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                 March 2015 Newsletter
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As our work continues to evolve, we find ourselves playing a greater role in connecting people.  Every week, we receive hundreds of calls and emails from professionals and caregivers asking for advice, answers to questions, recommendations for services and providers, support in their own NMT training, and so on.  To many of these inquiries we provide direct answers or responses, but on occasion we involve our Fellows, NMT Trained Sites or Individuals, colleagues or other professional groups who we respect and admire for their important work and contributions to the field of childhood mental health.  View our GEOmap to peruse these great resources. Our monthly newsletter is also another way in which we connect people. This month, you can read about Northwest Children's Home - one of our newest Sites to join NMT Certification; learn about the populations they serve, the programs they provide, and the insights they can bring in joining our NMT community. Also, as many of you are aware, our Flagship Site Hull Services has been in the process of developing their Brain Booster Activity Cards - and many of you have been eagerly waiting their arrival.  This month we are proud to report that they are ready and available!  Finally, we want to make sure you are aware of the plans underway for our 2nd NMT Symposium in June of 2016 which will also have an intensive pre-Symposium Institute; these events will be great learning opportunities and we hope to see you all there! 
Northwest Children's Home Begins NMT Certification Training 

The Northwest Children's Home (NCH) is a non-profit organization serving youth ages 5 through 18 and has been in service since 1908. NCH has five distinct programs over two campuses located in Lewiston, Idaho and Nampa, Idaho.  NCH is currently working to enhance services in family systems engagement and in achieving positive treatment outcomes focused on healing youth in care through quality, trauma-informed practice.  All youth served by NCH have been traumatized to some degree and are not able to function within their home or community.  The role of treatment staff at NCH is to help youth and their families heal through specific treatment services and interventions.  NCH has established a set of goals for enhancing their treatment services, which in part have led to their involvement in NMT Training Certification: they want to better align their current treatment modalities with trauma-informed practices; provide more specific options for treatment staff to engage youth using tools that are intended to regulate emotion and behaviors; increase family visitation, contact, and family treatment; and increase contact with placement referents and involve them more in the the treatment planning process. NCH always strives to provide quality services to Idaho and Washington state, and The ChildTrauma Academy is proud to join with them in these efforts.  Learn more about NCH here. 

Hull Services' Brain Booster Activity Cards Now Available

These Brain Booster Activity Cards, developed by NMT Flagship Site Hull Services, outline a set of enrichment activities that are intended to provide targeted positive activation of key systems in the brain. The four broad categories of activity are matched to the four functional domains used by the NMT. These activities, used in the context of supportive, predictable, relationally enriched settings help regulate and support the development of the child. Depending upon the current developmental stage and state of the child, the parent, educator, or therapist can select and sequence the kind of activities that best meet the needs of the child in that moment. The cards have been developed over several years of work at Hull Services in Calgary, AB, Canada. The set is recently finished and is available for purchase. Contact Nicole Berggren via email : nberggren@hullservices.ca



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