SECURITY ALERT: Shellshock Vulnerability

A new vulnerability, called "Shellshock" has been discovered that could put your personal information at risk
"Shellshock" is a major vulnerability that allows remote attacks against Linux web servers, UNIX systems, and popular services such as DHCP and SSH. This is being regarded as a very serious vulnerability, not just because of the millions of systems that it could affect, but because of the ability for this malware to be uploaded to trusted destinations. 
Vulerability Assessments (or scans) should be able to detect potential flaws that would allow the Shellshock vulnerability to exploit systems. Plug-ins and additions to scanning systems will be updated throughout the coming days. 


To learn more about Shellshock, click here or contact Btech at 626.397.1045.

If you are an existing Btech customer, and would like to schedule an "out of sequence" vulnerability assessment to analyze your environment for potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by Shellshock, please contact Lee Bird at [email protected]
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