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TOCSIN by Otis
Personal Monitors

Otis Instruments now offers a complete line of personal monitors and accessories.  Available products include: single gas detectors, multi gas detector, docking stations, and an IR Link (for convenient product programming and data reading).


Single Gas Personal Monitor

The OI-2100 TOCSIN is the most advanced maintenance-free disposable single gas detector on the market. The OI-2100 is available for detecting H2S, CO, or O2 gas.


Unlike other disposable single gas detectors, the OI-2100 combines a rugged design and reliability with advanced sensor resolution.  Advanced micro-processing capabilities allow for quick unit configuration adjustments to comply with current and evolving health and safety gas exposure regulations for workers in industrial environments.  For additional OI-2100 TOCSIN information, click HERE


Multi Gas Personal Monitor

With the longest battery life of any portable gas detector, the OI-2400 TOCSIN will keep your workers safe for months before needing to be charged.  In addition, the OI-2400 eliminates the need to frequently calibrate portable gas detectors with it's ability to operate for six months without being calibrated--saving time and increasing efficiency.  For additional OI-2400 TOCSIN information, click HERE



Docking Stations

The OI-2100-DOCK and OI-2400-DOCK are all-in-one docking stations that allow users to bump test and calibrate four monitors at once--and up to 12 monitors in one minute.  Our standard 4 GB USB memory allows all monitor data to be automatically recorded and stored--then viewed on any computer or PLC.


OI-2100-DOCK   OI-2400-DOCK













Use of our docking stations allows customers to save time and reduce the amount of testing gas.   



IR LinkIR Link  

The TOCSIN-LINK IR Link is an effective tool for communicating with all TOCSIN products. In conjunction with our instrument-specific software, the IR Link can be used to both program and retrieve information from our TOCSIN devices.  For additional TOCSIN-LINK information, click HERE.



Document Downloads 

Personal Monitors Brochure  

OI-2100 TOCSIN Data Sheet 

OI-2400 TOCSIN Data Sheet  

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