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Unit 4: Are you in the dumps?
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Unit 3: Are you prepared?
Unit 2: Obesity is a disease
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Project Mission

Empowering individuals to harness their inner strengths for life-long weight management with weight loss surgery. Personal empowerment through education, thought, community support, and validation. We are LivingAfterWLS.



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WLS is Challenging
American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Defines Obesity:

"Obesity is defined as a disease in which fat has accumulated to the extent that health is impaired. In the absence of a simple direct method for measuring total body fat, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most common method for describing levels of obesity. For Western societies, the World Health Organization and the United States National Institutes of Health have defined a BMI of > 30 kg/m2 as being obese, based primarily on the associated mortality risk. In addition, the co-morbid conditions associated with obesity contributed substantially to the definition."

"This living after WLS is challenging. If you are in maintenance now you understand how truly difficult weight and health management is.  You probably also realize that you are left to your own devices to manage a very complicated disease. That's why you are here. Connecting with others who understand is a terrific resource in a world where we may feel let down by the medical establishment."
Spring Season - Unit 1
Program Structure
All of the Season 1 - Winter files are located under the FILES tab located just below the group logo on this Facebook Group (must be a member of this closed group to access files).Files are also available on the LivingAfterWLS website on this page: Project 2014

We have many silent participants who prefer not use Facebook - no problem. Sign-up for the emails & get the downloads on our website page:
Project 2014 

Participate in Project 2014 in  your own style!

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Seasons & Units

Each unit (13 per season) includes an email with informative articles and worksheets. Your level of participation is voluntary and private. Members may join the project at any time during the year. Participation in the LAWLS Project 2014 Facebook Group is encouraged. Keeping a binder with worksheets and information will promote your success, empower your effort, and validate your participation. Topics are supported with LivingAfterWLS publications (Kaye's Books) but the books are not required for participation. Documents for each season will be packaged for eBook purchase and download, but purchase is not required - just provided for those wishing for the convenience that format. You will receive all project documents free via email or through the "Files" tab in the LAWLS-PRO14 Group. Announcements regarding Project 2014 will be made via email and in the Facebook group.

(Please note: due to bureaucratic delays we are late getting started and the Winter Season units will be grouped more closely to fit all 13 units in a shorter time period. The remaining seasons will be on schedule with one unit per week.)

Season 1: Winter


Units 1-2-3 PDF Download   


Units 4-5 PDF Download 


Unit 6 PDF Download 


Unit 7 PDF Download 


Season 2: Spring


Unit 1 Download 


Unit 2 Download  


Unit 3 Download


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Season II: Spring
Life is Abloom and Inspired

Welcome to Season II - Spring of our LivingAfterWLS Project 2014. I am so pleased you have joined me for this exciting and meaningful approach to health and weight management using our weight loss surgery tool empowered by our collective knowledge and strength. I hope Spring abounds in your area - here in Wyoming we were pounded with hail on May 7 doing damage to plants, vehicles, and structures. And of course there was the day-long mandatory post-storm power outage just to increase the frustration factor. I suppose a mid-spring hail storm from out of nowhere is quite like a dumping episode. After it hits you wonder what the "HAIL" happened.

In this unit we take a good detailed look at dumping syndrome.

Dumping syndrome is a phenomenon, primarily reserved for Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y patients which is characterized by unpleasant symptoms when the patient's blood sugar is adversely affected by simple sugars, simple carbohydrates, and fatty foods. When these foods are rapidly absorbed by the small intestine dumping syndrome may occur. Some Roux-en-Y patients never seem to experience dumping, others are surprised when some foods trigger an episode and others do not, and still there is always the surprise dumping event that occurs on food that has previously been enjoyed without incident. Learn more - link to the download:

Spring Season 2: Unit 4 Download

Have a terrific week, stay safe and prepared. Thank you for joining me!

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Unit 4: Are you in the dumps after WLS?
A hard look at dumping syndrome
Published May 15, 2014
Download Here

Unit 4 of our Spring Season Project 2014 takes an in-depth look at dumping syndrome and offers solutions for preventing it. You will also find a recipe for Spinach-Ginger soup that is made of healing ingredients and soothes a distressed tummy. Give it a try next time you have a grumpy pouch day.

Download PDF file for Spring Unit 4


May Give-Away: Project 2014 Facebook Group
Our Project Structure follows the seasonal calendar with each season comprised of 13 units, one unit per week. You can always find the archived files on the LivingAfterWLS website and also under the Files tab in the Facebook group. Links:

May Give-Away:
Join our Facebook Group to enter the May Give Away. Stay with the group to enjoy empowered support and kindness from like-minded members promoting health sustainability and weight man
May Give-Away Prizes
management with WLS.

Here are the giveaway details:
We are now well into the 5th month of Project 2014 and I could not be happier with our group participation and progress. Thank you EVERYONE!!!

To celebrate our group and the cohesive support we enjoy I invite you to post a single statement finishing this sentence:

"With the support of Project 2014 the best change I've made to my health this year is _________."

One sentence, one idea, one entry per member. You have until May 31 to post your entry. On June 2 Jenn will place all qualifying entries in a hat and draw two random winners. Post your entry onto this conversation only.

Winners shall receive a copy of the 2nd Edition 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual - Paper copy, 1 Project 2014 Mouse Pad, 1 Goody Bag and a congratulatory hand-written letter from me. A "paw-tographed" photo of KeepHerKitty may also find its way into your package. Winners will be notified by Facebook messaging and will be asked to provide a postal address. As always your privacy and personal information will be protected and never sold or distributed.


Unit 3: Are you prepared?
Are you prepared for emergency or disaster after WLS?
Published 04/29/2014
As much as we would like to believe our world is safe the fact is emergencies and disasters happen every day. Are you prepared to manage your weight loss surgery special needs in the event of an emergency? Current polling shows that nearly half of all American families do not have an emergency plan or an emergency supply kit in the home. When disaster strikes it is too late to make a plan and emergency preparations. This Unit 3 of our Spring Season addresses the unique needs of the weight loss surgery patient in the event of a crisis. We also provide useful first aid information for a gastric bypass dumping event.

Download PDF file for Spring Unit 3


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Unit 2: Obesity is a Disease
Obesity designated as a disease
Published 04/23/2014
Download Here

In June 2013 the American Medical Association (AMA) designated obesity a disease requiring a range of medical interventions to advance obesity treatment and prevention. For weight loss surgery patients this designation can have significant implications in our ongoing weight management. Learn how viewing obesity as a disease matters in our overall approach and success with WLS.
Unit 1: Be Your Own Health Guardian
Plan your Path: Review your Progress
Published 04/11/2014
Download Here

In Unit 1 of Spring Season your task is to take a look at that self-assessment and contemplate the past three months. Using this assessment as your guide now complete the self-assessment for Spring 2014. We have used this tool at LivingAfterWLS since 2006. What we have learned is the people who do a regular self-examination (every 3 months) are less likely to wake-up a year down the road only to wonder how in the world they have gone so far off track.

Download PDF File for Spring Unit 1


Project 2014:
LivingAfterWLS Project 2014 - Our FAQ's this week

Question: Do I have to be in the Facebook group to participate in the Project 2014?

Answer:  Project 2014 is a guided learning program in support of your weight loss and weight management goals with surgery. As we are a diverse community the Project is structured so individuals can participate in any manner that suits them. For some this means active participation in the Facebook group, for others quiet self-study is profoundly effective. Minimum participation requirements are simple: sign-up for our free email publications to get weekly updates that include the Unit download files. You take it from there to enjoy the Project and make 2014 a health-minded year.

Question: Can I join anytime?

Answer: Yes. Jump in anytime. Our group is off to a late start but we are self-guided. Winter Season (January-March) includes 13 Units. They are posted under the files tab. Read each unit in order and do the assigned exercises as you go. Participate in the group or follow silently on your own. You decide your level of participation.

Question: Do I have to buy anything to participate?

Answer: No - This is a free shared experience and we are glad you are here. Joining this group and/or being an active subscriber to the LivingAfterWLS Newsletters grants you full access to all of the Units for each season. The units are provided in PDF format for your personal use to download, organize, and copy. They may not be redistributed.

Question: The downloads aren't working for me. Is there somewhere else to get them?

Answer: Yes, all of our lesson Units are posted as PDF files on this web page at
Project 2014
They are in PDF format and should open automatically open in a browser window. You may also open them if you have a PDF reader installed on your computer or device. You can get the free Adobe Reader here:
Adobe Reader


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Season 1 - Winter 
We accomplished our goal in Season I - Winter to unite like-minded people through education, support, and lasting health sustainability using our surgical tool for weight loss and weight management. Our Facebook group grew to over 700 members and we enjoy lively and supportive conversation daily. Here at the LivingAfterWLS office we groused at too-frequent technological bumps and stumbles during our first season learning curve that included an unscheduled change in software and a galvanizing game of hide-and-seek with the US Copyright office. And while we grumbled our Project 2014 membership marshaled inner strength and grit determination to serve well the collective health and weight management efforts of our entire community. Thank you! If we came away with one lesson it is that life and WLS have a good deal in common:

"Try hard, get some things right, make some mistakes, and sometimes embrace the status quo. Above all else, treat each day anew. Try and get things done just a little bit better than the day before and just keep going." Kaye Bailey

All of the Season 1 - Winter files are located under the FILES tab located just below the group logo on this Facebook page. You can also find them on the LivingAfterWLS website on this page: Project 2014

Review these units from Season 1 - Winter:

Visit this webpage to find all of the previously issued Project 2014 learning Units for Season 1: Winter
LivingAfterWLS Project 2014

Download Tech Support:
Also - we get many emails asking us to help individuals learn how to download files. We do not offer tech support for the end users' computer or device. Our job is to provide great content in free files presented in the most commonly accepted format. If you do not know how to access and print these please talk to your device manufacturer or the smarty-pants-computer-genius you know. We simply do not have the resources to offer computer and device tech support.

Project 2014 Community on Facebook
Our dedicated Facebook group has over 900 members now! It is not required that you join the Facebook group, we have many silent participants in Project 2014. But if Facebook is your thing come on over and join us. For convenience all PDF files issued in association with this project are located under the FILES tab within the group. I wish to say Welcome and Thanks to everyone who has already joined our LAWLS Project 2014 on Facebook. The group is off and running pursuing our collective goals: please join us follow the link below:

LAWLS Project 2014 Facebook Group

Like us on Facebook 
If you are eager to join us please click the link above through your Facebook account and request membership in this group. Once your membership is accepted please take these steps to begin your engagement in this supportive and empowering group:

1. Read the Code of Conduct (under Files) and initial your agreement.

2. Open the file Winter_Units1_2_3.pdf and learn the project structure. Print the .pdf file for your personal use. (Hint - print on 3-hole paper if available!)

3. Dedicate a 3-Ring binder to the documents and worksheets (suggested binder tabs are listed on page 6). Do the tasks assigned in Units 2 and 3. Share your thoughts, experience, and encouragement with the group.

Let's get this project started! I look forward to sharing 2014 with you!

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