"Chaffey Federal Credit Union has worked with Btech for over eight years. In that time, Btech has worked closely with us to help secure our members' information through their managed security services and consulting. Btech has also provided our credit union with technical consulting and engineer services for recent network environment upgrades, and implemented an encrypted off-site data backup service from EVault for us which helps us to meet regulatory guidelines for security of our members' personal information. Btech is a reliable and responsive partner of ours and we would recommend their services to other credit unions that are looking for the best managed network security services."


Catherine M. Randazzo, President/CEO

Chaffey FCU

Take the Firewall Challenge

Whether you're shopping for a new firewall or want to know how your firewall stands up to the rest, we invite you to take the

Btech Firewall Challenge.  Below is a list of all the key features that your firewall should provide, check all that apply.

� Performance With increasing internet speeds, increasing data traffic and increasing treats, legacy firewalls don't have the processing power required to properly secure your network.  Make sure your firewall has the performance speeds necessary to keep up with today's threat landscape.


� Deep Packet Inspection Your firewall should come equipped with deep packet inspection which will analyze every bit of content for malicious intent, regardless of how it's labeled.


� Zero Day Protection - The ability to install automatic updates is a very important feature on a firewall, especially when new threats are being discovered every day.  


� Web Access Management Firewalls can also be a very useful management tool.  A good firewall can monitor web browsing and block access to certain websites, like Facebook.


� Detailed Reporting What good is a firewall if it can't validate its service?  Detailed reporting is important for both management and compliance purposes.


� High Availability (HA) If your primary firewall appliance should fail, HA ensures that the security services will automatically fail over to a secondary appliance without any user intervention. This feature is crucial for eliminating downtime.


� AffordabilityA common misconception is that the more expensive the firewall, the better it is.  That's simply not true.  


If you didn't check all of the above or if you're not sure, give Btech a call at 626.397.1045. We'll analyze your current configuration and provide you with a free price quote.


Btech's firewalls contains all of the features above PLUS the added benefit of our Managed Security Service. One of our Senior Engineers will monitor your firewall daily, maintain it with the latest updates, and provide detailed reports and logs on your firewall's status.  Learn More �

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