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Top Questions & Answers from 2012
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5 Day Pouch Test: 
A Well-Reasoned Approach for Returning to WLS Basics

"Take the basic tenets of weight loss surgery, curate knowledge that supports your chosen dietary path, collaborate with others sharing your dietary circumstances, apply personal experience, and build a dietary health-management way-of-life that enables you to thrive.
This is the responsibility of every person who desires to live a healthy balanced well-managed life with WLS."

~ Kaye Bailey

Refresher: Definitions
relapse: noun. Recurrence of disease after apparent recovery. An early sign of obesity relapse is weight gain.

remission: noun. Abatement of signs and symptoms of disease. An early sign of obesity remission is weight loss.

Think Back,
Move Forward

"Think back to what worked for you then and imagine the same will work for you again. Remember, you already know how to lose weight using your surgical tool. The effort you put into the 5DPT will return you to that place of healthy and reasonable weight management using your tool."

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5DPT Manual 2nd Edition
2nd Edition New 2012
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"Keep learning. Use the 5 Day Pouch Test and beyond to continue your education about health, nutrition, weight management, and living after weight loss surgery. Continued education works to keep us informed, trying new things, and renewed hope that lasting remission from our medical disorder is achievable. Seek knowledge from reputable publications and from peers. This process of support and learning becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as we benefit from the give-and-take of a generous spirit. Learn, teach, and share.
We are in this together."

Page 29 - 5DPT Manual

Learn more about the all-new 2nd Edition 5 Day Pouch Test Manual:

An Interview with Kaye
All New Book: Same great back-to-basics

by Jennifer Ellis,
Administrative Assistant

On July 3, 2012 LivingAfterWLS published the all-new 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual 2nd Edition by Kaye Bailey and retired the highly successful first edition which was originally published in 2008 and in the fourth printing. With the publication of the 2nd Edition Kaye has answered many questions from media and consumers about the new book. I have collected her responses and share some of the most asked questions and answers here:



Make the 5DPT About Learning

Apple & Pear

If we complete the 5 Day Pouch Test having learned a few things about our self, our weight loss surgery and our capability in managing life and weight loss surgery in relationship to one another we have succeeded: we can deem the 5 Day Pouch Test a success. Here are some things to consider while treating the 5DPT as a learning experience:
-- What can I eat that gives my pouch a feeling of fullness? What do I eat that fails to give my pouch a feeling of fullness?

-- Have the liquid restrictions become automatic to me? Do I have heightened awareness of how I consume liquids with my meals and snacks?
Refresher: Lots of Water & Liquid Restrictions

-- Am I eating protein in a ratio of 2 bites protein to 1 bite complex carbohydrate? (2B/1B Rhythm)
Article: Why 'Protein First' helps us lose weight

-- Have I found time to include physical activity in my daily routine?

-- Am I allowing myself to feel empowered when I make choices that nourish my body and respect my weight loss surgery?

-- Am I forgiving lapses in compliance with my guidelines and moving forward to make better choices the next time?

If this process wasn't all about learning each of us would have walked away from bariatric surgery and got it right the first time around.

But it is about learning, about getting some things right, about messing some things up, and about trying harder the next time.

We don't give up on our children as they are growing up and taking some lessons in the school of hard knocks. So let's not give up on ourselves or one another. We can do this! Come on! I'll race you to the front of the class!~Kaye Bailey

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Lemon Ginger Iced Tea!

Not the Queen's Tea

There is a certain clean feeling that comes from drinking tea - I think if you are not already including green tea in your healthy weight management plan that once you do, you'll be hooked. Give it a try! Herbal tea counts towards water intake and provides many health benefits.

2 cups water
1 teaspoon ground ginger
2 teaspoons grated lemon peel
6 green tea bags
juice of 1 lemon
low-calorie sweetener of choice, to taste

Directions: Add water, ground ginger, and lemon peel to medium saucepan and bring to boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to where it sustains a gentle boil and cook for about 7-8 minutes. Remove from heat and add the green tea bags. Steep this tea mixture for 10 minutes, stirring or dunking the bags often.
Remove tea bags and stir lemon juice into the tea liquid. Cover and refrigerator for up to 1 to 2 weeks.To make a cup of iced tea, pour 1/4 cup of the concentrated tea mixture into a tall glass and stir in 3/4 cup of cold water, add sweetener as desired.  Add ice cubes and enjoy!

More recipes:
 Day 6 - Beyond 5 Day Pouch Test


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Last week we sent our 2012 summary of the most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the 5 Day Pouch Test. Our reader response was enthusiastic and favorable, (You can take a look at the bulletin in our archive, Link Here.) But we also learned there were a few more questions on your minds. This really isn't surprising, people with weight loss surgery or considering it are notoriously inquisitive and in constant quest for knowledge and understanding. I love this about our community!  So in the spirit of our collective pursuit of wisdom and excellence we offer this Part 2 Special Edition 5DPT Bulletin to answer more questions. If you've asked about a 5DPT vegetarian plan check out this Q&A.  And in case you missed it, check out our January 2013 5DPT Bulletin, found here: January 2013 5DPT Bulletin.

I wish you the very best of health this New Year! You have the power to make this your healthiest year ever - Let's do it together!

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"I believe in you.
You deserve to be healthy.
 You deserve to be kind to yourself.
You deserve to achieve your greatest level of success with weight loss surgery when you harness your inner resources."
--Kaye Bailey
5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual

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Top Questions & Answers from 2012 
Question: Can I have protein shakes on Days 3, 4 and 5?

: Yes, you can include protein drinks on Days 3 to 5, but only as between meal snacks if you are hungry. It is best to stick with the menu foods, but on the other hand, if you are hungry or "snacky" go for the protein shake. It will raise your metabolism and satiate your hunger. A protein drink counts as a meal so follow the liquid restrictions. Let your body get the full benefit of this protein and vitamin fortified meal by not washing it down with liquids. Also, if you have scheduled a protein drink in your eating plan take your vitamin supplements with it for better digestion and absorption. When in doubt mindfully enjoy a protein drink first before eating any other snack food. Remember this trick!  Even beyond the 5DPT a protein drink is always the best first choice for in between meals snack. A protein drink will serve your snacking needs well without derailing your best efforts for healthy weight management after WLS..

Review: 5DPT Plan

Emergen-C Energy Booster
Why is Emergen-CŪ fizzy drink allowed? I was told not to drink carbonated drinks? 

Most bariatric centers discourage patients from having bubbly carbonated beverages after surgery. The carbonation may cause discomfort in the pouch, may cause the pouch to expand temporarily and may cause temporary or lasting injury to the stoma. In addition, consumption of carbonated beverages generally means empty calories that are eaten with non-nutritional snack foods (think of the ubiquitous movie snack of a soda and popcorn). A fizzy vitamin drink mix is bubbly due to the effervescent reaction when the minerals react with the liquid. The fizz is not the result of pressurized carbon dioxide gas being forced into a liquid as is carbonation. Emergen-CŪ is an approved vitamin and mineral dietary supplement by most bariatric nutritionists. Some patients prefer to allow the effervescent bubbles to dissipate before drinking the vitamin mix. The rapid absorption of vitamins and minerals dissolved in water is an effective means for patients with malabsorption to take vitamin supplements.

Resource: All new 5 Day Pouch Test Manual 2nd Edition

When I tried the 5DPT before I felt really dizzy. What causes that?

Kaye's Answer:
Many weight loss surgery patients report frequent spells of dizziness. In general they are using the word dizzy to describe everything from feeling faint or lightheaded to feeling weak or unsteady. Research indicates a state of chemical imbalance can lead to temporary bouts of dizziness. When a bariatric patient feels dizzy it could very well be related to the restricted diet. Most commonly going too long between meals or not drinking enough water causes bariatric patients to become dizzy or have a mild electrolyte imbalance. Many patients self-treat dizziness by drinking water or little sips of a sports drink such as Gatorade. I use Emergen-C energy booster for the vitamins and electrolytes, and I like the portability of the drink mix in a sealed portion-perfect envelope.

Flu Season Alert: It is extremely dangerous when electrolytes become severely imbalanced. If flu symptoms cause dehydration to the point of extreme dizziness and disorientation one must seek immediate medical help. Dehydration will force a greater loss of potassium, which raises the sodium level in all muscle tissues. At greatest risk is the heart muscle where an increase of sodium may cause arrhythmia and death.

Keep track of water intake with our free download: 5DPT Journal

Why can't I have vegetables on the 5DPT

The 5 Day Pouch Test plan is intended to be used by those who feel they have lost control of their eating after surgical weight loss. They may be eating slider foods or snack foods, disregarding liquid restrictions or perhaps lost focus on eating Protein First. The plan takes us through the post-op dietary phases to remind us of the rules, and reset our tummy to feel the way the surgery was intended to feel. In just 5 days we retrace the six-week post-surgical diet.

Vegetables are to be used only as ingredients in meal preparation, such as salsa on grilled fish. By restricting vegetables and fruit (complex carbohydrates) during the 5 days your body is forced to go into high metabolic burn to digest the protein and this results in weight loss. In addition, restricting complex carbohydrates and eliminating processed carbohydrates helps regulate your blood sugar preventing cravings and energy swings. In other words, it is a means to breaking the carb-monster cycle. Vegetables and low-glycemic fruit should be gradually  introduced back to the diet on Day 6. The focus must always remain on Protein First. That is how we can lose weight after a surgical gastric procedure and that is how we can maintain a healthy weight.

Learn More: Why high protein is so important after WLS

Question: What is the biggest mistake you see people making on the 5 Day Pouch Test?

Kaye's Answer: Not learning and following the plan or changing the plan drastically.

Learn the plan. Read the plan in full and be sure you understand it. Read the plan completely in order to understand the progression of your diet from Day 1 to Day 5. Pay close attention to understanding the liquid restrictions and slider foods: these are the most common problem areas that lead to weight regain after weight loss surgery.  As you become familiar with the 5 Day Pouch Test compare it to the early dietary stages following your weight loss surgery. Think back to what worked for you then and imagine the same will work for you again. Remember, you already know how to lose weight using your surgical tool. The effort you put into the 5DPT will return you to that place of healthy and reasonable weight management using your tool.

5 Day Pouch Test Plan

Try not to make too many changes to the plan. Keep it at 5 Days. Don't restrict foods and go hungry. Really pay attention to what changes you are making and constantly think about the Four Rules can be your way of life, not just a temporary means of taking off a few pounds only to put it back later. This is a way of life we agreed too when undergoing surgery and it is for our lasting health. The 5DPT can help you get back to doing what works with WLS to support your lasting health and weight goals.

Find the official 5DPT Here:
LivingAfterWLS has published the copyrighted plan online at 5DayPouchTest.com - this is the only official website for the plan. A more detailed plan in book form, (5DPT Owner's Manual 2nd Edition, published June 2012; 180 pages) is available exclusively in the LivingAfterWLS General Store. Also watch your inbox for the monthly 5DPT Bulletin and Special Edition Bulletins, like this one.

Article: Three Keys to Lasting WLS Success

Hot off the press!

Cooking with Kaye: Methods to Meals 

Cooking with Kaye: Methods to MealsPublished November 20, 2012, this collection of 134 Protein First recipes has been many years in the making and I am thrilled with the result. Order your copy today at the guaranteed lowest introductory price and it will ship promptly so we can prepare healthy delicious meals together. I know this will become a family favorite resource for great meals everyone can enjoy.  Learn more.

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Individual Meal Plans:
Picky eaters, Vegetarians, Vegans

I don't eat many of the foods on the 5DPT plan, can you customize a 5DPT for my requirements?   
I truly appreciate that people have unique dietary needs based on personal likes and dislikes, health requirements, religious reasons, and ethical reasons. In my work with WLS over the last several years my eyes have been opened to all manner of dietary peculiarities which is both fascinating and frustrating. I receive numerous requests from people asking me to custom-tailor a 5 Day Pouch Test plan to satisfy their specific dietary needs. Here are a few examples I've received:

"For ethical reasons, I could never eat chicken or meat. And I never eat anything with fur or eyelashes. Tofu and beans are out to so can you give me a high protein diet plan for 5DPT?"

"I am vegetarian. I will eat dairy and eggs but no meat of any kind (including fish, chicken or any other dead animal people think they can eat and still be a vegetarian)."

"I only like dark meat chicken."

"I detest canned tuna and salmon. Real salmon is fair and I've never tried tuna steaks."

"I have never been a lover of soups. Can you write me a different plan for the 5DPT?"

"After the liquid days 1 and 2 I'd like to follow a Vegan 5 Day Pouch Test, can you give me the meal plan?"

"I don't eat meat based jello or bouillon and eggs very rarely. Milk, cottage cheese and fish are Okay for me. What would my menu plan be for the 5 Day Pouch Test?"

"Brown food grosses me out. Do you have a plan without brown food?" (yeah, I don't get this one either!)

In the early days of the 5 Day Pouch Test I did try to create meal plans for different dietary requests. However, this involved me making a plan, testing it for the 5 Days with all of the recipes, making changes to improve results and testing it again before sending it the person requesting it. Because I will not provide a 5DPT plan that I have not personally tested this became an unmanageable challenge for me. Not only was creating individual plans time consuming and costly, invariably I would never hear back from the person or when I did there would be more dietary dislikes they forgot to mention and more times than I care to count I received the reply, "so these recipes will not work for me." With a one sentence email response they tossed in the trash an effort that was hugely inconvenient for me to accomplish and a total waste of my time. Can you imagine how disheartening this felt?

Over time I've accepted that people with self-defined dietary needs must take responsibility for making their own meal plan. This may include the help of a nutritionist and research via the Internet, cookbooks, nutritional references and even our LivingAfterWLS Publications. Once a person self-defines dietary peculiarities they must accept that general dietary plans are inadequate. It is up to them to deliberately develop a menu plan that  works to meet and sustain their health, weight, and nutritional goals.

What the 5 Day Pouch Test can do for picky eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and all other self-defined categories, is refresh them on the basic behaviors that make WLS work. That means following the Four Rules, observing the liquid restrictions, avoiding slider foods, and respecting the gastric pouch. Just like any person who undergoes WLS it all comes back to personal responsibility. That means vegetarians need to study vegetarian publications to learn the best source for non-animal protein.

My advice to all:
Take the basic tenets of weight loss surgery, curate knowledge that supports your chosen dietary path, collaborate with others sharing your dietary circumstances, apply personal experience, and build a dietary health-management way-of-life that enables you to thrive. This is the responsibility of every person who desires to live a healthy balanced well-managed life with WLS.

With that said, the 5 Day Pouch Test does offer a few tried-and-tested vegetarian recipes and those are indicated on both the website and in the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual. These recipes follow the traditional definition of vegetarian and recipes are free of  flesh foods but may contain dairy products and eggs.

For more details on 5DPT and Vegetarian living see pages 76-78 of your 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual, 2nd Edition.

Save 25% and build your WLS Library with quality publications! Exclusively sold at LivingAfterWLS Kaye Bailey's work is internationally acclaimed and supported by bariatric centers, nutritionists, support groups, and people just like you doing their very best LivingAfterWLS with bariatric surgery.

Bundle includes: 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual 2nd Edition (2012); Day 6: Beyond 5DPT (2009); Cooking with Kaye-Methods to Meals (2012). Over 250 recipes; 600 pages of effective empowerment supporting your healthy weight management.  SKU #LAWLS-BWB3
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