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Young Professionals Update
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It was great to see many of you at the Business Journal Smart Reader seminar, which was our first ever, Y.P. effort with the Chamber. 

I would like to meet with all of you one more time before this Y.P. group officially gets off the ground.  It seems like we finally have enough commitment to brainstorm on how to move forward. 
I have a few thoughts and would like your input. 

Please think about:
  • Getting the word out and how to build the group (this is key) 
  • Think about the resources this group has to make it a desirable and fun group to network with.
  • Does anyone have any familiarity with flash mobs?  
  • Great place to hold a few MYP networking functions and the times that would be ideal for all.  
  • I will also need a Chair person or Co-chairs for this group that can report to the Chambers Board of Directors. 

 Meeting Date:

January 3rd, 2013

4 PM at the Chamber Office (short meeting)  

Register Here 


Please see the list of committees below. EVERYONE will have to take part in at least one committee.  A brief explanation of what this really means accompanies each committee. 

Tina Weiss
Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce
Muskego's Young Professionals
Y.P. Application

Membership Requirements:

  • Must be a member or representative of a member in good standing.
  • Annual Y.P membership is an additional $50/year per business.  As many Y.P's as that business has, may join for the one $50 fee
  • This will ensure the group is self funding under the umbrella of the Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce.  














Marketing Committee  


The Marketing Committee develops innovative strategies to promote MYP and generate interest among local YP's and the business community. The committee's responsibilities include the creation, design, and maintenance of all print, online, and social media. If you have the ability to stir people to action, then we're excited to have you join the Marketing Committee.



This can be in the form of:

  • Blogs before and after meetings through the Patch, or other blog source that we can share the link etc. (great  way to market yourself as well)
  • Managing a facebook page for the group (I will create and handover administration)
  • Pictures up loaded to facebook and pintrest 
  • Create catchy names for your events and help make them unique and desirable.    
  • Let me know when content could be added to the web page  


Finance Committee  


This committee formulates the financial aspects of MYP. From crunching numbers to organizing and defining budgets, money is the focus of this committee. If you are currently in the financial industry or if "best bang for your buck" defines your mentality, this committee may be perfect for you.




 What this means:

  • You are in charge of making sure the dollars for membership or your events are handed over to the chamber.  Chamber will deposit to the Y.P. Account.  
  • You will be given an account balance whenever requested and your committee uses those dollars for your groups educational pieces, events or where ever the group decides.   
  • Communicate to the chamber if you need a check printed or something needs to be paid for out of those monies for the Y.P. Focus 


Membership Committee  


Membership - bringing in area young professionals that will establish and direct this group for years to come. Responsible for making connections with event attendees and other YP's interested in joining the group.  If you can easily engage with others and share the mission of  Muskego's Young Professionals, this committee is the place for you.



 What this means to you:

  • Taking attendance at meetings.  We will provide you with a roster and members.   
  • Come up with innovative ways to attract new membership and make the group grow
  • Reach out to other businesses that have YP's that we could possibly bring in to the group    


Networking Event Committee  


This committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and carrying out networking events. It is determined to locate and secure venues and sponsors, and to set an exciting agenda throughout the year. The committee delegates to the YP group, all that is necessary for the event. If you excel at collaborating creative ideas and taking action, then you're an outstanding candidate for the networking committee!  



 What this means:

  • Secure locations for your next meetings.  Preferably a few months out.   
  • Decide with the groups help what times work best for all
  • These are fun networking meetings.  Where can you meet that will be fun and still  be able to network which is so vital to this groups mission 


Volunteer Event Committee


This Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing events. It is responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships between MYP and local charitable organizations and non-profits. These partnerships provide the basis for MYP's unique focus on volunteerism and help build and strengthen the ties in our community. If you strive to make change and have a sincere desire in helping others, this is the committee for you.


 What this means:   

  • Events are different from networking events 
  • Find your next cause, whether it be "Toys for Tots" or the food pantry etc. and how the Y.P. group will help them?
  • Muskego focused  
  • At least 3x a year 


Please join us on January 3rd at 4PM.
 Invite other interested Y.P's and demonstrate how Muskego has a committed group of Y.P's that want to make a difference in their community.