January 2015: In This Issue
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Olsson harnesses SCADA technology

By Warren Humphrey, Automation and Technology

An engineer in Kansas City, Missouri, receives an alarm on her cell phone that there has been an equipment failure at her wastewater treatment plant in Springfield. A utility superintendent remotely logs in from home to check on a problem with the city water supply. An electrical line worker can monitor re-closer faults from his office computer. All of this is possible because of Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology, and it may be one of Olsson Associates' best-kept secrets.



Design studio Ochsner Hare & Hare joins Olsson
On November 24, Olsson Associates acquired Kansas City design studio Ochsner Hare & Hare (OHH). Olsson and OHH have worked on numerous projects together, and the 10-person firm brings a complete package of urban and regional planning and design.
To learn more about OHH and the staff members joining Olsson, please click on the image above or here.
Olsson dry dam project approved

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications


Waverly's dry dam plan, a project six years in the making, has finally begun to take shape.


The recently approved plan calls for a dry dam to be built near the town. The nearly $3 million earthen structure, which will be designed by Olsson Associates, will hold back potential flood waters from Ash Hollow Creek, and remove several homes and businesses from being included in the floodplain.

Water resources services expands to help Colorado's western slope and beyond
By Luke Gingerich, PE, Water Resources


With 80 percent of Colorado's water resources originating on Colorado's western slope, agricultural water suppliers and municipal water providers located there can be assured they have expertise right in their backyards to help navigate water demand challenges as Colorado's population continues to grow. Olsson Associates has developed a full-service Water Resources team on Colorado's western slope to assist communities and water users. 

Olsson assists Arizona homeowners affected by FEMA floodplain map
By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications
Hundreds of residents in Maricopa, Arizona, could see their flood insurance rates fall now that Olsson is completing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Elevation Certificates (EC) for them. The Pinal County Flood Control District contracted Olsson to complete ECs for 850 homes after FEMA included the structures in its new 2014 Flood Insurance Rate Maps within the city.