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                    May 2015 Newsletter
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As we prepare this month's newsletter, our home base of Houston, Texas is still in the immediate throws of devastating flooding and loss.  The region is suffering terribly, and as with other natural disasters, these situations can be especially upsetting for children: traumatic experiences may "challenge the child's belief about the stability and safety of their world.  Very young children may not understand what happened and will be confused or even frightened by the reactions of their siblings or caregivers."  Adults may find it hard to help children cope with the anxiety and stress of traumatic experiences.  We offer our booklet Helping Traumatized Children as a simple guide that may be helpful to parents, caregivers, teachers, case workers, and others who live and work with children who are coping with immediate situation in Texas but also those who have suffered other traumatic experiences. Download the full English article, or click here for the Spanish translation.
Recent Presentations by CTA Fellows       
Our CTA Fellows regularly provide onsite trainings both nationally and internationally.  Here is a list of some recent events:

Fellow                    Date          Location                Topic 

Dr. Dawn O'Malley   3/4/15        Webinar                Overview of the Neurosequential Model

Dr. Jean Clinton      3/19/15      Ottawa, Ontario     Domestic Violence: Impact on Children

Dr. Gene Griffin       4/1/15        Lafayette, IN        Youth Overcoming Adversity

Steve Graner          4/16/15      Columbus, OH       Neurosequential Model in Education: next steps

Dr. Richard Gaskill  5/12/15      St. Louis, MO        Effects of Trauma on Children's Play

For a list of upcoming events open to the public, click here.
Recommended Online Resources - NMT Article Now Available in Spanish



We're very pleased to now offer one of our recent articles "The Neurosequential Model (NMT) in maltreated children" in Spanish! Translated by our colleague Silvina Rearte, this article by Dr. Bruce Perry and Dr. Christine Dobson "illustrates the use of the NMT by presenting a clinical case in which a client has been treated previously in multiple systems.  The clinical narrative and accompanying NMT reports illustrate how the clinical team uses these 'metrics' to develop and implement treatment." Numerous previous articles and chapters outline the theoretical background and rationale for core elements of the Neuroseuquential Model, but this chapter goes further to illustrate the actual clinical application of the NMT including assessment and recommendations for treatment. 


This article is just one of many resources now available in Spanish on the CTA website's Article Library.  Click here to view our entire catalogue

Upcoming Onsite Training Opportunities
June 26, 2015 - Napa, CA 8:30am - 4:30pm with Dr. Bruce Perry

Trauma, Love & the Brain:

Using Neuroscience and the Power of Human Connections to Help Children Heal

An inter-disciplinary training for those who work with or are concerned about children



As a neurobiological researcher and scientist, Dr. Perry is a leading contributor to the emerging body of literature that describes abnormal patterns of brain development associated with early abuse, neglect, trauma and relational poverty. Such experiences negatively impact brain growth, causing the brain to organize in dysfunctional ways that can have lasting impacts. This can result in a kind of"neurobiological shackle" wherein one cannot therapeutically impact parts of the brain that are not active at the time of the intervention. For example, more primitive areas of the brain control many symptoms related to emotional dysregulation, but talk therapy primarily activates the cortex rather than these primitive areas. It follows that talk therapy alone would not be an effective intervention strategy for an emotionally dysregulated child. Perry will introduce strategies for assessing which areas of the brain are involved when a child is struggling and discuss interventions that will address both the symptoms and the related neurobiological dysfunction.




2nd NMT Symposium - Banff, Alberta - June 8, 9, and 10, 2016


Save the Date for our 2nd NMT Symposium to be held at The Banff Centre in Banff, AB, Canada June 8 - 10, 2016.  Registration to open June 2015.  Stay tuned for more details!

In closing, we extend our sympathy and support to all impacted by the recent flooding in Texas and Oklahoma. 
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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
The ChildTrauma Academy