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Sales Manager Announced 
Otis Instruments is pleased to announce that Rooster Parsons has been named Sales Manager.

Rooster has been an Otis Instruments Customer Support Representative for more than 10 years (serving the East Texas/Oklahoma region).

Please help us congratulate Rooster on his new role.
Otis Product Rentals 
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Copies of our current product catalog are available. To view a digital version, click HERE.

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Industry Certified 
Otis Instruments products are CSA, ATEX and ABS certified. To view our product certifications, click HERE.

Coming Soon: Custom OI-6940 Sensor Assembly Stand

Otis Instruments' OI-6940-ST two-wheel stand is a light-weight custom cart/stand that allows for quick installations, easy transportation of the OI-6940 in the field, and compact storage.

Features and Benefits
  • Two-wheel hand cart design allows the 23 pound OI-6940 to be pushed or pulled, not carried
  • Eliminates the need for placement in an area with a pre-existing structure strong enough to support the OI-6940
  • No mounting tools or hardware necessary for setting up the mounted OI-6940 on location
  • Pre-mounting the battery-powered WireFree OI-6940 reduces installation and setup time while in the field
  • Stackable design for compact storage of pre-mounted OI-6940 sensor assemblies

To download the OI-6940-ST Data Sheet, click HERE

To view the OI-6940 product page on our website, click HERE.

**Available for purchase February 2015**

2015 Price Reductions

Please note the following 2015 price reductions (effective January 1).

Sensor Assembly Battery (OI-WF691-B)
Current Price: $45.00 
New Price: $27.00 

Notis Quad Battery Pack (OI-6940-BATT)
Current Price $170.00 
New Price: $85.00

4-20mA State Transmitter (OI-5900)
Current Price: $1375.00 
New Price: $1195.00 

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