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          December 2015 Newsletter




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Advanced Clinical Practice Series Featuring Dr. Kristie Brandt
Dr. Perry Receives Kohl Award
NME Updates

We extend warmest Holiday wishes to everyone.  As you review this month's newsletter, we hope you'll keep in mind opportunities to connect with us in 2015.  We are very excited to announce that starting in February we will add a new offering to our catalog of online trainings - the Advanced Clinical Practice and Translational Neuroscience Series. Our first featured teacher will be Dr. Kristie Brandt, who will offer a five-session series focusing on her Mobius Care Model and Tile and Grout Approach to working with children and families.  We plan to offer additional installments to this Advanced Clinical Practice and Translational Neuroscience Series later in 2015 and beyond - and to feature a different expert in each Series. Hosted by Dr. Perry and led by our close colleagues, these Series will build on our current Master Clinician Series and offer more in-depth exposure to each Master Clinician's work and therapeutic approaches as they intersect with the NMT.  In addition to our online NMT Series, we will continue to offer our NMT Certification Programs, NME (Education) Training Programs, and onsite presentations by Dr. Perry and other Fellows.  Best wishes for a Happy New Year! 
NEW Advanced Clinical Practice and Translational Neuroscience Training Series: 
Mobius Care and the Tile and Grout Approach
Featuring Dr. Kristie Brandt, Hosted by Dr. Bruce Perry
Begins February 6th

In 2015, the CTA will begin an Advanced Clinical Practice & Translational Neuroscience Series. Brandt This new, more in-depth clinical series is the latest addition to our extensive NMT Case-based trainings. Over the last ten years, The ChildTrauma Academy has offered a variety of web-based teaching experiences, typically using clinical cases as the primary teaching vehicle. As the Neurosequential Model has evolved, these series have as well. This current offering is the latest addition to our catalog of case-based teaching series.

     This inaugural Advanced Clinical Practice and Translational Neuroscience Series consists of five 90-minute sessions plus three previously recorded introductory sessions. The introductory sessions will orient participants to 1) the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT); 2) the NMT Metrics (which are used in the clinical case discussions) and 3) the Mobius Care Models and Tile & Grout Approach. Each of the five sessions in this new series, led by Dr. Kristie Brandt and hosted by Dr. Bruce Perry, will include a clinical case discussion and the integration of the NMT and Dr. Kristie Brandt's Tile and Grout approach and the Mobius Care model. There will be an emphasis on practical application and specific therapeutic intervention.  This experience will provide a total of 8 sessions (12 training hours).  

      This series is suitable for any clinician or clinical team; the focus of this series will be on creating a working relationship with parents, teachers, other clinicians and the "client" to create a 'therapeutic web' by integrating NMT and Mobius Care. This approach is relevant for a client of any age, though the majority of examples in this series will be younger children. We suspect that most subscribers will have had exposure to the fundamentals of NMT and/or Dr. Brandt's work (although all enrollees will be given access to introductory recorded sessions that provide foundational information on both approaches).


How can I participate and what are the costs?


      Option 1: Attend live via the Internet.  All sessions take place on Fridays from 11:30 - 1:00pm CST.  CLICK HERE for a schedule of the Live Session dates.  Cost: Organizations - $1825 (up to 25 participants at a single site); Individuals - $650.  


      Option 2: Watch recordings of the live sessions via the Internet.  Recorded sessions are available the very same day that each live session is conducted.  View whenever you wish.  Stop, pause, and/or replay each session.  This method is cost saving and ideal for groups working at more than one location as well as participants with hectic schedules or residing in different time zones.  Cost: Organizations: $1525 (up to 25 participants at a single site); Individuals - $500.


Read about the 2015 Advanced Clinical Practice Series and Enroll HERE.  

Dr. Perry Honored with 2014 Dolores Kohl Education Prize - View His Address Online

The Dolores Kohl Education Foundation was founded in 1972 "with the goal of enhancing children's learning through the support of exemplary teaching." Based in Chicago, the Foundation has developed numerous education and arts programs nationally and internationally and currently directs early childhood teaching awards and an urban early literacy program that includes a traveling children's museum-on-wheels. 

     The Dolores Kohl Education Foundation has been honoring outstanding educators for 27 years with the Kohl International Teaching Awards and the Kohl McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Awards. In 2012, The Foundation awarded its first prestigious national award, the Kohl Education Prize.  We are so honored to share that Dr. Perry is the 2014 recipient of the Kohl Education Prize for his contributions in the field of early childhood development.  In Partnership with the Dolores Kohl Education Foundation, Dr. Perry provided a presentation at the Chicago Humanities Festival in October as part of his award acceptance.  View His 1-hour Presentation Here. 


Updates on NME Programs and Training Efforts
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The NME Trainers program has grown steadily in 2014 and now includes nearly 60 trainers who stretch from Tasmania in Australia through the US and up to Vancouver Island in Canada.  We are soon to add trainers from 10 different regions of Illinois as we have begun a major project with the Illinois State Board of Education, a project that uniquely combines NME and NMT training for communities and school districts all across that state. We also launched an NME Trainers Facebook page that allows us to become more of a community, sharing ideas and best practices as we pioneer this work in schools.
     In December we finished recording all of the curricular elements required to finish the NME Trainers Program and anticipate that several in our group will complete the program in the next few months.  On to 2015 with hopes for steady growth in this emerging CTA program that seeks to help schools better serve our neediest children!

In closing, we want to thank you for your continued interest in and support of our work over the past year.  Together, we will continue to work towards positive change for children and families in 2015!
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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
The ChildTrauma Academy