September 2015: In This Issue
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With a little help from my friends
Olsson helps Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts manage the state's vast water resources
By Sarah Ferdico, Communications
In California, historic water restrictions legislation has severely limited the amount of water residents may use. With little water available in some regions of Texas, some farmers are left with little choice but to let their crops wither.
But across much of Nebraska, farmers, municipalities, businesses, and residents can enjoy an abundant supply of water thanks to a fortuitous combination of being located on top of a productive part of the High Plains Aquifer and through the sustainable water management regulations put in place by the state's 23 Natural Resources Districts (NRDs). Olsson Associates' Water Resources team has helped many of these NRDs understand their surface and groundwater resources better.
Yukon Athletic Complex a game-changer for community
By Brett Lauritsen, Land Development
With Olsson's help, a highly anticipated, 250-acre athletic complex is about to come to life in Yukon, Oklahoma, located just west of Oklahoma City. The complex includes 13 soccer fields, several baseball and softball fields, and other amenities.
For the past 15 months, Olsson has provided due diligence and feasibility studies, as well as master planning for the site. In addition, Olsson is responsible for all aspects of the design.       
With Yukon's growing population and its growth-driven leadership, there is a lot of community energy behind the project. The project's first phase is scheduled to break ground within a few months, and the soccer complex will open in 2017.
For more information on the Yukon Athletic Complex project and Olsson's involvement, please watch a short video by clicking here or on the image above.
Habitat mapping: Protecting species, protecting communities
The yellow-billed cuckoo. Photo courtesy of USFWS
By Stuart Hall, Compliance

The western yellow-billed cuckoo is in trouble. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is currently considering whether it is a threatened species and needs an area  -- a "critical habitat" -- to survive.

But before the USFWS claims a broad stroke of critical habitat for the bird -- perhaps impacting development for almost half a million acres in the western United States -- Olsson Associates is applying practiced mapping techniques to see if those areas can actually support the cuckoo.

Olsson funding services: Matching dreams with opportunities
By Sarah Ferdico, Communications

Although we may wish it, money won't fall out of the sky for our projects. But funding sources to bankroll project improvements are available.

Olsson's funding services -- and Emily Bausch, Olsson's community development coordinator -- can help