions in a recent survey. Check out the results! 

GadgetGadget Corner


Our Gadget Corner features unique products which have extra benefits for the NJ senior care population.*  


Worx Aerocart      

The Worx 8 in 1 yard cart promises to make your gardening easier. More than a wheelbarrow, it's also a handtruck & extended dolly, a plant/stone mover, leaf bag holder, and more. Visit www.worx.com to see a product demonstration video.


Retro Phone Coin Bank

This retro coin bank appeals to nostalgia lovers who appreciate classic design. This bank is a miniature version of the dial phone, and is made of polyresin. Visit www.ckie.com to learn more.       


Click here to see featured gadgets from past issues.   


*Visiting Angels does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. Items shown are for informational purposes only. 

Have a helpful gadget you'd like us to feature in Home Care News by Angels? Let us know!


clientsWe're Delighted to Hear from Families About Our Exceptional Care!

A daughter's praise of her mother's care:

"I did a Google search and found Visiting Angels. Rudy came out to visit and did a very nice interview with my mom. The service was good, and the caregiver did well considering how tough my mom is! She was very sweet and upbeat. I was very happy with Visiting Angels." --Patricia, Ewing, NJ

Visit our Testimonial page to read more reviews!


triviaSenior Trivia 

1. Where did headlight dimmer switches used to be located?
a. On the floor shift knob 
b. On the floor, left of the clutch 
c. Next to the horn

2. The bottle top of a Royal Crown Cola bottle has holes in it. For what was it used?
a. Capture lightning bugs. 
b. To sprinkle clothes before ironing 
c. Large salt shaker

3. Why was having milk delivered a problem in northern winters?
a. Cows got cold and wouldn't produce 
b. Ice on highways forced delivery by dog sled 
c. Milkmen left deliveries outside doors and milk would freeze, expanding and pushing up the cardboard bottle top.

4. What method did women adapt to look as if they were wearing stockings when none was available due to rationing during W.W.II?
a. Suntan 
b. Leg painting 
c. Wearing slacks

5. Before inline skates, how did you keep your roller skates attached to your shoes?
a. With clamps, tightened by a skate key 
b. Woven straps that crossed the foot 
c. Long pieces of string or twine

6. Why did your mom shop in stores that gave Green Stamps with purchases?
a. To keep you out of mischief licking the backs, which tasted like bubble gum 
b. They were pasted into special books and redeemed for various household items 
c. They were given to the kids to be used as stick on tattoos

1. b; 2. b; 3. c; 4. b; 5. a; 6. b.  

WhatsHappeningWhat's Happening at Visiting Angels  

new staff members WELCOME NEW "ANGELS"   
Visiting Angels is delighted to announce our newest office members: Matt Govan and Katie Lyons.
    Matt Govan has come on board as our Company's new Business Development Executive. Under the leadership of Co-Owner Rudy Tervooren, Matt is focusing on our vast Burlington County service area. Rudy will continue to personally head our Company's Mercer County territory.
    Katie Lyons has joined us as our Company's new Recruitment and Compliance Specialist. She is tasked primarily with recruiting the best NJ-certified home care aides to become new Visiting Angels' employees. She will also assist Co-Owner Nora de Cárdenas with ensuring compliance with the ever-changing maze of regulations governing Labor Laws as well those specific to NJ Home Health Care Service companies.
    Join us in welcoming Matt and Katie to Visiting Angels! 


Like us on Facebook NEW FACEBOOK
We have recently launched a brand new Facebook company page which replaces our former page (if you've liked our page in the past, please LIKE us again!). Please go to Facebook.com/
and click the LIKE button. We regularly post interesting topics related to boomers, seniors, family caregivers, and senior care professionals.   
This month's Community Resource Bulletin focuses on OLDER AMERICANS MONTH. Press here to download a printable copy of our current month's bulletin. You will also find back issues of our Community Resource Bulletin from previous months on our website's resource page.   

Visiting Angels proudly services the following NJ cities and surrounding areas:

Beverly, Browns Mills, Bordentown, Burlington, Columbus, Cookstown, Delanco, Hainesport, Jobstown, Lumberton, Marlton, Medford, Moorestown, Mount Holly, Mount Laurel, Palmyra, Pemberton, Riverside, Riverton, Shamong, Willingboro, Wrightstown

Allentown, Ewing, Hamilton, Hamilton Square, Hopewell, Lambertville, Lawrenceville, Pennington, Princeton, Princeton Junction, Robbinsville, Skillman, Titusville, Trenton
AboutOurCareAbout Our Care

Visiting Angels is a New Jersey-licensed, non-medical home care company committed to going well beyond the "industry standard" to provide an exceptional level of security, comfort and peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones. Our "Angels", all certified home health professionals, are ready to provide compassionate and dependable assistance with the activities of everyday living to seniors, the disabled, those recovering from surgery and to those who are simply frail. Our services include such simple tasks as light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands and shopping to more personal tasks such as hygiene assistance, bathing, dressing and grooming.
Visiting Angels' in-home care helps make it possible for seniors and other adults to continue to live at home and maintain the independence of their daily routines and familiar surroundings, safely. We truly understand how challenging and alien the entire home care selection process can be...and we are experienced in working with families; with loved ones "resistant" to receiving care; and with third-parties payors (such as insurance companies and the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs) to help insure that the best interests of the family and their loved ones are met.

Visiting Angels' services help families spend more mutually-rewarding and meaningful time with their loved ones and also helps provide comfort and peace of mind to those who face the challenge of long-distance caregiving.  
For more information, please call us at 609-883-8188, visit our website NJSeniorCare.com or contact us by email at info@njseniorcare.com.