SECURITY ALERT: 'Change All Passwords' Warning Issued

A new vulnerability, called the "Heartbleed," has been discovered that could put your personal information at risk
"Heartbleed is a flaw in OpenSSL, an open-source encryption technology that is used by an estimated two-thirds of Web servers. It is behind many HTTPS sites that collect personal or financial information."
Researches have discovered that the issue has been present for more than two years 
It is recommended that individuals should change their passwords across all web pages, "but only once they have confirmed a site has already taken the proper measures to address Heartbleed."1 


To learn more about the Heartbleed, click here or contact Btech at 626.397.1045.

If you are an existing Btech customer and have any questions or concerns regarding the Heartbleed vulnerability, please contact us right away to have a Senior Engineer analyze your environment.
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