February 2016: In This Issue
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3D scanning: The applications are endless

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The LIDAR 3D scanner is not pretty. It's a gray and green square-shaped piece of technology that oscillates on a tripod as it quietly operates. But, the inner workings of the high-definition scanner (HDS) produces imagery that is colorful- almost beautiful. The applications for 3D scanning are endless, and Eddie Fossler and his Survey team at Olsson Associates are finding ways to use the equipment effectively.

Wind energy propels Olsson into new opportunities

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

You've most likely seen them. Giant structures looming against the sky with massive blades turning in the wind. These wind farms are capable of providing power to thousands of homes and businesses. In the United States, you can find thousands of wind turbines in the "wind belt" which spans the Midwest, Great Plains, and Southwest. Olsson Associates recognized more than 10 years ago that this wind belt matched up well with where the firm's offices are located. 

Olsson Associates donates to museum; design brings vision to life

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

An F-104 Starfighter jet is poised to take flight at the Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma. The new display greets visitors as they approach the main entrance of the museum. The same aircraft was previously on display at the airport entrance near I-40 on Route 66.