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                August 2014 Newsletter



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This month's newsletter reflects the evolution of our NMT Trainings over the past several years.  For those not familiar with our history, the NMT approach in its precursor form began over 20 years ago at The ChildTrauma Academy clinic.  Positive outcomes there prompted us to begin sharing this approach more publicly, and from there, Dr. Perry developed the first version of the NMT Metrics.
     As exposure to the NMT approach grew, CTA developed the first version of Training Certification to formalize the process and ensure accurate representation of NMT concepts. Four years ago, the first web-based metric was completed, and we began further revising our Site and Individual Certification Programs in response to increasing demand.  Today, we have over 30 sites and 150 individuals either certified or currently in the process of becoming certified.  
     Next month, we are excited to begin a new NMT Master Clinician Series.  Our experience at the NMT Inaugural Symposium in Banff this past June demonstrated the significant ways in which professionals with expertise in many different areas are incorporating the NMT into their own work, and we hope to share these experiences and perspectives with our NMT community.  While we have come a long way, there is so much more to learn from each other.  We hope you enjoy the fall and this new offering.

The Fall 2014 Master Clinician Series is a clinical case conference series led by Dr. Bruce Perry and attended by participants via the Internet.  There are ten 90-minute sessions plus two optional introductory recordings for a total of 18 training hours.

The objective of this Master Clinician Series is to provide our subscribers with more in-depth exposure to some of the specific therapeutic approaches and practices that are used in NMT-directed treatment plans.  Each of the ten sessions will feature a guest Master Clinician with expertise in a specific clinical area.  Master Clinicians will take the first 20 - 25 minutes of each session to present an overview of their specific therapeutic approach or activity.  The remaining time will be decimated to case discussion; organizations currently participating in the NMT Site Certification Training process will be presenting the client cases.  In collaboration with Dr. Perry, the Master Clinician will guide and discuss elements of the clinical challenges posed by the presented client - and the Master Clinicians will provide perspectives and insights from their specific clinical frames of reference.


NO PREREQUISITE is required to enroll in the Master Clinician Series.

Participants new to NMT Trainings should first view two introductory recorded sessions that will be provided upon enrollment for a background and foundational exposure to the NMT model.  



Option 1: Attend live via the Internet.  All sessions take place on Fridays from 11:30 - 1:00pm CST. Cost: Organizations - $1825 (up to 25 participants from a single site); Individuals - $650.

Option 2: Watch Recordings of the live sessions via the Internet.  Recordings are available the very say day that each live session is conducted. View whenever you wish.  Stop, pause, and/or replay each session.  This method is cost saving and ideal for groups working at more than one location as well as participants with hectic schedules or residing in different time zones.

Cost: Organizations: $1525 (up to 25 participants); Individuals - $500.


Children's Home Society of Missouri Joins NMT Site Certification Program

Earlier this year The Child Trauma Academy welcomed the Children's Home Society of Missouri to Phase I of our NMT Site Certification Program. Founded in 1891, Children's Home Society is a not for profit agency dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in need. Children's Home Society provides four areas of service to the St. Louis community. Their Childrens Mental Health Services provide trauma informed and developmentally-aware treatment for children and families who have experienced an adoption or are providing foster care. Education and Training Services provides families empathic and informed training for becoming adoptive and foster parents as well as community education focused on developmental trauma. They recognize caring for children can be difficult especially with limited resources; Family Support Services helps these families access the resources they need and provides support along the way. Their Residential and Respite Services have a long history of providing a home and safe environment for children with severe medical needs and developmental disabilities. Consistent with their mission and focus on providing support to populations who have experienced early childhood trauma, Children's Home Society believes that NMT Certification will provide their staff the knowledge and skills to provide the most informed and precise care.  CTA is proud to announce Children's Home Society as one of our newest training partners, and we look forward to our future work and collaboration with this great agency.  

Upcoming Onsite Presentations and Trainings

Dr. Perry and our CTA Fellows provide onsite trainings on a wide variety of topics related to child development, the impact of trauma, abuse, and neglect, The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, The Neurosequential Model in Education, attachment, play therapy, and domestic violence among others.  Below is a list of some upcoming events, and if you are interested in inviting a CTA to speak in your area, please let us know. 

Date          Fellow           Location                    Contact Email Address
9/20/14      Perry            San Diego, CA            rsievert@mhsinc.org
9/23/14      Perry            Albuquerque, NM        alexina@LANLFoundation.org
9/28/14      Perry            Notre Dame, IN           dnarvaez@nd.edu
9/29/14      Perry            New Brunswick, NJ     scardina@AESOP.Rutgers.edu
10/2/14      O'Malley       Muscle Shoals, AL      ewingfield@healingplacesal.org
10/3/14      Perry            Fargo, ND                   jason.moug@und.edu
10/10/14    Perry/Gaskill Houston, TX                klebby@a4pt.org
10/15/14    Perry            Wichita, KS                 pnoble@kcsl.org
10/29/14    Brandt          Columbus, OH             cbtaylor@fccs.co.franklin.oh.us
11/3/14      Perry            Bowling Green, OH      noelled@crc.wcnet.org
11/4/14      Perry            Hamilton, OH              prescotts@bcesc.org

Thank you all for your continuing work with children and families.  Feel free to provide us input on this newsletter and related CTA resources. 
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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
The ChildTrauma Academy