"Since 1998, Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union has relied on Btech to provide high-quality network and management services. We chose to work with Btech because of their responsiveness and technical capabilities. As regulations have changed, we have used Btech for services such as patch management, intrusion detection, and off-site data backup. I would recommend Btech to any credit union looking for assistance in securing their network environment."


John Barnfather

Senior Vice President IT

Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union

Mythbusters: Are all Firewalls Created Equal?

There are two common myths surrounding firewall implementation:

  1. All firewalls are created equal.  As long as I have one installed, my network is safe.
  2. The more expensive the firewall, the better it is at protecting my network.

Btech's Managed Firewall Solution proves both of these myths wrong. Our firewall is both affordable AND effective at protecting your network.  On top of that, the vast array of features included with our Managed Firewall Service demonstrates why all firewalls are definitely not created equal:

  • State-of-the-Art Hardware
    • An outdated firewall is nearly as bad as no firewall at all.  Our modern firewall solution does more than just static security.
  • Deep Packet Inspection
    • Every bit of content is analyzed for malicious intent regardless of how it's labeled.
  • Zero Day Protection
    • Updates are automatically installed onto our firewalls as soon as each new threat is discovered.
  • Firewall Monitoring by a Security Specialist
    • A dedicated Btech Security Specialist will monitor your firewall daily to ensure proper function.
  • Web Access Management
    • Monitor what websites your employees are visiting and how long they are browsing.  You can also block access to certain websites like YouTube.
  • Scalability
    • Support anywhere from 5 to 500 users with hardware and software that is easily scalable and priced to meet your needs and budget.
  • Secure VPN Support with Reporting
    • Our firewalls also support site-to-site, remote user and third party vendor secure VPN connections.
  • Detailed Reports
    • Track every move that is made on your network with easy-to-read reports that are delivered to your email each month. 
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