Peanuts among the "best and healthiest" nut-based snacks, according to Good Housekeeping magazine! 

The October issue of Good Housekeeping magazine declares peanuts are among "the best and healthiest" nut-based snack options, after taste-testing over 60 choices.  The Peanut Institute worked closely with Good Housekeeping by providing peanut products, nutritional information, and product images.  Peanuts were featured in nine different winning products across multiple categories, including best mixed nuts, best nut butters, and best bars.   

Among "Best Mixed Nuts", Planter's Honey Roasted Peanuts won "Best Classic", with Planter's Sea Salt and Vinegar Peanuts as the runner-up.

"Best Classic"
"Best Classic", Runner-up

The "Best Nut Butters" category featured five different peanut butters, including Smuckers Natural (no salt added) Peanut Butter as the "Best Plain" winner.  Whole Foods 365 Brand Creamy Organic Peanut Butter was the runner-up.  Other winning peanut butters include Justin's Honey Peanut Butter, Earth Balance Coconut and Peanut Spread squeeze packs, and PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams squeeze packs. 
"Best Plain"  
"Best Plain" nut butter, Runner-up 
"Best AM Boost", Runner-up.
"Best Dessert" 

"Best for Fruit" 


There were two peanut-containing products among the "Best Bars" category:  Nature's Path Mixed Roasted Nuts Love Crunch bar scored the "Most Nuts Per Bite" title, and Nature Valley Peanut, Almond and Dark Chocolate Protein bar was declared the "Best Candy Bar Substitute"
"Most Nuts Per Bite"

"Best Candy Bar Substitute"

In This Issue

Peanuts with Kaffir Lime Leaf and Chiles 



1 cup
peanut oil, for frying
12 ea
Kaffir lime leaves, fresh, large
8 ea
Red chiles, dried, small
6 cups
Peanuts, raw
1 Tbsp
Salt, kosher
4 ea
Garlic cloves, large, minced

 In a very large skillet, heat the oil.  Add the lime leaves and chiles to the skillet and fry over moderate heat until the lime leaves are crisp and the chiles turn deep red, about 1 minute.  Using a slotted spoon, transfer the lime leaves and chiles to a plate lined with paper towels to drain.   


Line a large rimmed baking sheet with paper towels.  Add the peanuts to the skillet and stir-fry over moderate heat until golden brown, about 10 minutes.  Using a slotted spoon, transfer the peanuts to the paper towels to drain.  Transfer the hot peanuts to a bowl and toss with salt.   


Add the garlic to the skillet and fry over moderate heat until golden, about 2 minutes.  Using a slotted spoon or fine mesh skimmer, transfer the garlic to the plate with the lime leaves and chiles.  Pat dry.  


Using your hands, finely crush the lime leaves and chiles over the peanuts.  Add the garlic and toss to combine.   


Transfer the peanuts to small bowls and serve warm or at room temperature. 


 *Note: it is important to use fresh (not dried) kaffir lime leaves here.  They are available at Asian supermarkets.  If sold frozen, defrost before using.  The peanuts can be stored in an airtight container for up to one week.