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 February 2013, 1st Edition

We have launched a new Facebook page!  With that said we have uploaded over 4500 pictures and numerous videos for you to look through!  Please visit the page by clicking here and if you "like" our page we are selecting people at random to receive free training, free shirts, free challenge coins and free hats.

Tripwire has launched a new website full of great features. Visit it by clicking here. We will be opening a new Tactical Gear portion of Tripwire in the next few weeks so keep checking the website for the online store. 

Please remember to check out "Alpha Dogs" on NatGeo starting February 8th at 9pm. Tripwire conducted all the Explosive Effects for the show...we will be featured on the February 15th episode entitled "Blow up". Thanks to Vohne Liche Kennels, Schweet Entertainment and Jack Osbourne for allowing us to assist with the show!

For all those who submitted resume's for the open instructor positions with Tripwire, we are sorting through them now and will have more information after March 1st. Thank you!

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The Staff at
Tripwire Operations Group




Tripwire Operations Group is poised to assist the Explosive Detection Canine Handler in all their training and operational needs.


Whether its providing top quality LIVE explosive training material in a specially designed EXPLOSIVE TRAINING KIT or providing unique, out of the box training, Tripwire meets and exceeds your expectations.


Some of our Course Offerings Include: 


K9.1 Basic Explosive Handlers Course-1 Day


Classroom Based 


K9.2 Basic Explosive Handlers Course-3 Day with ORT (odor recognition test)


Classroom and Explosive Range:

The Explosive Handler's course is designed to teach safe handling techniques to handlers with little to no experience with explosives. Also provide an ORT test where you can see if your k9 understands the odors that its looking for or cueing off of some of the odors that are common in known explosive materials.


K9.3 Homemade Explosive Formulations Course for the K-9 Handler


This class is designed for the advanced handler who wants to experience real life scenarios that have been replicated in a training format. This course is designed for the student to understand home made explosive labs. The K9 handler will see HME formulations being made and then will have the opportunity to imprint their K9's on the same odors. The HME's will then be used in real like scenarios where you will be able to see how your K9 will react.  Our staff of experienced K9 handlers and bomb techs have the operational experience to give you the training that is needed to find and help mitigate the clandestine lab. The student will also operate in a post blast scenario and will be given the opportunity to locate a secondary hide in that environment. There is no replacement for real life training that will prepare you and your department to handle these situations.



K9.4 Explosive Detection K9 Advanced Search Techniques Course


It is our philosophy that by incorporating the knowledge of both the bomb technician and canine instructor community, we are able to produce a unique and valuable training product. Tripwire Operations Group has a number of exceptionally well trained and experienced K-9 Trainers available for our classes.

NOTE: The following list contains only a portion of the material covered in the class. Please contact us for the complete course syllabus.

▪               Explosive fundamentals

▪               Improvised Explosive Device Basic Recognition

▪               Human reaction to over pressure

▪               Practical Exercises

▪               Canine Handling in an Explosive Environment-Basic and Advanced Techniques

▪               Searching in a Post Blast environment

▪               Practical exercise- Large vehicle hide 80,000 lbs

▪               Live Explosive Range Demonstration

▪              Practical exercises in a post blast environment

▪               Peroxide Based Explosive Training

▪               Canine Handling in a Mass Transit Environment

▪               Practical Exercises


K9.5 Explosive Characteristics Course for the K-9 Handler and/or their Supervisors


We have developed a course designed exclusively for the Explosive Detection K-9 Handler and/or their Supervisors. This TWO day, 16 hour, course will provide the K-9 handler with all the knowledge necessary to readily handle, store and safely train with the explosive odors they work with daily.


At the conclusion of the training course an explosive training kit with all the odor's discussed in the class will be provided to the student at a discount. The explosive training kit is a valuable training aid for those units starting a new team, maintaining a team or trying to acquire certification.


K9.6 Large Vehicle Bomb Seminar for the K-9 Handler


See below.....



K9.7 ORT (Odor Recognition Test) certification


Here we run the K9's through multiple odors to ensure the K-9 is responding to the correct odors and ignoring non target odor. This test is conducted by Tripwire's K-9 master trainers. The explosives that are used are the newest non contaminated explosives that are out there to ensure your K-9 is working at its potential.



K9.8 Peroxide based explosives imprinting


This imprinting is really were we stand apart from other training entities. At Tripwire, we not only imprint the K-9's on the odor, we then put the odor in scenarios to ensure the K9 has the odor. We will ensure the K-9 has multiple indications on the odor before moving on to the scenarios.  Here we will also go over case studies on where these explosives have been used throughout the world. 



4- Hour Multi-State
Concealed Firearm

Permit Course

Utah Permit  

The map above represents current coverage as of October 2012

with a Utah non-resident Multi-State CFP and a Virginia resident CHP.

General Course Overview

* This is a 4-hour, all classroom-based Concealed Carry Permit Certification Training Course that allows you to be eligible to apply for a Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit that is valid in over 35 states.

* The course is taught by a Certified Utah BCI Instructor (who is also an NRA Certified Instructor) and meets the training requirements for Virginia, Utah & Florida (the last two being both premiere multi-state CCWs), as well as the training requirement for most all state CCWs. The Utah CFP/CCW alone provides concealed carry privileges in over 35 states and combined with a Virginia resident permit, nearly 40 states.

* Additionally, if participants so desire, they can also opt to apply for resident or non-resident Virginia,West Virginia or Pennsylvania CCW permits.

* The course will cover such topics as selecting a firearm, how best to carry and transport the handgun, general firearms safety, situational awareness, proper shooting fundamentals, firearm storage and basic firearm maintenance and care. Additionally, we will extensively cover information on concealed carry law, how to handle law enforcement encounters, defensive regulations and case law related to defense of both life and property. We will spend time discussing less-than lethal options for personal protection.


* There is no written test or quiz and all of the information provided is about general gun safety, concealed carry law and general best practices.

* Tuition for this course includes complimentary fingerprinting which is required to be submitted along with the Utah Multi-State CCW application packet.

* The Utah and Florida CCW applications require that you submit a passport photo as part of your application. This course explains the application process.

* This course does not require any live-fire and there is no physical shooting component; therefore, you do not need to own or possess a handgun to participate. Utah does not require any live fire as part of their training requirements; however Florida regulations do require that you must demonstrate proficiency with a live-fire exercise.


The cost to apply for a (5) five-year, renewable Utah Non-Resident Multi-State CFP is $51.00




 Course Dates:


Friday, February 8, 2013 - 6:00PM to 10:00PM

Saturday, February 9, 2013 -9:00AM to 1:00PM

Saturday, February 23, 2013 -9:00AM to 1:00PM


NOTE: Additional Course Dates Will Be Posted on our website.



For more information please contact us by clicking here or to register please click here.


We can also travel to you and conduct a regional training exercise and certification. 
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Claymore Hitch Cover

Our Price: $55.00
List Price: $61.50
S & H: 







$300 per team


                             MARCH 1-3, 2013
MAY 3-5, 2013
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
This class is meant to give insight for the K-9 Handler on odor and to understand training aids in a way that has never been taught before. In this class the student will be taught about the canine olfactory; you have to understand how the tool works before using it to its fullest. 
Then the student will learn the most beneficial way of using training aids ie: aid placement, procurement, storage, vapor pressures, and handling. 
Once the student has accomplished this we will then go over case studies where large hides have been used in recent domestic and international events.
The student will understand the effects of these large amounts dealing with blast pressure and the damage that could result from them.
All teams will have a chance to imprint their canine on several large hides.
The culmination of the training will involve real life scenario's involving large hides. This class has never been available to the explosive k9 world. Conventional and home made explosives will be used in this training. 
Discounts may be provided for more than one team from a specific agency.
If you have any questions please contact K-9 Director Austin Moon by clicking here or calling 804-824-6712. 


To register for this event please click here and choose HST-99 on the drop down menu.


 If you wish to purchase explosive materials on the same day as training please contact us at 717-648-2792.


We can also travel to you and conduct a regional training exercise and certification. 
Basic Homemade Explosive Materials Course

23-25 April 2013
14-16 May 2013
18-20 June 2013
16-18 July 2013
06-08 August 2013
17-19 September 2013

Location: Gettysburg, PA
 (or your location, if you host we will give you 3 free seats per 15 students)

Hme 4-12 class photo


The Basic HME Course is a three-day training program which focuses on stopping the clandestine proliferation of improvised energetic material that can be used in association with criminal and terrorist activities. The course material is presented by both classroom instruction as well as live field demonstrations and student interactions.



This course is useful for law enforcement, military EOD/public safety bomb technicians, hazardous materials technicians, fire response, emergency medical service, and military units involved in combating terrorism and protecting our homeland.



For those students who are also Explosive Detection K-9 handlers you will be given an opportunity to run your dog on a variety of Homemade Explosive formulations to include TATP. (You will have the opportunity to train your K-9 on a large hide). 



For more information on this course please contact us by clicking here or calling us at 717-648-2792 / (888) 330-7015.



The course cost is $950 per student. We accept all forms of payment.


HME 3-12 Course- Tripwire Operations Group, Carrsville VA
HME 3-12 Course- Tripwire Operations Group, Carrsville VA




Improvised Explosives
 Sensitive Site Exploitation 

23-25 April 2013
14-16 May 2013
18-20 June 2013
16-18 July 2013
06-08 August 2013
17-19 September 2013

Location: Gettysburg, PA 
 (or your location, if you host we will give you 3 free seats per 15 students)
This course is designed for those first responders and military personnel who need training dealing with the detection and sampling/collection methods of Homemade Explosive Materials. This course is will cover several detection capabilities that are on the market and will have special emphasis on the Ahura line of detection instruments. Students will receive classroom training followed by actual "lab" time. The culmination of the course will be the scenario based events on the third day which will require the students to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired on the previous two days. 
Continuing education credits are available for Fire Service and Emergency Medical professionals in Pennsylvania. 
Course Agenda:
Classroom Instruction (1/2day)
Ahura training
HME case studies
Sample collection
Field instruction (1.5-days)
Ahura drills
Clean/dirty man techniques
Sensitivity tests
Basic HME process demonstration
Field Training Exercise (1-day)
Domestic and International problems/scenarios
After Action/Debrief 
 Cost: $900 per student (Discounts available for subsequent attendance from the same agency)

Advanced HME, Chemical Precursor Interdiction 


 ( Home Made Explosives-2)


23-26 April 2013
14-17 May 2013
18-21 June 2013
16-19 July 2013
06-09 August 2013
17-20 September 2013
Location: Gettysburg, PA 
 (or your location, if you host we will give you 3 free seats per 15 students)


Topics will include: 
Sensitivity evaluation of TATP and HMTD 
Large-scale production of urea nitrate 
Fuel oxidizer mixtures such as chlorates and perchlorates 
Unconventional ammonium nitrate mixtures 
Liquid explosives 
Raman and FTIR analysis of homemade explosives 
Hazmat mitigation of HME production sites 
Common factors in plots and attacks using improvised explosives mixtures 
Current terrorist explosives recipes found online 

15 Hours of Classroom based instruction to include case studies. 25 Hours of Hands on Training. 
The entire course will build the students understanding of basic and advanced HME culminating in a final scenario dealing with the take down and processing of a clandestine lab.



The course cost is : $2000 per student





Gettysburg, PA

This course of instruction is meant to introduce the student to the recognition, safe transportation, storage, safe handling, and firing of energetic materials. 


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will possess the skills to safely use explosives in a variety of settings.


Course content includes:
  • History and theory of explosive and explosive effects
  • Explosive safety
  • Types of explosive accessories
  • Recognition of low and high explosive formulations
  • Preparation and firing of charges using electric, non-electric, and shock tube initiated blasting caps
  • Response to misfires and and other operational issues
  • This class is facilitated through classroom instruction as well as field training on our range.

Course fee: $600 for the class. If you want to purchase a complete demo kit for range use the total course fee is $1500.


The demo kit includes:





For more information, to host a course, or for a course schedule please click here.

Tripwire Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation Center

Tripwire's newest division, the Tripwire Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDTE) Program conducts laboratory and field experiments in support of national defense applications for science and technology. Tripwire RDTE maintains a laboratory facility in Philadelphia, PA at the University City Science Center. In the lab, scientists, technicians, and operations specialists carry out projects involving chemical synthesis and analysis. In the field, Tripwire RDTE investigates energetic events, hazardous materials, countermeasures, and detection equipment.


LAb 1

Tripwire Operations Group proudly invites you to explore opportunities with the training, manufacturing, and RDTE divisions. The experienced cadre and friendly staff look forward to meeting today's needs and exceeding the requirements of tomorrow.


Please contact us for more information. 


About us as an Explosive Distributor


Some highlights that separate us from other Explosive Distributors:

  1. Tripwire Operations Group is owned and operated by first responders ie; Police Bomb Technicians, K-9 Handlers, Explosive Breachers, SWAT Operators. 
  2. We provide free product and/or commissions for referrals.
  3. We can take back your old product and destroy it for you at no cost.
  4. We offer a discount on subsequent orders.
  5. We are an ATF licensed explosive importer/manufacture/dealer/exporter.
  6. We have Magazine Storage Sites in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado. Arizona and California. More being added so check with us for your closest location.
  7. We provide training on all materials we sell and we are fluent in the applications for their use. 
  8. We are an approved DOT entity for the shipping and transportation of Hazardous Materials.


Tripwire Operations Group
Post Office Box 4026
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325


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2013 Tripwire Calendar
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